24+ Festive & Classy Red and White Christmas Nails

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Get into the holiday spirit with these 24+ festive and classy red and white Christmas nails! These designs feature everything from candy cane stripes and polka dots to intricate snowflakes and Santa hats. Whether you prefer a subtle accent nail or a bold statement look, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Add some extra cheer to your holiday festivities with these beautiful red and white nail designs!

Get inspired with these red and white Christmas nails that are festive and classy. Whether you’re new to nail art or feel like a pro, you can create these styles at home in just a few minutes!

collage of four hands with red and white Christmas nails

Red & White Christmas Nails

I’m Cora, the beauty and skincare editor at Revivalist Magazine. In my expert opinion, expressing yourself through nail art is the perfect way to embrace your personality and the holiday season! Plus, a festive manicure is the perfect accessory to any holiday outfit. 

Traditional Christmas colors include red, green and white (see white Christmas nails here), sometimes featuring silver and gold for fun accents. While you can’t go wrong with any of those color combinations, red and white designs are perfect for a classy look. 

See my curated list of red and white Christmas nail picks below! 

Red Gift Wrap & French Tips

Red french tip manicure with a present bow detail nail.

I love the simplicity of these red and white Christmas nails with a milky white base and red french tips. The accent nail with the gift wrap bow is so dainty and simple, and the glitter feature is the cherry on top! 

To achieve this look, start with a milky white coat then add the french tips in red. Go with a clear line under each tip and dip in gold glitter powder. Add with the bow accent detail then finish with a glossy top coat. 

Red Chunky Glitter Nails

Classic red manicure with white glitter accent nails and red and white candy can details.

Chunky glitter makes a statement on these red and white Christmas nails and I love the two accent nails to break up all the red. The white accent nail has a finer glitter and the candy cane accent nail is the perfect ode to Christmas, in my opinion!

Little Santa Hat Nails

Red glitter manicure with Santa hat french tips.

Who doesn’t love the tale of Santa Claus at Christmastime? These little Santa-inspired nails are cute yet subtle with the perfect touch of Christmas magic. 

To achieve this look, go with a deep red glitter and create french tips with a small tail at the end. Then line the tips with white dots and place a dot at the tip of the tail. You’ll create the visual of little Santa hats that everyone will adore. 

Santa-Inspired Nails

Classic, red, white and gold manicure.

Alternate red and white polish on your nailbeds to create this Santa-inspired style that works throughout December. It’s a great minimalist look that sets the stage for statement rings or a patterned sweater.

Geometric Lines and Snowflakes

Nude coffin nails with red and gold glitter details and a white snowflake.

I love red glitter during the holidays!

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Get this look by using nail tape to outline where you want your glittery red polish to create sharp edges. A thin-tipped brush will complete the look by drawing brilliant white snowflakes on your accent nails.

Mix and Match Christmas Details

Red and white Holiday manicure with a green Christmas tree detail and star jewels.

In my opinion, the best nail art designs always feature more customizable options to match each person’s unique style. 

Recreate this look with a red or white polish base on each nail. You could top them with various Christmas motifs that make you feel most celebratory, like stars, Christmas trees or wrapping paper designs.

Gift Wrap Nails

Classic red manicure with white bow accent nail.

Transform your nails into a gift to yourself with this iconic look that is my favorite on the list. A shiny red base polish will dazzle everyone in your Instagram photos, especially with a glittering white bow painted onto your ring fingers. 

You could even swap the white polish for a white bow sticker if you have a pair of thin tweezers to place it gently without creating air bubbles.

Candy Cane Nails

Red and white candy cane manicure with white glitter.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without candy canes, am I right? They’re perfect as decorations, desserts and even nail art. 

This style is ideal for minimalists who want to celebrate the holiday by turning their nails into their favorite Christmas treat. 

To achieve this look, make a line down the center of the nail with chrome red polish and layer over diagonal white lines, then dip them in white glitter powder. 

Sparkly Red w/ White Snowflakes

Red french tip manicure with red glitter and white snowflake detials.

Invite the magic of Christmas into your style by alternating sparkly red polish with white snowflakes. 

The fine glitter will make your nails look chic and elevated. I mean, it could be exactly what you need to match your nails to your favorite chunky-knit Christmas sweater!

Groovy Red and White Spots

Red, white and black polka dot manicure.

The lava-lamp-inspired bubbles in this retro nail design are a clever nod to holidays past, and I’m all for it! The ‘60s and ‘70s were all about lounging with friends in a stylish living room conversation pit. 

Evoke that feeling with this groovy design before your next Christmas party.

Silvery Snowflakes and Red Tips

Red matte Christmas manicure with silver glitter and white snowflake details.

Winter means embracing the soft snowflakes falling outside your window. They’re essential to any winter holiday vibe, especially on your nails. 

To achieve this look, coat your nailbeds in matte red or clear polish, then follow with a sparkly white bottle for drawing snowflakes that catch the light.

Wine Red Sparkle Nails

Red glitter french tip nails with snowflake detail.

