Must-have Annuals For A Beautiful Flower Garden

If you’re looking for a little seasonal color to make your garden pop, go for annual plants! This is one of the great ways to boost curb appeal or brighten up your backyard landscape with a huge colorful boom with every bloom. Also, they are great for a busy gardener because they are low-maintenance plants. They will bring incredibly eye-catching, vibrant, long-lasting color to any space in your garden with every shade.
Must-have Annuals For A Beautiful Flower Garden
Apart from stunning flowers, they also put on their stunning foliage. This is why that they are perfect candidates to brighten the landscape with abundant amounts of color. They are unsurpassed for adding interest to beds or borders or in pots or containers on the patio or deck. You also can use their blossoms for cut flowers, rock gardens, hanging baskets, window boxes, groundcovers, and more.

#1 Marigolds

Source: Ugaoo

Marigolds are compact in size, with a bushy, slightly spreading habit, and grown in vegetable gardens to keep off pests. They can be grown easily from seeds. Plant them in sunny areas and with regular watering.

#2 Snapdragons

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Snapdragons are a perfect hardy annual that comes in many colors, including orange, white pink, and lavender. They have tall, luscious shapes with fiery red petals and are open to reveal light purple centers and a sweet fragrance.

#3 Petunias

Source: Flowerpatchfarmhouse

Petunias offer lovely pastel shades that make brighten your dreary and dull borders. They are easy and simple to grow and maintain.

#4 Anagallis

Source: Gardentags

Anagallis are bushy plants and have numerous scarlet red or dark blue star-shaped flowers. They grow low to the ground making them perfect for groundcover plant options for a rock garden or garden pathway.

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#5 Cosmos

Source: Gardenerspath

Cosmos are very easy flowers to grow and drought-tolerant annual flowers. They prefer full sun and adapt to moist and well-drained loam, clay, chalk, or sandy soil. They produce stunning flowers with pink, red, yellow, orange, white, or purple colors.

#6 Zinnias

Source: Gardenary

Zinnia prefers warmth so this flower can fill your garden with long-lasting flowers in jewel colors. They need full sun to produce beautiful flowers. They will do well when seeded directly in the garden and the best time to plant zinnia seeds is in spring when the weather has warmed up.

#7 Larkspur

Source: Plantaddicts

Larkspurs are easy to grow from seeds. The time for sowing it is in fall as this flower doesn’t fare well once the summer heat arrives. They are beautiful and diverse plants that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the type. They do well in full sun unless in hotter climates. Also, they do not like afternoon shade and require frequent watering.

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