Plants That You Should Not Keep Your Indoor Space to Avoid Unluckily

In feng shui, plants are often used to bring positive energy and good luck into a space. While many plants can add a touch of greenery and natural beauty to your indoor space, there are some plants that you should avoid keeping indoors due to their potentially harmful effects. In this article, we’ll explore some plants that are best left outdoors to avoid disrupting the flow of energy and bringing negative energy into your living space.
Plants That You Should Not Keep Your Indoor Space to Avoid Unluckily
By selecting plants that are considered lucky and avoiding those that are believed to bring bad luck or negative energy, you can create a harmonious and balanced environment that promotes positive energy and well-being. It’s time to learn about them by reading the list below!

#1 Weeping Fig

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Although weeping fig displays pretty white blooms and beautiful leaves that are excellent in removing dust particles in the room, Feng Shui practitioners advise against growing this plant indoors due to its tendency to attract negative energy in the home.

#2 Dead Plants

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Keeping dead and dried plants in the house can indicate a lack of fondness among family members, invite negative energies, and adversely affect the health of the inhabitants, in addition to clashing with the aesthetics of your beautiful interiors.

#3 Fake Plants

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In Feng Shui, artificial plants are generally not preferred since they fail to serve the purpose of maintaining the natural equilibrium that lives plants can establish within the home.

#4 Euphorbia Milii

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While the plant may thrive as an outdoor specimen, bringing it indoors can potentially attract negative energy and bad luck. Additionally, due to its abundance of thorns and high toxicity levels, it poses a risk to the safety of your children and pets.

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#5 Hydrangea

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Feng Shui principles suggest that hydrangeas symbolize loneliness, making it inadvisable to grow this plant indoors. Despite its undeniable beauty, having hydrangeas inside the house is believed to convey a sense of emotional detachment and is considered bad luck. Instead, consider displaying its cut flowers in a vase or planting a lovely hydrangea shrub in your outdoor garden.

#6 Bonsai

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These dwarf trees are believed to signify hindered career growth and bring bad luck according to Feng Shui. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid incorporating these delightful plants into your indoor decor, as they may disrupt the natural flow of life.

#7 Tamarind

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According to traditional Feng Shui beliefs, the tamarind plant is said to attract negative energies into the household, potentially causing illness among family members. Additionally, the plant is often associated with harboring evil spirits.

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