19+ Gorgeous Olive Green Nails You’ll Absolutely Love

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If you’re looking for a stylish and versatile nail color, olive green is the perfect choice. This list features 19+ gorgeous olive green nail designs that will make you stand out in any crowd. From simple and elegant to bold and daring, there’s something for everyone to love. Whether you prefer a sleek matte finish or sparkling metallic accents, these olive green nails are sure to make a statement. Get ready to show off your unique style with these stunning nail designs!

Are you searching for the perfect olive green manicure? Check out our list of 19+ olive green nails and olive green nail designs that you’ll absolutely adore!

hand with coffin nails painted in olive green polish

What do olive green nails mean?

The color olive green represents peace and harmony. This gorgeous shade of green symbolizes tranquility and is also often associated with nature. Olive green can also represent wealth and prosperity as green is a shade that is related to money. 

We love how calming and grounding olive green is! And, it is a perfect color for nails because it complements many different skin tones. 

If you want to try olive nails at your next manicure, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up our top olive green nail designs for your inspiration. We’re sure you’ll find a style or design here that you’ll absolutely love!

Matte Green Olive Nails

Starting with our top choices for matte olive green nail designs, we have four stunning manicures that will elevate your look. 

1. Matte Olive Green Nails with Glitter Accents

hand with long almond nails with matte olive green nail polish and white accents

We are in love with this gorgeous manicure. These nails look so elegant with the matte finish over olive green polish. The accents using white and gold glitter give this manicure a one-of-a-kind look. 

These almond nails would look amazing at a Christmas party or as part of a wedding look. You could also change it up and use a different shade of olive green as well. 

2. Dark Olive Green Nails w/ Leopard Accent

hand with short round nails with matte olive green and a leopard accent nail

This nail design is great if you want something to show off your playful side. The matte finish adds a refined touch to this fun look, making it something you could wear to a formal or casual event. 

We love the cheetah print nail art paired with the solid black nail. Using both as accent nails ties the manicure together and make it look so chic. 

3. White and Olive Green Nails with Gold Details 

hand with long almond nails with white, gold, and olive accents

Here’s a perfect pick if you want something stylish and eye-catching. The long almond-shaped nails make this manicure look sophisticated, and the gold accents add to the classy vibe. 

We love the white and olive green on either side of the gold lines. This would also look amazing with a darker shade of olive green or on coffin-shaped nails. 

4. Olive Green + Light Tan Nails w/ Black Details

hand with long almond nails painted in matte olive green with neutral accents

This manicure mixes things up with a gorgeous light tan alongside the matte olive-green polish. These colors complement each other so well and create a warm and stunning aesthetic. 

The delicate black nail art adds a regal feel to the manicure we are in love with. These nails would be great to wear on a date night or a weekend getaway. 

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Almond Olive Green Nails

Almond nails are a classic shape for manicures, so we included some stunning designs featuring this shape and olive green polish. 

5. Yin & Yang Olive Green Nails

hand with long almond nails with olive green polish and a ying-yang accent nail

We are here for this vibrant manicure featuring a yin and yang accent nail. This is perfect for the free-spirited girl who wants a playful manicure with earthy tones. 

The white really pops next to the olive green, taking a classic manicure and turning it into something adorable and trendy. This is definitely a top choice for a girls’ night out to show off your bright and fun-loving personality.  

6. Almond Nails w/ Olive Green + Gold Accents 

hand with nails that have nude and olive green accents

This next manicure is an absolute beauty. The glossy nude and olive green make this nail design look simple and chic, while the gold glitter line details add elegance to the look. 

We also love how versatile this manicure is. It would be perfect to complement a cocktail dress or another high-class look, but it’s also minimal enough to look great at work. 

7. Classic French Tip Manicure w/ Olive Green Polish

hand with olive green French tip nails

A French manicure always looks stunning and classy, and we love seeing this stylish look in gorgeous new colors. This is perfect for anyone who loves the classic and timeless feel of French tips but wants to introduce some rich new colors into their look.

This minimal nail design would also be great with a lighter or darker shade of olive green, so you could easily adjust this to fit the look you’re going for. 

8. Short Almond Nails w/ Olive Green Polish

hand with rounded nails with dark olive green polish

Here’s another great pick if you’re a fan of classic manicure styles. This deep shade of olive green is breathtaking and looks fantastic with the glossy finish. 

This dark green color would be perfect to wear during the fall or winter. The simple and classic look makes it versatile so that it can be worn anywhere from an intimate Christmas party to an event at the office. 

Coffin Olive Green Nails

Coffin-shaped nails are another favorite of ours, so we’ve got the best looks for olive green coffin nail manicures. 

9. Olive Green + Nude Nails w/ Gold Foil Details

hand with shot coffin nails with olive green ovals and gold foil accents

The deep olive green, light nude, and gold flakes are a color match made in heaven. This manicure has a rich and regal feel that we love. 

