Squat exercise for women helps to firm and expand the 3rd round

Exercise Squat Very popular with women who work out at the gym to help firm their breasts, butt thighs for women, Strengthens the whole body and especially you can exercise anywhere, without weights or going to the gym. This is considered the king of exercises both for men and women.

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Toning exercises for the 3rd round for women

Women who know briefly or see this exercise for the first time are afraid of crying, what are enough reasons to be afraid of big legs, afraid of big butt and heavy weight, how to do it… and there are 90% of Vietnamese men also agree.

Squat or exercises standing up and sitting down and variations of the exercise will give you great changes in the thigh muscles, glutes and a complementary effect for the whole body. For men, there have been many articles about this exercise for men already. I want to dedicate this article to women who want to have a lean body, toned thighs and buttocks, you can absolutely do this exercise at home, at the gym or anywhere.

First, I outline the advantages and effects of Squats on the body:

Fat loss: Thighs and glutes are the largest muscles of the body, to operate them, we need to burn a lot of calories. The mechanism of weight loss is that we use more energy than we take in every day. The calorie deficit will be taken from the accumulated fat in the body => reduce excess fat => reduce weight.
Squats work the glutes and thighs a lot, helping them not to sag. A tall and firm butt is definitely the dream of all women :).
Squat You can practice anywhere, you don’t need weights or any other equipment, you can completely use your body weight to perform the exercise.
Squat Increases circulation of the body. It’s normal for your skin to become rosy after a squat.
Squat Easier than you think, especially for women. I will demonstrate this in the tutorial.



Squat exercises for women to help tighten and expand the 3rd round Bodybuilding Channel

Start: Stand straight with your back naturally arched with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your lower body stool from your hips by pushing your hips back and lowering your knees.
Squat exercises to firm the buttocks and thighs for women
Techniques to pay attention (Tips):

1. the back must be naturally straight (the back is S-shaped, curved in the waist to the buttocks, pay attention to this part because this is the most important tip of this exercise). The head is raised naturally, not allowed to bow or tilt too high.

2. The extended knee is in line with the toes, not narrower or wider than the toes. Knees do not go beyond the toes (This note is for women only so that the calves are not enlarged, focus more on developing nice round glutes).

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3. When lowering, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose during the lowering process. Lift yourself up, exhale quickly through your mouth.

STOP IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU FEEL Slight pain in your back OR Knees.
Review the instructions until you have followed the instructions exactly. Can ask someone to observe and must ensure the position of the head, buttocks, back, knees, toes as shown in the picture.

This is an advanced exercise that requires a heavy weight or a slightly heavy cane to practice at home


Note, the barbell should be placed 2cm below the contraction to ensure no pain.
Move and breathe like exercise BODY-WEIGHT SQUAT.

STOP IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU FEEL Slight pain in your back OR Knees.
Maybe you are doing this exercise wrong or your body is not strong enough to do this exercise.

This exercise, which focuses mainly on the glutes, is one of the best exercises to raise the buttock (avoid sagging).

Squats with dumbbells
Squats with dumbbells

Exercise instructions:

Start: Hold small dumbbells in both hands, palms facing each other. 2 legs staggered, slightly wide to stand firmly. Slowly lower your hips down. The force is mainly focused on the glutes and front legs, ensuring that the glutes and thighs of the stepping leg are fully stretched.

Lift yourself up using the glutes and thighs of the front leg (using as little force as possible on the back leg).

Techniques to pay attention (Tips):

1. Make sure your back is straight, your head is up naturally.

2. Shoulders relax balance, not staggered, pressed forward or backward.

3. The shins try to be perpendicular to the ceiling or at least the knees don’t go over the toes.

STOP IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU FEEL Slight pain in your back OR Knees.
Review the movement for standard before practicing again.

I have introduced 3 best and easiest exercises for you. Here is the exercise program, create your own challenge, when you pass, you will be proud of yourself.

(Attention: Do not practice when you do not know the technique of each movement, or you have a history of heart disease, circulation …)

Squat exercises for women to help tighten and expand the 3rd round Bodybuilding Channel

Let’s start with the basics BODY-WEIGHT SQUAT, Before each workout, write today’s goal in the palm of your hand and take a picture of your butt once a week to see the change..

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Note: To gain or lose weight, exercise only accounts for 30%, the Diet (daily diet) is the deciding factor of 70%. And most importantly, it’s 100% determination from the practitioner.

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