‘Task Manager’ on Mac: How to Find and Use the Activity Monitor

on Windows PCs, the Task Manager is generally used as a closing lodge to kill an app or technique whilst it has turn out to be unresponsive.

Users on Mac can once in a while face comparable issues, and in such instances will generally click on the Apple () image withinside the menu bar and choose Force Quit… to kill an app from there.

Alternatively, they may stir up the Activity Monitor. Amongst different things, Activity Monitor helps you to discover frozen apps and historical past methods and pressure them to stop. Keep studying to find out how it is done.

Launch the Activity Monitor in your Mac. You can discover it withinside the /Applications/Utilities folder.

Under the Process Name list, choose the app or technique you need to stop. To make locating the offender easier, click on Process Name withinside the column header to type them alphabetically, or use the Search discipline withinside the top-proper nook of the window to discover the app or technique. Note that an unresponsive technique is labelled with (Not Responding).

the way to pressure stop apps the use of interest reveal 1

Make certain the app or technique is highlighted, then click on the Quit (X) button withinside the top-left nook of the Activity Monitor window.

Select Quit (that is similar to selecting File -> Quit inside an app) or Force Quit, which quits the technique immediately.

the way to pressure stop apps the use of interest reveal 2

Note that if the app or technique has documents open, pressure quitting it could reason you to lose data. Also, endure in thoughts that if the technique you pressure stop is utilized by different apps or methods, the ones apps or methods might also additionally revel in issues.

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For extra on the way to use Activity Monitor, test out our entire guide.

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