Most Colorful Houseplants You Will Love

Whether your interior designs are, adding houseplants is absolutely essential. They not only bring green space with texture and a bit of life to your home but there also are some that can purify the indoor air. To help you add a dash of tints and hues to the home to look diverse and outstanding, this post today will share the 6 Most Colorful Houseplants You Will Love with their different unique looks
Most Colorful Houseplants You Will Love
Adding an array of colorful houseplants is one of the most reupdates for those who want to break up the sea of green. Each has its own beauty to bring practicality to any room, even a low-light room. Also, they all are easy to grow with the least possible care making them become perfect choices for those who haven’t much experience in gardening.

#1 African Mask Plant

Source: Etsy

African Mask Plant is a beautiful houseplant with a tropical vibe. It is also known as Elephant’s Ear. It displays massive, textured leaves with silvery veins. If you want to grow this plant, give it a lot of humidity for its optimum growth.

#2 Calathea

Source: Lazyflora

Also called a Prayer Plant, this Calathea features outstanding beauty with leaves that are often dark green with purple or maroon undersides. In addition, there are often geometric and abstract patterns on each leaf.

#3 Peperomia

Source: Kvetyshop

Peperomia is a great option with a range of colorful leaf varieties including yellow, green, burgundy, and purple leaves. This plant is easy to grow, it just requires moderate light and moist soil, but not overwater.

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#4 Tradescantia

Source: Carousell

Tradescantia is also known as Wandering Jew, this plant grows easily in any condition with a little care. They showcase white and green striped leaves with purple undersides, but there are also striped pink and purple versions, depending on the type. It thrives when planted on hanging baskets with bright indirect sunlight. You also can propagate easily by cutting off a piece and place in water, then watching the roots grow.

#5 Croton

Source: Thehealthyhouseplant

Croton is the most popular plant that grows well both indoors and outdoors to brighten up any room and enhance your landscape. This tropical plant often offers vibrant green, orange, and yellow leaves. For the best growth, it needs warmer temperatures, and extra humidity and prefers to grow in enjoys lots of sunlight and moist soil.

#6 Nerve Plant

Source: Microplantstudio

Nerve Plant bears a compact, making it so cute to put in tabletops and windowsills. There are many varieties you can choose to grow. Don’t forget to keep it in ow light and high humidity.

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