Tattoos To Fight Hyperhidrosis: A Surprising Perk Of Getting Ink

This may look tempting if you have tried every product for hyperhidrosis available on the market just to stop sweating excessively. Yes, getting tattoos may or may not make you look cooler, but they undoubtedly make you feel warmer, especially when exercising.

According to research, tattooed skin only perspires about 50% as much as uninked skin. By forcing heat to escape through the skin’s surface and cooling the body, sweating assists in controlling body temperature.

Tattooed exercisers will stay warmer than their friends with clean skin if their tattooed skin produces less sweat.

Only in extreme circumstances, though, would it make a significant enough difference for someone to suffer from dangerous heat exhaustion.

The discovery was made in a US study from Alma College in Michigan that examined the impact of tattoos on sweat rates and the percentage of sodium in perspiration.

Well, Let’s Find Out How Tattoos Help in Stopping Excessive Sweating

Researchers focused on how permanently tattooed skin affects a person’s sweat glands and found that tattooed skin perspires considerably less than untattooed skin.

Sweating is not prevented by the ink by itself. The tattoo needle itself damages the sweat glands permanently by puncturing them up to 3,000 times per minute. Due to this harm, the sweat ducts are unable to operate properly and can no longer produce as much perspiration. However, this effect is entirely confined to the tattooed area; it has no impact on the skin around it.

While many people may consider this decrease in sweating to be a significant gain, there are also ramifications for overheating while engaging in physical exercise. We all know that sweating helps us stay cool when it’s hot outside or while we’re exerting ourselves, so any significant impairment to your sweat function could have an impact on your ability to perform athletically or, in severe situations, even result in fainting.

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Despite this, the research leader claims that even a significant number of tattoos on the body are unlikely to result in any serious issues. This is great news for all the elite sportsmen who have killer sleeves!

Is getting a tattoo acceptable as a treatment for hyperhidrosis?

If you have excessive sweating, you may have exhausted all other treatment options and are wondering if getting a tattoo is a viable alternative. Of course, it is possible! Many people even have tattoos on their underarms, saying it’s not as painful as getting inked in some other places on the body.

When you get a tattoo, you still perspire, but it does so significantly less because part of the sweat glands is filled with ink. Although it is hard to argue that tattoos have any medicinal advantages, there are certain risks involved. Don’t go overboard if it’s your first tattoo; you might discover that the ink is allergic to you. Second, if the tattoo is not properly cared for, granulomas may develop around it. The last piece of advice I have is to thoroughly inspect the cleanliness, hygienic conditions, and safety of the tattoo studio. Verify the certification of the studio and the artists, as well as the cleanliness of their equipment and inks.


Interestingly, getting inked often results in a significant decrease in perspiration where the tattoo is located. In a short study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, researchers discovered that tattooed skin produced around half as much perspiration as untattooed skin in a short study. Although not feasible for most people’s everyday sweat alleviation, it is certainly intriguing. Today’s third surprise sweat-stopper, listed below, is related to theories as to why tattoos may cause a reduction in site-specific sweating. However, please consult a dermatologist first and take into account these significant hazards and precautions if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo for any reason.

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However, there are a few alternative solutions that could help you without getting inked, like using no sweat spray or making a few adjustments to your daily routine, which could be of immense help, if you are simply considering getting a tattoo for hyperhidrosis. To learn more about the science of sweating, go here. Find out the science behind sweating. 

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