Given its strategic location in the Midwest, Chicago, one of the biggest and most economically solid cities in the United States, offers a wide range of jobs, from business and finance to transportation engineering. Around a hundred foreign companies have head offices in the city. Chicago is, therefore, a breeding ground for all expats looking for a job.

Any foreign individual wishing to work in the Chicago United States is needed to have a work visa, which is perhaps the greatest challenge faced by expats looking for a job in Chicago. The entire process, which is tedious and very costly, should be started by a sponsoring company. This means that to start the visa application process, you must already have obtained a job offer.

Graduated expats with serious and proven work experience and a good knowledge of the English language have a better chance of finding a company that sponsors them than other less qualified profiles.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional and business services underwent a positive inflection with a growth of 1.3%. Other growing sectors were education and health, information services, and construction. The possibilities have also increased in the government sphere. On the other hand, trade, manufacturing, and public services are at a loss.

Chicago is home to the fortune 100 corporate headquarters of JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte, Boeing, United Airlines, and other significant enterprises. It is the third most competitive financial hub in the United States. Also, thanks to its location in the Midwest, Chicago is also an American transportation hub for people and goods. The River North neighborhood, and North Loop neighborhood are the best places to work in Chicago. Here are some of Chicago’s strongest professional sectors:

Chicago Engineering and Transportation jobs

Chicago is a hub for the rail industry, public aviation, commerce, as well as food manufacturing. Expatriates seeking employment can, for example, find vacancies for flight engineers, civil engineers, pilots, and safety inspectors.

Chicago Tech jobs

With the strong presence of the financial and government industry in Chicago, software developers, data scientists, and IT security specialists are in high demand. These jobs are very high paying jobs.

The education sector jobs in Chicago

The more noteworthy Chicago metropolitan regions have countless elementary and secondary schools, just as a few enormous universities. Positions are to be filled in this field at all levels, especially since it is a stable sector.

Chicago health sector jobs

Hospitals are among Chicago’s largest employers, providing the best-paying jobs in the city. Surgeons, general practitioners, anesthetists, dentists, and nurse educators are in high demand. The pay scale in this sector is also very high.


Dedicated search engines are the best resource to turn to to find employment in the city. If you work in a specific industry sector or that is particularly in demand in the city, contact a local recruiting agency.

Make the most of social channels to make new professional contacts and participate in trade shows and events in your area of ​​specialization. It is imperative that your resume (CV) is up to date with US standards. Do designated research on organizations and the essential job prerequisites prior to presenting your application. Try to stand out from the crowd so that your profile is interesting by accompanying your CV with skills and experiences related to the job you are applying for. Also, make sure that your LinkedIn profiles and other professional networks include this information.

Chicago is home to a number of diverse businesses and one of the cities with the most job opportunities in America. Chicago’s diverse economy is also supported by its hundreds of foreign companies. All of these factors are good news for expats looking for a career opportunity in Chicago. The above list of most demanding job fields in Chicago jobs helps you find a job quickly while living in the “Windy City.”

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