PC Power Up Suggested Top PC Components for Gaming

PC Power Up Suggested Top PC Components for Gaming

Computer specs are one of the things that make it a very worthwhile purchase for a Personal Computer, saving your money and getting a computer that meets your specs and functionality. And may make the remaining budget to upgrade in different parts as well, but for newbie’s Setting up computer specs isn’t easy. Because parts are constantly have being upgraded. For newbie PC Power Up brings best PC components to upgrade or build your own gaming computer.

Graphics Card:-

General or onboard graphics card can be considered as a graphics card that is used for general work, listening to music, playing general games. Not playing high graphics games As far as I can tell, most of them are Nvidia’s GT or AMD’s HD cards.

Graphics card for playing games or known as the graphics card that is easily found in the general market itself. It is a graphics card used for working and playing games. This is suitable for displaying at high Frame per second while also focusing on high resolution. But there will be disadvantages that consume higher power than the video card itself. Which will be coded are GeForce GTX, GeForce RTX of Nvidia and Radeon & Radeon RX of AMD etc.

Processor (CPU):-

To optimize your desktop PC or laptop it’s important to ensure that your CPU is ready for the most challenging tasks, even if the CPU is durable and will last for years with the right care. But PC technology is constantly evolving. CPU for newer gaming take advantage of faster clock speeds, larger cache size and an increasing number of threads. This results in higher performance when used with newer hardware.

Gaming benefits from this improvement with the CPU affecting new games in many aspects such as:

– Frame rate

– Streaming

– Scalable gaming components such as

– Draw distance

– Complex animations

– Destruction physics

Finally, finding the best gaming CPU for your PC depends on the expectations you want to get from your gaming experience and how you use your system to get the specification you want.

Main Memory (RAM or Memory):-

Buying the main memory or RAM 16GB is a capacity that is very popular today. And the price is not so high now. While 8 GB is a standard must-have, but using it to open Chrome and do other tasks at the same time, it’s almost full.

Currently, DDR4 bus 2400 or 2666 RAM is sufficient. But if we want to get bus 3000, that means we may have to pay for a much more expensive motherboard. High bus speeds are evident only when not using a discrete graphics card which if it is an on-board graphics card. When using graphics RAM and CPU will be fully utilized. Therefore, choosing RAM with standard bus values and spends the money on a bigger SSD, better GPU or CPU.

The heat sink and RGB lighting are just the things that enhance the aesthetics of the RAM. In general, the heat of a normal RAM is not that high. As long as our system has the airflow through the case and through the RAM, you can opt for RAM that doesn’t require a heat sink.

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