People often decorate with bright red hues during Christmas, but that’s not your only color option. I love burdundy, maroon, and wine hues this time of year. 

Select one of these dark red gel polishes for your next look. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly in a gel-firming machine. Draw fine-tipped snowflakes along your cuticles to complete this dazzling style.

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Little Polka Dot Nails

Classic white french tip manicure with red and white dot detail.

I recommend this design for at-home beginner nail artists because it’s straightforward. To achieve the look, apply red gel polish to each finger, let it dry and top your ring fingers with tiny white polka dots to create a shimmery effect.

Half-Moon Mints

Natural manicure with red and white peppermint detail.

If you tire of nail art designs that take over the entire nailbed, this could be your next favorite style. 

Create red and white Christmas nails that are festive and classy by using a thin-tipped brush to paint half-moon mints on your cuticles. How cute!

A clear top coat will seal them in place so they last through your seasonal plans.

Sparkly Santa Nails

Red glitter french manicure with Santa detail accent nails.

Change your look by filing your nails into square tips with slightly rounded edges. They’re perfect for replicating Santa’s beard. 

Recreate this design with bold, sparkly red and pearl-white polishes. The white and red will make Santa’s face on your ring fingers while the red coats your other nails and catches the light.

Mirrored Red Swoop Nails

Modern red and white french tip manicure with silver glitter and white snowflake details.

I can confirm that minimalists can wear this Christmas nail design without compromising their style!

To achieve this look, apply nail tape to make swooping lines from the top corner of your nailbed to the opposite corner on the tip. A thin white line contrasting it makes a layered look that even looks great with an accent snowflake.

Snowflake and Stripe Nails

Red and white candy cane manicure with a white snowflake detail.

This red-and-white look makes your nails more festive with a white snowflake and sharp lines that evoke memories of bite-sized peppermints and wrapping paper. This design is absolutely perfect for a snowy Christmas season, in my opinion!

Christmas Design Nails

Bright red manicure with white snowflakes, candy cane details, sweater details and snow details.

If you can’t decide on just one style of nail, go with them all. I love how this manicure features each nail with a red or white Christmas-inspired design like a sweater nail, candy cane nail, snowflake nail, and frosty icicles. 

French Tips and a Christmas Tree

White french tip manicure with red Christmas ornament detail.

Anyone who loves decorating their Christmas tree will adore this look, in my opinion. It involves painting a red Christmas tree with white ornaments and garlands on your ring fingers. 

Create white French tips on your remaining nails to complete the style.

Red Hues and White Tips

Red and Burgundy french tip manicure with white present bow details.

Two colors contain many hues. Take advantage of the red boldness you want in your Christmas nail art by using a dark shade as your French tips. 

White tips will complete the look on your ring fingers, especially with a red bow on your cuticles. Then, outline the bows with white stripes to make them subtle but still contain depth.

Christmas Sprinkle Border Nails

White manicure with red, green and white polka dot details.

In my books, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without desserts. Show off your love for festive cookies by adding sprinkle borders to your nails. 

This look is great for beginners because anyone can use Christmas colors to create polka-dot borders around their nails. Use a dotting tool to make them match in size and your nails will look like cookies in no time.

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Snowflakes & Metallic Red Nails

Red foil manicure with white snowflake details.

Add a bit of couture to your style this December by painting a metallic red polish over your nails. They’ll recreate the look of torn cellophane wrapping paper if you gently scratch the dried edges to make a torn appearance. 

Top each fingernail with a delicate white snowflake to wear dazzling nail art to your next Christmas party.

Christmas Sweater Pattern Nails

Red glitter and white Christmas sweater manicure.

There’s nothing better than wearing your favorite cozy sweaters during the holidays. So why not celebrate your collection of seasonal knits with your next nail style?

Wear a festive Christmas pattern on your fingernails with classic geometric patterns and symbols like hearts, reindeer and snowflakes. Use this picture as inspiration when you’re ready to sit down and make detailed art on your nails.

Minimalist Red & White Stripe Nails

Red manicure with red and white modern french tip accent nails.

I adore this red and white stripe design! It is perfect if you want to feel festive in a more subtle way. 

The simple color combination will match any seasonal outfit you wear. And because they don’t have glitter or Christmassy doodles, you can keep them after the holiday without looking unprofessional or outdated. 

Red Glitter and White Almond Tips

Red glitter french tip manicure.

Finally, add a little glitz and glamor to your holiday season with glittery almond-tipped nails. The curving red tips will look like you dipped your fingers into the Christmas spirit. 

To achieve this look, shoose a dark red polish that sparkles and finish with thin white lines inside each stripe. The stunning effect makes any outfit a bit fancier while sticking with your holiday theme.

Feel Jolly With Red and White Christmas Nails

I hope you have enjoyed my list of stunning red and white Christmas nail designs. I truly think you can show off your festive spirit this year with the perfect manicure. 

It’s no secret that red and white are perfect for holiday nails that look chic and stylish. For more nail inspiration follow the links below and visit me over at Revivalist


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