Recipes for “transforming” yourself for stylish girls

Just apply these beauty formulas at the right time, in the right place, and you will shine like never before! 1. Youthful style

Of course, to look younger than your actual age, it is important not to wear heavy makeup. If you like vibrant colors, you can choose pink fusion lip color, coral orange eyeshadow and rounded blush. In addition, combining it with a pair of transparent glasses and a bright red beanie will help bring an extremely fresh and outstanding overall look. However, to not be too “flamboyant”, you should choose a simple and youthful outfit.

Natural makeup is always suitable for young girls. You can emphasize the eyes a little with cat eyeliner, curled eyelashes and thick mascara. Nude pink color for slightly pink lips combined with a half-tied wavy hairstyle is enough.

Also a natural makeup style with pink tones. You can use a light pink color for your eyes, cheeks and lips. Combining a little pink on your nails and outfit isn’t too much, it just makes your look sweeter.

2. Personal style

If you want to change your style a bit for your personality, you should pay attention to accessories and not get too carried away with makeup. For example, a pair of big, striking earrings paired with vintage round glasses combined with the same color outfit is fine. Of course, brown smoky eyes and wine red or brown lips are the best choice. Hair can be straightened or slightly wavy.

Accessories still stand out with large lipstick-shaped earrings, but the outfit color tone is somewhat brighter. Bright yellow for the eyes with creative eyeliner and drawing on the lower lashes. Coral orange lips, orange cheeks slanted above the ears and tight bun hair complete your personal style.

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Fake freckle makeup is creating a “fever” among Asian girls. With this style, the most popular tones are orange or brown. You can choose brown eyeshadow combined with orange blush and apply it on the bridge of your nose. Nude or red-brown lipstick is suitable. Curly hair with bangs also helps this style become perfect.

3. Luxurious style

Don’t think that to be classy you have to apply a thick layer of powder on your face and thick eyeliner. The important thing about this style is a confident aura and a smooth, combed hairstyle with a ponytail is enough.

To combine with a luxurious outfit, you can paint red lips and apply mascara to curl your eyelashes. With your hair, just straighten the ends a bit and wear a pair of big round earrings and that’s enough.

A wide-collar white shirt with a black necklace and dangling earrings creates a very stylish outfit. In addition, her curly hair tied in a high bun combined with high-toned makeup and sharp ombre lips helps her look extremely elegant and classy.

4. Glamorous style

Combined with a thin chiffon shirt is wavy hair tied in a low bun and pink red lips. In addition, you only need a little copper shimmer eyeshadow to create an irresistibly attractive look. Curly hair still suits this style very well. Additionally, you can add a little color to your eyes and brush your eyelashes longer and more carefully. Lipstick of the same color as the shirt and earrings creates a dreamy, eye-catching overall look.

Of course red is always the best representative when it comes to seduction. So you can use red tones from head to toe. Especially those passionate lips will make many guys ecstatic.

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