The PDF to Word conversion procedure is straightforward, but only for editable PDFs that can be edited in a standard PDF editor. What about scanned PDFs that can’t be edited with a program like Adobe Acrobat? You’ll need PDF to Word OCR for that, which is a conversion procedure that employs Optical Character Recognition to turn a PDF into an editable format before converting it to a.doc or.docx file that can be edited in Microsoft Word. So, what are the options for converting PDF to Word using OCR? This article lists the best ten PDF to Word OCR converters for desktop and online usage, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each program or online OCR PDF to Word converter.


2PDF allows you to convert scanned PDFs into Word, Excel, and Text documents. The service is easy to use and features a decent OCR engine that supports a variety of languages. However, unlike UPDF Converter, it will not identify the language automatically; you must use a separate URL for each language. The platform also includes PDF compression and organization capabilities, as well as file management tools for splitting and merging PDFs and rotating PDF pages. When you take a look at the steps on how to PDF to DOC OCR with 2PDF.com, you will figure out how impressive this tool is all about.

If you are searching for a reliable tool on PDF to DOC OCR, you may use 2PDF.com. It is capable of offering a great experience to anyone who is looking for a PDF to DOC OCR online tool.

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Apart from PDF to Word conversion, Smallpdf provides a variety of PDF services. The conversion service for typical editable PDFs is free, but to utilize the OCR module, which you’ll see after submitting your PDF file, you’ll need a Pro membership. Nonetheless, it’s a simple-to-use program with a reliable OCR engine that supports numerous languages. It also works with handwritten text; however, the results aren’t as precise as when converting printed content from a scanned PDF to a Word document.


This is a basic suite of tools for converting PDF to a variety of formats, including MS Office files and photos. It’s also easy to use and works with a variety of languages. The free limit is rather liberal, since the platform enables you to convert 15 documents each hour, however each file may only be 15MB in size. This online PDF to Word OCR service could be worth a go if you’re seeking for reasonable OCR accuracy.


Using OCR technology, this online converter converts PDF to Word and PDF to Text. It isn’t completely free; however, the free version enables you to convert up to 10 files at a time with a total size of about 100MB. Upgrading unlocks all functions and is quite inexpensive; the premium option also raises the file size restriction to 1GB and removes the limit on the number of files you may convert at once.

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