Pet-Safe Indoor Plants That Grow Well in Water Environment

Most pets are curious! This is why you are considering growing plants in the home. It’s time to add a touch of green to your interior without worrying about your pet’s safety. We’ve summed up the list of the best indoor plants that are pet-friendly and help your hand always keep cleaning all time. Here are the 7 best Pet-Safe Indoor Plants That Grow Well in Water Environment.
Cat-Safe Indoor Plants That Grow Well in Water Environment
Growing plant in water means no messy soil to wipe up and in case you don’t have any growing area, growing these plants in water also is a great method. Also, they are easy to grow and take care of. If you aren’t good at gardening, you also grow them well in the home. You will be happy to see the green plant in your home without hard work while still saving time, especially if you are a busy person.

#1 Prayer Plant

Source: Reddit

The prayer Plant looks stunning when put in water with dark-green leaves adorned with red veins. This plant is completely safe for your cats and dogs when they bite mistakenly.

#2 Sweet Potato Vine

Source: Homejoys

Sweet Potato Vine can be grown well in water by using a 6-8 inches long stem below the leaf node and then growing it in a glass of water. This plant is non-toxic for your pest even if they chew a few leaves.

#3 Spider Plant

Source: Aloetheplants

You can grow spider plants when you are having dogs and cats without worry because these plants are safe for them. Also, this plant grows well in water all year round.

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#4 Aluminum Plant

Source: Growandcare

Aluminum Plant is a beautiful houseplant that shows off variegated grey-green leaves. The plant is non-toxic for cats and can grow well in water with medium to low light.

#5 Moth Orchid

Source: Luisa Cabrera-Jones

The Moth Orchids can adapt well to water and are also safe for your pets. When growing this plant hydroponically, you should use pebbles in the bottom to support their roots.

#6 Sweetheart Hoya

Source: Gardenforindoor

Sweetheart Hoya is safe for both dogs and cats. You can grow this plant easily in a glass filled with fresh water, then put it in spots where the plant gets bright indirect light.

#7 Basil

Source: Amazingherbgarden

This versatile herb is used popularly in cuisines to medicines. It can grow well in a water environment as long as gets 5-6 hours of sunlight per day. Also, this herb is completely safe for them!

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