Rose water – An Indispensable Skin Care Product During Summer

Toner is considered an extremely important and necessary skin care product that you cannot ignore. Especially in hot summer weather, using rose water/balancing water becomes even more important to help keep skin healthy and full of vitality. Toner’s provision of moisture and pH balance to the skin on summer days will help keep the skin from becoming dry and dehydrated. Depending on the nature of each skin type, there are suitable toners.


Rose water is the first thing that comes into contact with facial skin, after we wash our face. The importance of rose water for skin care is like the breakfast we eat every day, which is the first meal and determines the skin’s entire ability to absorb nutrients.

The name “skin toner” will more accurately describe the task of this skin care step, that is, it helps regulate the pH level of the skin, so the skin will not be too dry or too oily. That shows that the effect of toner goes beyond moisturizing.

Talking about Toner, cosmetic industry experts call it: “The second wall in the cleansing step and prepares the skin environment for the next skin care steps”.


1. Shrink pores
Take a small amount of rose water, use a soft cotton pad to gently absorb and wipe the face evenly to remove oil, dirt, cosmetic residue and help tighten pores.

2.Balance the skin’s pH
Our skin is naturally acidic, the pH balance is usually at 5 and 6. After cleansing, due to the naturally alkaline nature of soap, the pH balance is disrupted. Once this happens, your skin needs time to restore balance (which is why the skin secretes oil to rebalance the skin’s pH), but using rose water helps. restore balance more quickly.

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3. Strengthen the protection layer
Rose water can help tighten pores and narrow the spaces between cells after being washed, thereby minimizing the penetration of impurities and environmental pollutants into the skin. It can even protect and remove chlorine and minerals in tap water.

4.Increase moisture
Some rose water products are moisturizing, meaning they can retain moisture in the skin.
Rose water helps clean facial skin when there is oil or dirt

5. Helps absorb nutrients
After using toner, the skin returns to a balanced pH state, helping the skin better absorb the nutrients in the following steps (serum, emulsion, lotion, cream, ampoule…).
Moisturized skin will help absorb more nutrients. Avoid pH differences that change the formula of skin care products, causing irritation to the skin.


Toners are basically divided into 2 types: cleansing rose water and nourishing rose water. In the hot summer, cleansing rose water should be given priority to avoid causing irritation to the skin.

Mamonde Rose Water Toner:Alcohol-free rose water extracted with up to 90.89% Bulgarian rose essence instantly rebalances the skin’s pH and further cleans stubborn dirt remaining in pores.

Innisfree Broccoli Clearing Toner: Innsfree Broccoli Clearing Toner is extracted from broccoli, especially suitable for skin experiencing stress, skin with red, swollen acne, and sensitive skin.

In addition, toners with antibacterial properties are also a suitable choice, especially for acne-prone skin. This time is when your skin is most susceptible to acne, so toners have additional ingredients. Antibacterial extracts will help prevent your skin from getting acne.

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Skinfood Tea Tree Clearing Toner: Containing up to 30% tea tree leaf ingredients, 75mg of natural tea tree oil provides the ability to treat acne, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and reduce swelling very quickly and effectively.

Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Skin: Green tea extract has the ability to deeply clean, regenerate skin, brighten skin, prevent oxidation and effectively prevent acne and inflammation.

Another choice that is also popular with many girls in the summer is toners with whitening properties. Because this is the time when your skin tone is most likely to lose its tone, using whitening toners will help your skin tone. The skin maintains a healthy glow even on hot days.

Mamonde Aqua Peel Toner:90% Plum Blossom extract and natural AHA ingredients deeply moisturize the skin and clean dead skin cells, helping to prevent hidden acne and skin aging. Nourishes bright, healthy, smooth, youthful skin anytime, anywhere.

Skinfood Yuja Water Toner: Contains Yuja ingredient – a citrus fruit from Goheung region that is rich in nutrients, especially Vitamin C to help skin naturally brighten.


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