Styling UGG Boots for Every Season– The 2020 Way.

With over 35 stores all over Australia, UGGs are some of the most popularly worn footwear in the country.

The early 2000s trendsetting footwear is making a comeback all over again. And its popularity is bound to soar once again. After all, they are some of the most comfortable, stylish, yet long-lasting shoes that also provide value for money.

However, Australia has varied and fluctuating weather patterns. So how does one style UGG boots in Australia without looking like a complete Y2K fashion terrorist?

It’s easy, so read on to know-how.

1.    Monochrome Set

Almost everyone at Disney has been wearing a Juicy Couture tracksuit with UGGs. Wear a monochrome sweat suit, aka the 2022 iteration of a Juicy Couture tracksuit, to pay homage to the yesteryear’s trend.

An oversized sweat suit is instantly cool. Coupled with UGGs and a teddy coat, it is the perfect way to remain chic and effortlessly comfortable all day.

2.    Oversized Knits

Chunky knitwear is a timeless fashion trend. It’s the perfect item to pair with UGG boots Australia during transitional weather.

What keeps chunky knits, so timelessly relevant is that they are available in various sizes, lengths, and patterns, allowing for an infinite number of style combinations.

Shorter knitwear looks great with jeans and UGGs. Longer and baggy knitwear, on the other hand, would look great with fitted leggings and UGG boots. A knitted co-ord set or dress are also great options to explore. And they all look great with UGGs!

3.    Faux Leather

Leather is cool. Leather is chic. And what many don’t know is that leather is extremely versatile. Leather skirts, leggings, shirts, and jackets are wardrobe essentials for almost everyone. UGG boots are too.

It makes perfect sense to try out this combo for dates or other informal events. The best part of this outfit is that it requires little to no effort to appear snatched and set for the day.

4.    The Legging-Hoodie-Coat Combo

Also known as the most classic UGG-centered outfit, the Legging-Hoodie-Coat Combo is a complete winner. However, the new generation prefers to wear the UGG minis instead of the classics.

So look for a pair of black leggings and a pretty workout tank top.

Accessorise with minimalistic jewellery like studs and gold chains. Finally, top it off with a shrug or a shirt, and that’s that! It’s a classic for a reason.

5.    Straight-legged and boot-cut jeans

The UGGs don’t necessarily need to stand out all the time. Wear them with straight-legged jeans and a bright sweater to appear put together absolutely effortlessly.

Also, swapping the straight-legged denim out for boot-cut or flared may be a good idea! They do harken back to the Y2K era a little. But add an oversized coat or a cool plaid jacket, and it makes for the perfect outfit for a day out!

6.    Semi-formal Suits

UGGs are primarily casual, but they serve the semi-formal cause just as well. Wear them with boot-cut jeans and an oversized blazer for the ultimate semi-formal chic outfit.

Even better, wear the UGG ultra minis with a fully tailored suit. Perhaps, a printed or a pinstripe suit? These make it look that much more luxurious.

Final Words

UGG boots in Australia are a staple piece of wardrobe. And now they are incredibly versatile too.

So, whether it is a quick errand, a picnic date, or an office meeting, consider bringing out the UGGs and put the best foot forward.

Author Name : Alison

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