These nails would be fantastic for a special event, like a New Year’s Eve party, or even as a bridal manicure. Or, mix this design with burnt orange nails for a fall-inspired look!

10. Olive Green Nails w/ French Tip + Gold Accents

hand with short square nails with olive green and nude accents

This next manicure is so adorable. Playing off a classic manicure, the two accent nails add a vibrant touch to a timeless design. 

We love the simple light nude tone paired with the dark olive green. The gold line details make the manicure so fashionable and chic, and this look would easily elevate any outfit. 

11. Textured Olive Green Coffin Nails

hand with short coffin nails with olive green coloring

This is a perfect choice if you want a Christmas nail look using olive green. The textured details on the ring finger remind us of a cozy Christmas sweater, and the rich green tone adds to the holiday feel. 

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This manicure has a warm and alluring feel that would be great for a Christmas party or simply for a December day spent making cookies and drinking hot cocoa. 

12. Olive Green w/ White Line Art Accent

hand with short square nails with light olive and neutral colors

We are in love with the light olive green shade on this manicure. The light green on these nails would be amazing in spring, and the white details make the set look bright and fresh. 

You could easily change this look by adding more line art accents or leaving it as is. No matter what, this manicure would be a stunning addition that will complement any look. 

Square Green Olive Nails

Next up, we have some gorgeous olive-green looks on square nails. These could be done using some nail polish or could be an acrylic manicure. 

13. Dark Olive Green with Gold Nails 

hand with short coffin nails in olive green and gold foil accents
source unknown

Our first nail inspiration for square nails uses this deep, rich shade of olive green. This muted earthy tone is absolutely stunning and would be perfect for adding some color to a neutral outfit. 

The classic look of this manicure makes it great for wearing to work, but the gold flake accents keep it playful enough to wear this look out and about. 

14. Olive Green Nails w/ Black + Gold Accents

hand with short nails with olive green polish and gold foil accents

If you want an olive green manicure with a bold and fun look, this one is for you. We love how the muted tone of the olive green is complemented by the bright-toned gold flakes, while the black dots add gorgeous dark details. 

This manicure is perfect to pair with an edgy new outfit for Friday date night or a night out with the girls. 

15. Glittery Olive Green Manicure w/ Gold Gems

hand with short square nails with olive polish and gold accents

This look is so stunning and eye-catching. The glitter and the gold details beautifully highlight the dark shade of olive green. 

The different types of gold beads used here create a daring look that we can’t get enough of. This manicure is a must for your next house party or night out on the town. 

16. Classic Manicure with Olive Green Polish

hand with square nails with olive green nail polish

You can always use a simple look to try out a new color. This classic manicure with solid green polish is gorgeous and has a timeless look that we love. 

The glossy finish and rich shade of olive green make this minimal style so alluring and classy, making it perfect to pair with any look or for any event. 

Short Green Olive Nails

If you’re a fan of short nails or need them short for work, we have some fantastic looks with olive green nail designs just for you.  

17. Olive Green and Silver Glitter Nails

hand with short natural nails with dark olive green and silver accents

This manicure has “party” written all over it. The chunky silver glitter has a fun, vibrant feel that we adore. 

The gorgeous nude tone lightens the look, along with the silver-toned polish. This is also a perfect look for anyone who prefers silver accents over gold. 

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18. Olive Green + White Nails w/ Olive Branch Art 

hand with short round nails with olive green polish and painted olive tree branch designs
source unknown

This is our favorite when it comes to olive green nail designs!

Here’s a look for any plant moms searching for their next manicure. This gorgeous shade of olive green pops next to the crisp white, and the olive branch art design is so incredible. 

We love the intricate details of this manicure and the mixed tones used in the leaves. This manicure definitely has a springtime feel, making it perfect for that time of year. 

19. Olive Green + Nude Short Nails

hand with short nails with olive green nail polish and neutral accents
@the _minimalist_manicurist

This manicure is for someone who loves a playful and bold look on their nails. Nude and olive green is a classic color pairing that we love to see. 

This gorgeous combination of classic solid nails with French tips and half moons is so cute and charming. The short nail length and muted tone of the olive green also makes this fun look great for going from the office to dinner and drinks. 

20. Simple Olive Green Short Nails

hand with short olive green nails

The last of the olive green nail designs is simple, yet refined. With a minimal and timeless design, is shimmering rich olive green polish on short nails.

This simple manicure has a sleek and refined look that would make a fantastic pairing with any outfit. This shade of olive green could be adjusted if you prefer a lighter or deeper tone, but no matter what, this manicure is a stunning choice. 

What colors make olive green nail polish?

Olive green is a rich green tone made by mixing blue, yellow, and a tiny bit of red. This color has more yellow in the base, but all three colors are essential in creating a gorgeous olive green shade. 

Which olive green manicure is best?

Olive green is a beautiful color that pairs well with many other shades, making it a perfect choice for a versatile nail look. You can’t go wrong with any of these olive green nail designs for your next manicure.

These stunning looks are the perfect inspiration for any simple and elevated design you might want. 


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