5 important refrigerator criteria reviews

What to keep in mind when choosing to buy a refrigerator? Let’s take a look at 5 important criteria and refrigerator criteria reviews to choose to buy a modern family refrigerator, contributing to the house more comfortable that Willtiptop suggests right here.

refrigerator with many foods and drinks inside

Beautifully designed, luxurious, suitable for space

On the market today, there are 4 basic types of refrigerators: mini-fridge, upper freezer, bottom freezer, and side by side large refrigerator. Depending on the family’s interior space, the number of users, you can choose a refrigerator with refrigerator criteria reviews with a corresponding size.

  • If the house is small, with few people (1-3 people), you can choose a mini-refrigerator, a refrigerator with a capacity of fewer than 150 liters.
  • If you like simple, traditional cabinets, you can choose a 2-door cabinet, the upper freezer.
  • If you like convenience, easy access without having to bend over, you should choose the lower freezer.
  • If your house is crowded, the house has a large area, like luxurious designs … the refrigerator side by side (2-3 doors) is a great choice.

Besides the size, you will also need to pay attention to the exterior design of the cabinet such as color, external panel, outside water, … to see if it suits the needs or not.

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2. Flexible temperature customization is a refrigerator criteria reviews

Usually, for families with few members, you will not need to use up all the fridge compartments to store lots of food.

Therefore, choosing a refrigerator that has the ability to flexibly adjust the temperature between compartments or to turn off the operation of each compartment is a worthy choice. In this case, you can refer to Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator model.

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3. Save electricity for the family with pure refrigerator criteria reviews

A refrigerator is a device that operates throughout, so no one wants to use an expensive refrigerator that “consumes” a lot of power consumption. An energy-efficient Inverter or refrigerator using Econavi technology is a great option to consider.

refrigerator in the kitchen

4. Refrigerators can maintain high humidity, keep food fresh for a long time

Foods that are refrigerated for a long time are easily dehydrated, making them not as fresh and nutritious as they were at first. One of the criteria to note for choosing a refrigerator is its ability to keep moisture. 

5. Ability to remove odors, food does not mix odors between the compartments

The obsession of food odors lingering inside the refrigerator is really a “nightmare” for any user. Therefore, it is necessary to consider choosing a refrigerator with high antibacterial and deodorizing ability , it not only repels unpleasant odors but also helps food to be fragrant and full. 

In particular, nowadays refrigerators with 2-3 independent indoor units are a great choice for those who like to store a lot of food.

Accordingly, each indoor unit will be in separate charge for each compartment, food can no longer mix smells because the cold air in the 2 freezers and refrigerator compartment is completely separate. You will no longer be haunted by the smell of food in one compartment …

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