Red lipstick is the hottest trend this Fall and Winter

Suggested “top-notch” red lipstick colors that are great choices for this cold Fall – Winter season

This year, red lipstick is still the symbolic color that women must have in their makeup bag, both youthful and impulsive, while also being luxurious and experienced. The sweet, brilliant red color always makes you stand out and fresh in the crowd.

Bright red, wine red, brown red, plum red, nude red, orange red…. combined with a gentle foundation will give you a very personal, attractive look without requiring too many steps. sophisticated makeup!

Girls just need a pure bright red lipstick to transform their style, from going out to going to parties, not to mention helping their skin look whiter and brighter. If you have to look for a single lipstick color to always carry with you, this bright color is definitely an option you cannot ignore.

Suggest you refer to the red lipstick lines available at TGSF ^^

1. Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick (No.8 – bright red)

Born to meet the need for matte lipsticks that are long-lasting but more nourishing for the coming dry and cold winters.

Moist – smooth – shining are the truest words that hot bloggers are saying about this lipstick right after the product was received by customers.

2 . HOT Matte Lipstick This Fall Sophia Ampoule Matte Lipstick The 1St (Color M06 – Espoir – Unknown Secret )

– This is a new lipstick line from the brand Sophia that has received many reviews and is sought after by young people. Matte lipstick but has nourishing essence, enhances moisture to limit dry lips, keeps color for a long time, super smooth, not dry, rich in color. standard, along with a color palette of 8 diverse colors. Beautiful, luxurious design with a matte black metal shell that opens and closes with a magnet like the “Espoir” lipstick model.

3 . Amok Luxury Lovefit Lipstick That Stirs Up Youth quite familiar to you with recent reviews, right? The red tone for the Fall and Winter season of this line is S462. [Blood Red] and S451 [Old Lover]

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– Deep red lipstick with matte lipstick combined with a gentle foundation will give you a very personal, attractive appearance without requiring too much elaborate makeup.

You can see more and order at the link:

– . Doctor #HYEJUNG (Park Shin Hye)’s Favorite Lipstick. extremely HOT from the movie “Doctors” and always sold out. With a light lipstick, not heavy on the lips, moisturizing, does not dry the lips, the lipstick dries quickly to a matte layer, not sticky.

5 . Innisfree Real Fit Creamy Lipstick No.8 – main red tone

– It’s a new innisfree lipstick launched in early Fall and Winter this year [ new 2016 ] with a color palette of 10 easy-to-use tones. Completely extracted from nature, very benign, highly moisturizing and lightly shiny, helping lips stay soft and smooth without drying out even though the weather is about to get cold. Good color adhesion helps you make your lips look fresh and natural. Can especially be used for chapped lips or open wounds!

You can see more details at the link:

– Launched on the market like a Laneige breakthrough with contrasting colors but with flexibility in color transitions, Laneige’s stylish young girls can easily choose a lipstick to express themselves. own personality. 2 color tones in 1 lipstick gives you the freedom to create lipstick color on your lips: youthful lipstick, 2 impressive color lipstick or you can just use 1 color for the entire lip. The lipstick doesn’t get stuck in the grooves of your lips and is moisturizing, so dry lips can use it with peace of mind <3

-The red color is slightly orange, similar to real lip color, creating a natural look, very suitable for girls who love youthful style or are still in school age.

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To stay youthful and fresh, regardless of the weather, as well as easily combine outfits, you must be very careful when choosing lipstick color in the fall and winter. Red lipstick is one of the safe choices.

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