Reading top business magazines can boost your skills and knowledge

Reading top business magazines can boost your skills and knowledge

Like it or not, every businessperson is identified by what they read. If they don’t read, it’s almost possible that their global vision and that of others towards them could be very limited, if not entirely non-existent.

That said, the non-existence of knowledge of what happens outside one’s immediate circumstances and existence could stunt one’s growth to a very large extent. It would also drive away investors and product buyers who these days prefer to deal with businesspersons who are well informed and in sync with time. The latter talks highly about a businessperson. And one of the preferred ways of keeping abreast with the latest in the world of enterprise is by reading world-class magazines, details of some of which we mention ahead. 

1 The Economist

The stiff British upper lip in the world of economics and economies is a London-based weekly that’s both in print and e-copies. A mix of everything that senior-level folks, including technocrats and industry leaders, would find interesting is The Economist, a significant output of a publisher by the same name, which deals mostly with everything from an international perspective. This includes politics, economics, international and multinational business, and the latest in technology and politics about the large swaths of the world. With a significant presence worldwide in established markets including the US, Europe, the Middle-East, and these days Near-East, the year 2019 saw its print edition churning over 900000 copies. And if that’s not impressive enough, with its combined online and social media presence, it’s said that the mag goes to over 35 million worldwide. 

A serious and a bit of a stiff-upper-lip, its articles are known for their depth and incisiveness besides their sheer originality. Getting a pat on the back or brickbats from the Economist is almost like getting the same from an authority of international repute. Beat it, they even carry articles on arts and cartoons! 

An interesting side: It’s sister publication, The 1843 deals with something that’s far removed from stifling International Economics and Business. It deals exclusively with fashion and lifestyle!

2 Forbes

You could be excused for existing in a cave if you deal with international matters yet can’t identify with the Forbes! Easily the US’s most famous of business publications with a rather catchy motto that says “Change the World,” its history stretches as far back as 1917 when it started as the “Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings” of the BC Forbes Publishing Company of New Jersey.

With over a century of successful publishing behind them, the feature that’s released as often as eight times every year has authoritative articles on investing, finance, economy, technology, IT, science, law, and communication, to name a few among its avowed subjects. These days, the magazine has an edition exclusively for Asia besides being published in 27 countries worldwide. Among its contents are desirable listings and rankings, of which the most influential is the World’s Billionaires, Forbes Global 2000 list of the World’s Top Corporate Bodies, and the World’s Most Powerful People.

An interesting side: While its American credentials stand out without a doubt, it’s management for quite some time now has been purely eastern! In 2014, the mag was bought over by the Integrated Whale Media Investments of Hong Kong!

3 Bloomberg Businessweek 

Unsurprisingly, the third too on our list is a famous business weekly from the US! Once called the BusinessWeek, today the Bloomberg Businessweek, a weekly, deals with everything business, be it in the US or otherwise though established markets worldwide remain its forte. It came about as far back as 1929. It coincided with the US’ entering the years of the great depression. Despite this, the publication provided thought-provoking pieces on business, labour condition, finance, and markets even in those trying times. It’s Washington Outlook continues to be one of the foremost in politics, which has incisive articles on the former and its effects on business.

What was once a pure businessman’s magazine turned its focus towards consumers in general, and since the year 1988, it has been known for its ranking of Business School MBAs in the US. Today, Bloomberg is one among the widely-available best business magazines with dedicated country-wise editions and language editions in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and even Polish. That besides, its special iPad version has helped it garner over 100000 subscribers! 

The magazine has credentials galore! It got the Adweek Recognition of 2011 for being the top business magazine in the US and the 2012 Excellence Award for a general-interest magazine.


It’s rare that a magazine of any repute brings forth words that become part of people’s everyday lexicon! Wired, once appearing at WIRED, has that rare distinction having popularized the world ‘crowdsourcing’ besides popularizing a new form of phrasing in the online world that’s today colloquially called the “long-tailed” style of phrasing. Popular among the youth, it’s initiatives such as these have brought it immense popularity.

Today, this American monthly magazine in print and e-version is the epitome of everything online and tech with authoritative articles on technology and culture. A publication that came about only a few decades back, the mag also has country-specific publications. The Wired Japan, Wired Germany, Wired UK are known publications in their respective countries in matters relating to technology and things arising from there.

5 Harvard Business Review (HBR)

Every two months, the world of business, economy and related fields of finance and education wait animatedly for this publication that’s known for its incisive and research-based articles on business, enterprise, economy and IT. A prestigious publication of the Harvard University in Massachusetts in the US, its articles remain vast in scope and cover entire geographies and countries besides industries, management, business leaders, and things more unique, including successful strategies, finance, and bodies. Among those who found pride of place in this prestigious magazine is Dr Peter Drucker, C.K. Prahalad, Vijay Govindarajan, and Robert S. Kaplan.

Its reach in terms of numbers remains formidable, with a subscriber base that could be in excess of 250000 in 13 languages worldwide! It came about in year 1922 as a feature meant for the Harvard Business School. That said, and taking Harvard Business School’s avowed interest in doing everything world-class, the publication today sees equal subscribership among students at Harvard and entrepreneurs, businesspersons, technocrats, and change-makers worldwide. HBR’s McKinsey Award is a feature that turns celebrities out of those featured and is said to go thru some of the toughest of selection criteria in order to feature in the magazine. Even General Motors, the grand old man among automobiles, has been featured at length in HBR!

6 Inc

Inc, an American publication came about in the year 1979 in the city of New York in the US. A bimonthly (once every two months), the magazine covers incisive articles including videos on start-ups, technology, market and industry trends, and more. In its armor of articles and write-ups, it’s most known for remaining the Inc 500 and Inc 5000, which grade and list the fastest growing concerns, companies, and start-ups. 

Over four decades in the trade, Inc today has an enviable readership and audience spanning close to 1.4 million. That besides, its articles have received over 30 million reviews from a worldwide audience.

A couple of years of its commencing, Inc covered Steve Jobs in October of 1981 with a story that proclaimed that “This man has changed business forever.” Inc’s books on matters relating to business by experts are a rage among entrepreneurs and business persons worldwide. These days, Inc’s podcasts named “Inc. uncensored” bring out various facets of the life of a concern and promoters of start-ups, tech companies, industry, and activities in the marketplace. Speaking of podcasts, they today number over a hundred and include some bagging prestigious awards. These continue to be highly regarded in the industry with their band of regular followers and listeners. 

And if you didn’t know, Inc’s “Stealthy Sales Kings of Amazon” was adjudged the ‘Best in Business’ by the Society for Advancing Business Writing and Editing!

If you’re an entrepreneur with a flair for reading, you surely are in the right place and shall, in time, get your share of accolades for being well-informed. In your business, too, it may help by helping you incorporate the latest that technology has to offer. You could also liaise with the mover, shakers, and stirrers of enterprise, and using their influence, reach for the right stars. If you’re an entrepreneur and reading isn’t your forte, be informed that you stand to lose a lot and that it makes sense to force yourself to get into this incredible habit. It could take time, but in the end, it’s you, an entrepreneur, who would benefit most!

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