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Nikes is one of the most famous shoe brands in the world, is loved as well as hunted by thousands of brand-lovers. Nevertheless, going along with a famous brand is an expensive price many people find it hard to have enough ability to own. If you wish to own the latest pair of Nikes without paying a sticker price, Resku is a worthy address to consider shopping. If you are minding the quality, price of a pair of Nike shoes, you should refer to the Resku Reviews shown below. Keep your reading to know how great Resku is.

About Resku

Resku is a prestigious spot for thousands of Nike shoe-lovers in the world. Resku is a reliable shoe retailer. Come to Resku, you will be explored plenty of gently used Nikes at the most affordable price-a fraction of the price of competitors. Are you wishing to own the newest Air Jordans but they cost up to $400? Don’t worry, you can buy them now at a pair for $240 if you access Resku.

By restoring, restocking, and rehoming them from the back warehouse to the world, Resku lasts the life of sneakers easily.

The process to refurbish Nike shoes is practiced standardly. Typically, those returned shoes, deadstock, or open-box shoes are purchased from Nike by Resku. Next, Resku sorts selects, and refurbishes each shoe by hand, before they will take photos of each pair and sort each pair according to condition.

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You can also peace of mind that Resku directly works with the Nike brand, has gone through a verification process with Nike, and have been determined as a trustworthy source that resells authentic restored Nike shoes, in another word, Resku are absolutely Nike authorized.

If you enjoy the Nike brand, instead of investing a lot of money to buy like-new shoes, you can refer to the Resku’s refurbished Nike shoes, all these shoes are ensured to not be counterfeit. Moreover,  Resku associates directly with the Nike company to be licensed to operate.

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Resku Coupon

Resku review

When coming to Resku, you can get the authentic, restored Nike shoes  Authentic up to 80% off with looking like a new one, help you save a decent amount of money, but yet ending, Resku offers many discount programs to help shoppers save maximum on many special events. To support customers well,  Resku constantly gives the most effective solutions such as launching many coupon codes, promo codes, discount codes, and shoppers who are completely able to buy more than one pair of shoes at a cheap price.

Couponing Tips

Simple steps to take the coupon on the site and get the discount:

  1. Click to the coupons you want, we put all the best on the top
  2. After clicking, you will see the coupon code showed and just copy it
  3. Place that coupon code to the check-out box at
  4. Sit back and enjoy your shopping with

You can check more deals from other stores.

Features you would love at Resku

Nike Authorized

There is an endless address offering thousands of pairs of Nike fake shoes, this makes many people feel worried about the quality of products. As mentioned above, you can rest amused that  Resku is endorsed by Nike, a reliable source reselling authentic restored Nike shoes, Resku says no to fakes, to counterfeit kicks.

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Never Over Retail

You can save a maximum of many when buying Nike restored shoes at Resku that you can not find anywhere more. Especially, Resku have never over retail, they always sell shoes at or below their original retail price, never sell overpriced as well as never in the business of “upselling” sneakers, meanwhile, there are other Nike retailers being in the business of upselling sneakers, they overcharge consumers for their shoes.

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Great Customer Service

It will be hard to avoid that many customers are minding that the shoes they are ordering are not the actual shoes, the same image or not. Resku ensures that all the shoes you see on their site will be the shoes that are shipped to you, their staff will be willing to send clear pictures of the shoes you are ordering, or give you advice about color, size,…

Resku’s staff will respond to all customer’s questions and assist you in returning within 14 days as long as the shoes are in the original condition when you get them.

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Featured products

Resku products’ features are:

  • More Style. Less Waste.
  • Authorized By Nike.
  • Free Shipping And Returns.

You can purchase restored Nike shoes online without a scare. Because Resku provides free shipping and a free returns program so you can buy with confidence, if having any problems, you can return easily, so Resku gets a lot of Resku reviews related to their service.

All Resku sneakers used Nike shoes are practiced in the specific process:

Buy Nikes

Resku selects, buys returns, deadstock, and open-box sneakers directly from Nike.

Cleaning Them Up

They sort, select and refurbish all shoes by hand carefully

Posting Shoe photos

By photographing each pair at all sides as well as sort by condition, and post to the Resku site.

Resku Reviews

Whether pairs of Resku shoes are great as they said or not? Is its price really affordable? Are promotions launched regularly? If you are still confused about those problems, you can see the most realistic Resku reviews from the people experiencing items at Resku below, there is sufficient information from pros to cons, help you have a comprehensive before buying your favorite shoes:

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“I love the idea of buying restocked/‘rescued’ shoes – it’s good for the environment and nice on the wallet. I previously bought most of my sneakers from thrift stores or eBay but this is a great way to do it with an added quality guarantee.”– Gillian

Or  “Yo so RESKU EXCEEDS expectations! I copped some Jordan retro 1s and they were so clean. The delivery was two days and I did not even pay for overnight. Everything about this experience was amazing!”- Matries

Or  “Ok so the shoes just arrived and the first thing I must say: Never have I seen used shoes look so clean and well done. The packaging was also flawless and I love that you guys include the box to show authenticity.” – Bilal

Resku FAQs

Why did Resku close?

We paused all orders and operations in mid-March out of an abundance of caution for our warehouse team. It was based on the latest recommendations from local and national authorities about the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Why are you now reopening? Has anything changed?

We are reopening now because we just moved warehouses. We chose a bigger space, allowing us to maintain operations in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Do you offer free shipping?

Standard shipping is free with every order. And expedited shipping is available at checkout for a fee.

Resku Contact

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 Looking for the perfect pair of sneakers bringing the Nike brand at an affordable price is seemingly quite hard, but it is absolutely possible if you come to Resku. There are a bunch of discounts on some of the biggest brands in footwear at Resku to help shoppers be satisfied with what they are getting. With a lot of Resku reviews from many customers, Resku is an ideal spot for any shoe-lovers. So and you?

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