Take a look at 5 types of super good waterproof Mascara that are praised by the ladies

Possessing thick, attractive and confident curled eyelashes all day long has become the top goal of many girls and waterproof mascara is an indispensable “secret”. Let’s explore TOP 5 anti-slip mascara products The best at SkinFood worldbringing perfect beauty to your eyes.

Possesses charming eyes with waterproof mascara

Possesses charming eyes with waterproof mascara

1. What is anti-slip mascara?

Mascara Anti-drift is a line of eye makeup products, specifically designed to keep mascara from smudging and drifting under weather conditions or sweating activities. Anti-drift mascara products often have ingredients and formulas that help adhere tightly to eyelashes without peeling or smudging.

Along with that, anti-drift mascara is often waterproof, sweat-resistant and keeps eyelashes curled and long. Thanks to the above outstanding features, anti-slip mascara becomes a popular choice when makeup for many young people.

What is anti-slip mascara?

What is anti-slip mascara?

2. Criteria when choosing anti-drift mascara

When choosing anti-drift mascara, you should keep in mind some important criteria to ensure you choose the right product:

  • Quality of the product: Choose mascara from these reputable brand and is highly appreciated for its quality to ensure anti-drift effect as well as the ability to protect eyelashes.

  • Anti-drift formula: Check the ingredients and formula of mascara to ensure the product is waterproof and long-lasting.

  • Curvature and length of eyelashes: Choose mascara that can create curl and length for eyelashes, helping to create beautiful, attractive eyes.

  • Brush technology: Choosing the right mascara brush for your needs can help create thickness, length, and precise separation of your eyelashes.

  • Easy to remove makeup: Wear-resistant mascara often adheres tightly to the eyelashes, so choose a product that goes easy on you Cleansing so as not to damage eyelashes after many uses.

  • Refer to reviews from users: Read reviews from users to review and choose the right anti-drift mascara product.

Choose mascara from reputable, quality brands

Choose mascara from reputable, quality brands

3. Top 05 super quality waterproof mascara for her

3.1. Maybelline The Hyper Curl Mascara Lengthens And Curls Eyelashes

Maybelline The Hyper Curl waterproof, non-slip mascara – Provides the effect of lengthening and curling eyelashes 3 times more effectively, keeping eyelashes curled for many hours. The new Hyper Curl brush head gives the ability to curl the eyelashes 100°, easily brushing the roots of the eyelashes and coating mascara around the eyelashes more effectively.

Light and smooth gel formula, keeps eyelashes curled all day without clumping or drifting. Although it is durable and adheres well to the eyelashes, the product is easily removed with a gentle, safe makeup remover. Maybelline The Hyper Curl Mascara is a reliable choice for light, thin eyelashes that are not too long, helping to adorn confident, attractive eyes.


Maybelline The Hyper Curl Mascara

“National” anti-drift mascara Maybelline The Hyper Curl Mascara

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3.2. Merzy The First Mascara Volume Perm

Conquer those seductive eyes with Merzy The First Mascara Volume Perm Mascara. The product has an elongated design, the body has the same color as the product inside, convenient for observing and using mascara.

The brush head is designed with the right curvature, helping to curl eyelashes naturally and create rich thickness. C-shaped bending technology from the root to the tip of the eyelashes keeps the eyelashes in place, giving you beautiful, natural and long-lasting eyelashes.

In particular, Merzy The First Mascara Volume Perm is a waterproof, non-smudging mascara line that helps maintain fresh mascara and attractive eyes all day long. The product has two unique colors, including pure black and brown, allowing you to easily choose according to your makeup style.

Prevent drift with Merzy The First Mascara Volume Perm mascara

Long, resistant eyelashes with Merzy The First Mascara Volume Perm mascara

3.3. Lilybyred am9 to pm9 Survival Colorcara Ultra-Slim, Long and Anti-Slip Mascara

Lilybyred am9 to pm9 Survival Colorcara waterproof mascara is the perfect choice for girls who want to own long and attractive curled eyelashes. New design with special improvements, super slim mascara Lilybyred Helps lengthen and thicken eyelashes effectively. The product is especially suitable for girls with short and drooping eyelashes.

With a pretty light pink design, this mascara not only brings a natural curling effect to the eyelashes but also covers each lash perfectly. From the first application, you will feel the outstanding lengthening and thickening effect.

Lilybyred am9 to pm9 Survival Colorcara Mascara does not cause clumping or broken eyelashes, does not smudge, does not flow all day and keeps eyes fresh and attractive.

