SKIN CARE WITH PIECE MASK – How to use it to have the best skin

Previously, sheet masks were used as an instant skin recovery product with temporary effects, but now, using sheet masks for daily skin care has become a huge movement among the beauty industry. You are passionate about skin care.

In fact, using sheet masks like that is quite expensive, but believe me, their effectiveness is completely worth the price you spend. Below are the times when your skin will be effective. is clearest when applying this method:

If your skin has entered the aging process, this will be the best way to retain your youthful skin.

If you are about to enter an extremely special occasion (wedding, party,…), this skin care treatment will be equivalent to a spa course to prepare you for the most sparkling skin.

If you have tried a series of skin care products but have not seen any effect, if your skin is too oily or too dry, for us, using sheet masks regularly can be a safe and quick solution. best for you.

And if you’re too busy or too lazy and don’t have time to click through many steps, then…. *booonggg* this is the method created for you, girl.

How to use paper masks every day to get the best effect

In fact, not all sheet masks can be used regularly because in many masks, the amount of nutrients in them is too much, causing your skin to be overloaded, causing acne or more oily skin.

We recommend that you use masks with materials that are as thin as possible. Because then the mask’s nutrients can easily penetrate deeper into the skin, and the thin mask will easily fit tightly onto the skin, avoiding movement when you use it. Wearing a mask and working at the same time.

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Using the correct time stated on the packaging is also a note you need to keep in mind. Some people still think that the longer they apply it, the more effective it will be, but in fact, when you leave it on your skin for too long, the nutrients will dry out. The substance will be absorbed back and make your skin drier. So remember to read the packaging carefully to see how long your mask should be applied and whether you need to rinse with water.

You also need to prepare your skin before applying the mask. Washing your hands and face before applying the mask is something you must not ignore. Because otherwise, the nutrients will “shake hands” with other substances. Dirt makes your skin more acne-prone. In addition, 1-2 times a week you also need to exfoliate your skin so that your skin is renewed and can absorb all the nutrients from the mask.

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