Stay Golden Cosmetics Reviews: Leading Beauty Brand of The Caribbean

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How to stand out at a luxury party? In addition to accessories, clothes, shoes, trending lipstick is an indispensable item for any girl, lady. With many Stay Golden Cosmetics reviews from the top beauty bloggers in the world, Stay Golden Cosmetics is one of the ideal brands make every girl fascinating than ever.

About Stay Golden Cosmetics

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Stay Golden Cosmetics is one of the reputable brands rated as a premier provider of matte effect glitter lip kit line, and is also an ideal spot for personality girls, make them outstanding, become the focus of any party. It is known as the 2yr old Caribbean-owned and NYC-based beauty brand-Former fashion model turned beauty boss; Danielle Edmond is Stay Golden Cosmetics owner.

Glitter Lip Kit Line is what people love from this brand, is party-proof by Glitter Lip Kit which is the quintessential wildflower essential. Although the Bold, the Unicorn, the Extra, or the Party Animal is your next party,  the matte effect glitter lip kit line can make you sparkling than ever with a variety of lipstick colors. As we know, who doesn’t love a super poppin’ smudge-proof glitter lip, who doesn’t want to get glitter all over the luxurious party with friends? 

You a baby of ten age? Glitter Lip Kit will make you look like a princess. Or even you can look as queens of 60 age by Stay Golden Cosmetics’ products. There are full colors of lipstick that are launched matched with any skin tones at age ranges. Your party will be more perfect with the mix of a twinkle lip kit and a set of seductive dresses.

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Features you would love at Stay Golden Cosmetics

Come to Stay Golden Cosmetics, users can freely sink with the trendiest model of lipstick, bring satisfaction for every girl, lady. Stay Golden Cosmetics  Glitter Lip Kit is designed to meet all girls’ wishes.

This lipstick line’s feature is having matte effect glitter, suit for any kind of party, from the Bold, the Unicorn, the Extra, to the Party Animal, moreover, also suite for anyone without limitation of age.

Stay Golden Cosmetics Glitter Lip Kit has holographic and metallic shades range from light to dark so it is sure that you can find a shade perfect for you. To make you be all uniquely gorgeous Stay Golden Cosmetics always strive to cater to every single one of you and bring the multi-shapes to make users interesting.

This brand’s Island Girl Collection constantly release the latest ones, the latest time releases feature 22 Matte Lip Shades and 14 Glosses with names such as Yardie, Tobago, Stupes, Bacchanal, Hot Gal, Soca, and more, it aims to tell a unique story, makes this collection so special and nostalgic. 

Stay Golden Cosmetics company operates only 2 years old, notwithstanding, this brand earnt very successful in its growth’s process and rapidly is included on the list as one of the newest leading beauty brands out of the Caribbean, this is shown clearly through growing the number of followers global quickly.

Featured products

Stay Golden Cosmetics Glitter Lip Kits’ features are:

✓ Attractive

✓ Cruelty-Free

✓ Smudge-Proof

✓ 8+ Hour Wear

✓ Kiss Proof

✓ Turn Up Proof

✓ Swim Proof

With the ship worldwide program, even anywhere you are living, you can own their product early. 

Especially, their kits are cruelty-free as well as are smudge-proof. Moreover, all girls can freely drink, eat, kiss, or even swim without the needed touch-up.

You can try to use this Glitter Lip Kits, it is cruelty-free and totally awesome. You will be outstanding with picture glittery lips without the greasiness, transfer, and lipstick. Stay Golden Cosmetics Glitter Lip Kits have proven to be party proof, kiss-proof, and even swim proof. 

Stay Golden Cosmetics Reviews

It will be not enough time to list all the good reviews, because there are counterless of Stay Golden Cosmetics high-star review on a lot of sites as well as many Beauty Bloggers such as:

“Ever pondered what traveling in space would look like? Well, the galaxy isn’t on Orion’sthumbnail22 belt, it’s right here loves. Fall in a daze with this midnight blue-black with lights of blue, green, purple-red, pink, and silver. Yes, it’s crazy out here!”- KATRINA’S BEAUTY REVIEWS

And, “While scrolling through Insta one sunny day, my finger landed on a company advertisement. We see them all the time, and some honestly look fake. But, this day, this lipstick caught my eye– like actually. This cruelty-free make up brand, Stay Golden Cosmetics, makes the most fantastic, glitter lip kits I have ever seen, and now after trying it, also the most reliable one, yet!” or “ My order and all its beautiful packaging. I ordered two lip kits – ‘Boujee’ and ‘Too Thrill’ – and a metal liquid lipstick– ‘Fireball.’ The packaging is a definite 10/10 with a very efficient shipping and handling time. I loved the gold (I mean it is Stay Golden Cosmetics) aesthetic as well as the little previews into the lip kit glitter colors.”the HER CAMPUS site’s review

Or “To say the least, I was impressed. The lipstick is easy to apply with only three parts and two simple steps and lasts for hours at a time. After applying it once, I feel the purchase is also worth it with their lipstick prices ranging from $10-$28 making this product affordable and fabulous!” 

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Stay Golden Cosmetics FAQs

Q: What method is used for shipping?

A: We currently utilize USPS (United States Postal Service) to ship Domestically and Internationally.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Monday-Friday | 10am-4pm

Q: May I return my Mystery Gold Bags?

A: No love. All sales are final.

Q: What is inside our Glitter Lip Kits?

A: A Gloss Bond, Holo-Cosmetic Grade Glitter, and an Applicator.

Stay Golden Cosmetics Contact

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Final Words

To put it in a nutshell, this blog of an overview of  Stay Golden Cosmetics’ brand as well as gives the user comprehensive views, you can refer to many needed information before making the last decision of purchasing Stay Golden Cosmetics Lip kit or not. Hope that you will choose a matched lipstick as expected.

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