The secret to maintaining the health of women around the world


Your eating habits will determine your health status. Especially for women, eating is very important. Let’s consult with Willtiptop right away on how to maintain the health of women around the world in the following article.

1. Japanese women

Japanese women -

Eat soybeans

Soybean is a favorite food of Japanese women to prevent aging and protect health. Japan has the largest number of elderly people in the world thanks to their scientific way of eating. Up to 40% of Japanese women often have the habit of eating soy for every breakfast.

And in fact, according to research, regular consumption of soy at least once a week can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 50%.

Green Tea - Willtiptop

2. French Women
Drink wine

France is very famous for its wines, so French women also love this drink. They drink wine regularly, if not every day. If used in moderation, the wine will be very good for the body.

Women who drink 1 glass of wine a day reduce their risk of heart disease by 40%. In particular, red wine contains procyanidins, which are antioxidants, which help protect the skin.

3. Korean women

Eat garlic, kimchi

The favorite food of Korean women is garlic. In Korea, kimchi is very popular and they often eat kimchi with garlic. Garlic has a very good effect on preventing heart diseases thanks to the enzyme that prevents the formation of cholesterol, avoiding clogged arteries. Koreans only eat raw garlic because garlic through processing or crushing will lose nutrients.

4. Italian Women


Italian women put a lot of emphasis on napping. They sleep quite a bit around this time. The proof is that the shops in Italy are closed from 1 pm to 4 pm so that everyone can rest. If you can nap like that, your body will feel very comfortable and healthy to continue working. Also thanks to a lot of naps, they don’t need to eat more snacks.

5. Cameroonian women

Eat more vegetables

For women in this country, they love to eat green vegetables because it helps prevent bowel cancer by up to 60%. In vegetables, especially wild vegetables, contain a lot of folates, which are good for the intestines. 

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Fermented food

Besides eating a lot of vegetables, Cameroonians also prepare a lot of fermented foods from yogurt or homemade beer. These foods contain many probiotics that help fight cancer, maintain beneficial components in the intestinal tract.

6. Swiss Women

Swiss Women -


For Swiss women, walking and exercising not only give them a beautiful body but also improve their health. They believe that walking is the easiest, most convenient, and comfortable way to exercise. In Switzerland, about 38% of the population rides a car, 30% of the population walks and 10% uses a bicycle. 

Maintaining walking, exercising, and exercising helps to purify toxins in your body while improving immunity and helping the body absorb nutrients well.

7. Chinese Women

Drink honey water, ginger water, lemon juice

Chinese women love to drink honey water, ginger water, lemon juice because these drinks are very good for the immune system. At the same time, it is an anti-oxidant and helps the body avoid harmful molecules. In addition, when using it you can cure colds.

Drinking ginger water helps the body fight infections and reduce symptoms of colds and flu. As for lemon water, when drinking it will be good for health, because in lemons there are antioxidants and lots of vitamin C.

8. Drinking tea in the afternoon

Chinese women often drink tea around 3 – 4 pm, because this time their body will gradually decline by a day of hard work. Therefore, they often replenish energy with a cup of tea, accompanied by a few sweet dishes, to help reduce stress and fatigue.

Besides, drinking tea will help the body have a high immune system, fight infections. In particular, it will be very good for the elderly or those who are suffering from digestive diseases, indigestion, …

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You can refer to some healthy teas such as: Drinking mint tea to improve digestion, lotus tea to help the body more alert or jasmine tea can help improve the immune system, …

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