32+ Simple & Cute Spring Nails With A Fresh Vibe

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32+ Simple & Cute Spring Nails With A Fresh Vibe

Get inspired with these 32+ simple and cute spring nail designs that will give you a fresh vibe for the season. From pastel colors to floral patterns, these nail art ideas are perfect for welcoming the warmer weather and blooming flowers. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something more playful, there’s a spring nail design for everyone to try!

Looking for gorgeous nail inspo for spring in 2024? You’ll love my list of stylish spring nails that are bright, fresh, and perfect for this season!

collage of four hand with simple spring nails ideas with flowers, sage green, nude pink and more

Cute Spring Nails You’ll Love

Spring is closing in on us, and this lovely transitional season is the perfect time for new nail designs! If you’ve been searching for ideas for cute spring nails to try in 2024, then you’ve come to the right corner of the internet.

I’ve searched Instagram and found the top spring nail designs from it-girls and influencers to help you inspire your next DIY manicure or trip to a salon. So, without further ado, scroll down to see gorgeous spring nails that are a must-try in 2024!

Pearly Spring Nails

A hand with long almond nails with pearly polish in pastel shades and pearl accents

Pearly pastel nail polish and pearl embellishments are elegant, feminine, and definitely spring-ready!

Cute Lavender Mani

A hand with medium almond nails painted with lavender polish featuring solid-colored nails, smiley flowers, French tips, and polka dot details

I love how the lavender polish and happy flower give this spring mani a fun and youthful vibe!

Pink Mani w/ White Flowers

A hand with short pink jelly nails with dainty white flowers

I would suggest this nail design if you want to add a nice pop of pink to your everyday outfits while adding a springtime feel. These would make the perfect Spring Break nails too!

Butterflies & Shimmering Polish

A hand with long almond nails with shimmering silver polish with blue gems and blue butterflies

I think these blue butterflies instantly add a spring aesthetic to this manicure while the shimmering base is still minimal and refined. 

What color nails are in for spring 2024?

During spring, we typically start to see a shift from moody colors as lighter and brighter shades emerge. So, when it comes to chic spring nails, pastels will always be a popular choice. 

Shades of pink will also be trending in spring this year as ballet core and coquette core continue to reign in the fashion world. So anything from bright pink to a classic soft nude pink will be a fantastic choice. Earthy tones will also be popular, so try dusty blue or mossy green. 

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And as chrome, glitter accents, and shimmering velvet nails stay on top of the list of nail trends – you can’t go wrong with adding sparkles or metallic details to your mani!

Pastel Blue Tips

A hand with medium long nude nails painted with light blue French tips

I love how this baby blue polish adds a fresh spring feel to this classy design!

Floral Jelly Nails

A hand with medium almond nails painted a light pink jelly polish with pink floral nail art

I’m obsessed with this gorgeous monochromatic look! The light pink jelly nails are feminine and chic, and the florals add an obvious spring touch.

Frenchies & Flowers

A hand with medium almond nails painted with white French tips with blue flowers and green leaves

In my opinion, dainty flowers can dress up a timeless French manicure for effortless spring nails.

Minimal Spring Short Nails

A hand with short square nails painted a nude color with a single white dot near the base

I love glossy nude nails in any season, but in my experience, this light shade is perfect for spring. And the dot details are such a cute addition!

Silver Glitter + Pink Tips w/ Butterflies

A hand with long almond nails painted in pink French tips and ombre silver glitter tips with pink butterflies

Pink on pink and silver glitter nails are an excellent choice for an eye-catching and feminine design, and the butterfly details take this mani to the next level!

Colorful Side French Tips

A hand with medium nude almond nails featuring colorful side French tips

I think this combo of bright shades and side French tips is cute and playful, and the minimal design means this will work for any occasion this spring.

Beige But Not Boring

A hand with long almond nails painted with a soft beige featuring solid-colored nails, French tips, and heart details

Soft beige is one of my favorite shades for a neutral nail design, and I love the heart detail for extra girly vibes.

Pastel Swirls

A hand with long nude almond nails with light blue, green, pink, purple, white, and silver glitter waves

Pastels are a must in spring, and this fun swirl design looks amazing with this color combo! The touches of silver also add a luxurious vibe. 

White Floral Frenchies

A hand with long nude almond nails with white flower French tips and silver centers

I think these simple white flowers are perfect for a modern and fun French tip design. 

