Sulwhasoo – The pride of traditional Korean cosmetics

Fully converging the quintessence of nature, the profound wisdom of Traditional Medicine and modern science, Sulwhasoo is considered the most premium herbal cosmetics brand in Korea.

Sulwhasoo brand belongs to the high-end segment of Amore Pacific Group – the group that owns the largest number of cosmetic brands in Korea.

“Comprehensive Beauty from Asian Knowledge”

Just as our universe is made up of tiny stars, complete and true beauty only begins with the harmony and balance of the mind and body. According to Korean herbal medicine, the body The human body is said to undergo the most dramatic hormonal changes every 7 years (21, 28, 35 years old…) At each stage, the energy in the body changes, especially at the age of 35. The strongest energy gradually disappears and the body can no longer maintain balance. At this time, the skin begins to gradually turn dry, lacking moisture, and more vulnerable to the aging process.

Only when we follow the principle of yin and yang balance will a strong life force be born.

Sulwhasoo draws from thousands of years of Asian knowledge to create anti-aging science that turns back the clock.

Sulwhasoo is a comprehensive beauty brand drawing from profound Asian knowledge.

The combination of Jaumdan and ginseng, the legendary medicinal ingredient of Asian wisdom, was discovered by Sulwhasoo’s Korean herbal medicine science.

Jaumdan is Sulwhasoo’s original formula that replenishes the yin energy missing due to aging and helps restore skin balance and radiance. It is also the general formula that applies to all Sulwhasoo products. Sulwhasoo has carefully selected five ingredients from 3000 medicinal plants found in the classics of Korean herbal medicine and Jaumdan is completed with the Poje method to enhance the effectiveness of each ingredient to the maximum. Helps optimize skin balance.

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For nearly 50 years since 1996, Sulwhasoo has also researched how to extract, cultivate, and process Korean ginseng, a legendary medicinal plant highly prized around the world. The brand is able to extract potential skin-brightening substances through research on the magical powers of ginseng, achievements in technological innovation that help deliver ingredients optimally into the skin, ensuring a level of unparalleled quality. Who is unmatched in technology and production methods in ginseng.

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