Sophia – The Lipstick Covering the Showbiz World This Fall-Winter

In recent days, Sophia The 1st Ampoule Matte Lipstick is the keyword that lipstick addicts are searching for the most. Her “popularity” spread surprisingly quickly when not only teenagers but also hotgirls and Vietnamese stars were not left out of this “vortex” of Sophia.

The lipstick everyone wants to “pick up their wallet and buy”

Now let’s look at lipstick and beauty, with the same lipstick color, who do you think looks better?

Beauty Blogger Hannah Olala looks gorgeous in wine red #06

…and seductive with red-orange color #03.

Miss Mlee is beautiful and captivating in wine red #06

The wine red color #06 on Yen Nhi’s lips is also very “luxurious”

Take me away’s Min’s voice seems to suit the earthy pink color #07 very well

Huong Giang Idol is not outside the “Sophia lipstick trend”

The earthy orange color #05 is extremely suitable for Western makeup style

Also in earthy orange tone #05, the personality of DJ Ty Ty doesn’t look out of place on her lips

Khong Tu Quynh also seems to be “obsessed” with the orange Sophia #05

Khong Tu Quynh also seems to be “obsessed” with the orange Sophia #05

Color #02 orange-pink suits MC Thanh Thao’s white skin quite well

Beauty Blogger Mattalehang is extremely luxurious with the classic red color #01

Purple pink #08 on Van Mai Huong’s lips, this is a color that has received many positive reviews from the lipstick enthusiast community

What makes hotgirls and Vietnamese stars go “crazy” about this matte lipstick? Because not only is the lipstick smooth and silky, the color palette is extremely hot, Sophia The 1st Ampoule Matte Lipstick Also the lipstick contains Ampoule essence Super nourishing and extractive rosemary leaf oil (rosemary oil) helps lips stay smooth and moist even when you are using matte lipstick. So, even if you apply “energetic” lipstick, it won’t dry your lips at all.

Eight extremely hot lipstick colors of Sophia The 1st Ampoule Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick but does not dry out lips.

Besides, this lipstick is also favored by girls in their bags whenever they go anywhere. Because the body of the lipstick is equipped with a magnet, the lid opens and closes very firmly, without fear of the lid popping off or breaking the lipstick when you put it in the basket. Those of you who have used Espoir lipstick will probably know how nice it is to use lipstick with a magnetic lid. At a price 250k For a beautiful and sturdy lipstick like this, I absolutely feel it’s worth it.

Do you already own the lipstick that “thousands of people love” Sophia?


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