Seiko: A Budget-Friendly Luxury Watch Manufacturer

Seiko is a Japanese watch manufacturer with a massive catalog and unrivaled diversity. It offers timepieces at every price point. You can find models costing only a few hundred dollars but there are also those with a six-figure price tag. Because of this, watch collectors consider it as a brand for everyone, not only for the royal families nor people with high income, unlike Rolex and Omega. 

Despite the affordable prices of Seiko watches, it guarantees you that they can give you an immaculate level of fit, finish, and style. Besides that, they also outlast and outperform the watch models released by their competitors at the same price point. If you are planning to buy a luxury watch but you don’t have the heart to spend a huge amount of money, then this brand is a good option. Continue Reading to know more of its heritage and iconic timepieces that you can purchase in 2021. 

The heritage of Seiko

Kintaro Hattori founded Seiko in 1881 when he established his watch and jewelry shop located in Tokyo Japan. The founding name that he used was K. Hattori. Ever since he was 13, he already worked as an apprentice of a clockmaker. Due to these experiences, he learned to love the watchmaking industry and develop the necessary skills to sell and repair timepieces. 

  1. Seiko as an importer of timepieces and machinery

Four years after the establishment of the watch shop, the founder decided to deal directly with foreign trading firms in Yokohama. It means that he imported timepieces and machinery from the west. It led to successful partnerships with several foreign companies like C&J Faver-Brandt and Siber & Brennwald which allowed him to acquire products that were not available in any other company. His business boom because of the rarity of his imported watches so when he saved a huge amount of capital, he relocated the shop in the main street of Ginza, Tokyo. He expected a higher return on his investment since it was the epicenter of commerce in the country.

  1. Seiko started manufacturing timepieces

When the founder saw a tremendous increase in his sales and number of loyal customers, he decided to start manufacturing timepieces. He bought a factory in Tokyo and named it Sikosha. 10 years after that, he received numerous offers like becoming a director of the Clockmaker and Watchmaker Association. In 1924, the name of the factory became Seiko to avoid an ill omen. The company introduced Astron in 1969 which was the world’s first quartz watch and followed by the first quartz chronograph. A few centuries later, it released the first automatic quartz that had the self-winding ability of an automatic watch and the accuracy of a quartz timepiece. 

  1. The brand started producing watches that are entirely in-house

Seiko is now a popular brand that produces all watches entirely in-house which includes micro gears, motors, batteries, sensors, LCD, and more. They are all produced by two different subsidiaries namely the Daini Seikosha Cp, and Suwa Seikosha Co. These two companies helped the brand to become innovative and stand out from the rest of its competitors. Right now, the company is sourcing watch movements from China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Iconic models to purchase from Seiko in 2021

  1. Siko Prospex 1968

The company released the very first Seiko Prospex in 1965. It caught the attention of the market since it was the first diver’s watch in the country. For this reason, it was the wristwatch that the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition team used from 1966 to 1969. The company recently launched a few anniversary models including the Siko Prospex 1968. This model looks like the older versions in the collection. Like its ancestral sibling, it features a 10-beat high-precision automatic caliber allowing it to produce more than 30 000 beats per hour. If you are a professional diver, this one’s the best for you because its monobloc casing allows it to survive water conditions with a depth of up to 1000 ft. To make it have an elegant look, it comes with a gorgeous blue dial and silicone strap. Be sure to get this as early as now because the company manufactured 1 500 pieces of this model. 

  1. Seiko Presage

If you prefer timepieces with a simple yet elegant look, then Seiko Presage is for you. The company used the Japanese Asanoha design for its dial which utilizes a leaf style pattern that symbolizes strong growth in the country. It will not look out of place even if you are wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans or formal outfits like a suit. It has a 39 mm dial perfect for people with small wrists. The company used the 6R35 movement that allows the watch to have a power reserve of 70 hours. The only unattractive feature of the Seiko Presage is its very low water resistance. It can only withstand water conditions up to 100 meters which means that you can wear it comfortably in the pool but you can’t use it for diving activities. 

  1. Seiko Astron 5x Dual-Time sports watch

The Seiko Astron collection pioneers the use of solar energy to power wristwatches. As a result, watch wearers would no longer have to deal with batteries. Besides that, it is also the very first series that could connect to a GPS network allowing people to easily adjust time no matter where they are in the globe. The latest Astron model which is this 5x dual-time sports watch features the company’s 5X53 GPS solar caliber. If you prefer a timepiece with a clean and uncomplicated profile, then this is a great option. It comes with wide lugs, a thin bezel, a curved case, and impressive pushers that you can use to adjust the time. There are only 2 000 pieces of this perfect timekeeping companion worldwide.

In Conclusion

Seiko is all about diversity and giving watch enthusiasts an option to get a high-quality timepiece at an affordable price. After knowing its heritage, you probably realized that it has a history as meaningful as the high-end Swiss watchmakers. If you love to know some of the best and coolest timepieces offered by the company, make sure to visit! 

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