Lilybyred am9 to pm9 Survival Colorcara

Lilybyred am9 to pm9 Survival Colorcara comes in a variety of colors

3.4. Romand Han All Fix Mascara Super Long Eyelashes and Natural Curls, Effective Anti-drift Romand Han All Fix Mascara – Han All Line

Romand Han All Fix Mascara belongs to Han All Line’s collection Romandthe product is inspired by bright eyes, creating fluttering moments that make you flutter.

With a neat and convenient design, you can easily carry mascara anywhere. The product has the ability to fix beautiful curl of eyelashes and maintain eyelash shape for many hours.


Romand mascara gives perfect color fastness, even when touching water or oil. Not only does it easily create a beautiful eyelash curling effect, Romand Han All Fix Mascara also easily removes makeup with eye makeup remover, does not smudge or scratch your eyelashes, making you feel comfortable when using it.

Beautify with Romand Han All Fix Mascara

Beautify with Romand Han All Fix Mascara

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3.5. Lemonade Supernatural Mascara Black Thick Curling Mascara, Long Lasting

Lemonade Supernatural Mascara Black Mascara The product has a circular cylindrical design with the main color pink gold, bringing a luxurious and youthful feeling.

The product has a gel formula with microscopic fine particles that adhere tightly to the eyelashes, making them 10 times thicker. Mascara has a special texture, helping to lift and keep curled eyelashes for 12 hours.

In particular, Lemonade Supernatural Mascara Black mascara has outstanding waterproof ability, extremely effective against drifting, smudging and sweat. In addition, the product does not cause stickiness or clumping, helping the eyes always stand out and become more attractive than ever.

Lemonade Supernatural Mascara Black mascara product

Lemonade Supernatural Mascara Black mascara product

4. Instructions on how to properly apply anti-slip mascara

To use waterproof mascara correctly and effectively, you can follow these steps:

4.1. Step 1: Prepare your eyelashes

Curl your eyelashes before using mascara to create natural eyelash curl. If your eyelashes are long and straight, you should curl them at the tip by holding the tip in and pressing firmly once. Then, move the eyelash curler to the middle and end of the eyelashes, gently press again.

4.2. Step 2: Open the mascara and check the brush

Open the mascara cap and check to see if the brush is clumpy or has too much mascara color. If so, you can wipe it off with a paper towel or damp cloth.

4.3. Step 3: Apply mascara

  • Start applying mascara from near the base of your eyelashes, working each strand from root to tip. Use a brush to gently stroke the mascara to prevent clumping and create natural thickness and curl for the eyelashes.

  • Brush the upper lashes first, then continue with the lower lashes. To brush the lower lashes, place the brush along the lashes and gently brush from beginning to end.

  • If you want thicker curled eyelashes, you can brush with mascara again. However, don’t wait too long for the mascara to dry between layers, as this can cause your lashes to become clumpy.

  • Wait 1-2 minutes for the mascara to dry completely and avoid contact with water.

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Makeup remover is extremely necessary when using any makeup product, not just mascara. After using mascara, you should use a specialized eye makeup remover to completely remove mascara. Place pieces makeup remover cotton Apply to inner lashes and hold for a few seconds before gently wiping to remove mascara.

How to use long-lasting mascara

How to use long-lasting mascara

5. Some notes when using waterproof mascara effectively

How to use anti-drift mascara effectively? Please take note of the following shares from SkinFood World:

  • Choose good quality anti-slip mascara from trusted brands. This will help the mascara adhere tightly to the eyelashes and not smudge for a long time.

  • Check that your eyelashes are completely dry before applying mascara, because if your eyelashes are damp or oily, the mascara will easily rub off from the moment you apply it.

  • When applying mascara, do it gently and in small sections. Brush from root to tip of the eyelashes and do not apply pressure on the mascara brush to avoid clumping or smudging.

  • Avoid using too much mascara at once and use a moderate amount to avoid clumping and smudging.

  • Use a specialized eye makeup remover and thoroughly remove makeup to remove all mascara.

  • Avoid touching your eyes after applying mascara because natural oils on the skin and other factors can cause mascara to run off.

  • If you have sensitive skin or oily eyes, check the mascara ingredients before using to avoid eye skin irritation.

  • You should check the expiration date of mascara, because this product line usually has a shelf life of 3-6 months.

You should use mascara when your eyelashes are dry

You should use mascara when your eyelashes are dry

6. Conclusion

Anti-drift mascara has become the top priority of every girl when looking for makeup products to make her eyes attractive and seductive. With quality and diverse products, SkinFood World is an ideal shopping destination for women and girls Care productsskin makeup, hair care, body care,… Come and “take home” for yourself extremely “hot” products for the occasion SkinFood World’s birthday you!

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