Spring Green Mani

A hand with long almond nails painted with a light spring green polish featuring solid-colored nails, French tips, and a wave accent nail

I suggest choosing a fresh, spring color like this green to brighten a simple nail design.

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Milky White Nails + Floral Details

A hand with short milky white nails with white floral outlines

This would be my go-to for subtle, neutral spring nails. I love the understated yet obvious spring aesthetic of this minimal mani!

Beige Chrome

A hand with short almond nails painted a beige chrome

A chrome finish over beige nails looks so elegant and is an excellent choice to brighten your look for spring. 

Metallic Tips

A hand with medium almond nails painted with metallic soft pink French tips

I am obsessed with the subtle pink tone of these metallic tips, and this chrome design definitely has a spring vibe!

White Nail Design w/ Ladybugs

A hand with medium nude almond nails painted with white French tips and waves featuring ladybug nail art

I think the bright red ladybug nail art looks stunning against classic white and nude shades. This design is a great alternative to florals and pastels in spring. 

Light Pink Polish + Silver Flowers

A hand with short nude square nails with two accent nails featuring silver flowers

I recommend dainty silver flowers and a light pink base for a delicate, feminine, and sophisticated mani.

Classy Nude Nails

A hand with short nude almond nails

Since ballet core will be a hot nail trend this spring, simple nude pink nails are an easy go-to for simple but bright spring nails!

Moody Blue w/ Florals

A hand with medium round nails painted a moody blue with nude accent nails featuring blue floral art

If you don’t want to go for pastel shades just yet, I suggest a mani like the one above. The floral art and pops of bright white easily add a springtime feel to this moody blue!

Cloud Chrome Nails

A hand with long almond nails painted a soft sage chrome

I think this cloudy chrome mani has an understated elegance that you just can’t go wrong with!

Baby Blue Polish + Cherries

A hand with long nude almond nails with light blue French tips and cherry nail art on two nails

Cherries are so cute and perfect for a warm weather design, and the soft blue tips help the bright red fruit art to stand out!

Floral Accent Nails w/ Gold

A hand with medium nude round nails with two accent nails featuring floral art and white accents

I love this floral nail art as a way to upgrade a nude nail design! The gold details add a refined feel, but I think silver would look just as stunning.

Purple Tips & White Flowers

A hand with long nude almond nails with lilac French tips and two accent nails featuring white and purple floral art

Lavender is a classic spring color, and I adore the touches of purple in the flowers here!

Retro Florals

A hand with long nude almond nails featuring white, yellow, and orange French tips and accent nails with white floral art

If you love adding vintage charm to a look, this is the mani I recommend. This color combo and the simple daisies have some seriously cute retro vibes!

Pale Yellow + Pops of Pink

A hand with medium nude almond nails with pale yellow tips and bright pink thin lines underneath

Spring is the perfect season for a soft yellow shade, and the pink details add a fantastic contrast. If you’re not a fan of the pink, I think a bright blue would be a great alternative. 

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Black Speckles + Florals

A hand with long nude matte almond nails featuring black speckles and pink nail art

This spring nail design is an absolute beauty and is my top pick for a bright and elevated manicure!

Silver + Pink Polish w/ Gems

A hand with medium almond nails painted in silver and pale pink nails polish with floral art and gem details

I love this color pairing! I would suggest a design like this for glamorous and fun spring nails.

Natural Nude

A hand with short nude square nails

Is there anything more fresh than natural nude nails? Spring is the perfect time for this classy and timeless mani.

Colorful Floral Nails

A hand with short nude nails painted with a multi-color floral design

If you have an event you want to make a statement at this spring, this gorgeous and colorful floral nail design is what I would go for.

Pink Chrome Tips & Cherry Gems

A hand with long nude almond nails with metallic pink tips and red gem cherries

Pink chrome and cherry red gems are lovely together. I think the bright shades and fruit art will give any outfit that fresh, spring feel.

Lavender + Silver Side Frenchies

A hand with long nude almond nails with lavender side French tips with silver borders

You can always go for a simple and elevated design like this. Silver and lavender are a stunning match, and these bright, cool tones are a must-try for spring.


Whether you opt for something bright and floral or a simple and understated design, these spring nails will elevate your look in 2024!


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