The simplest approach to deal with a financial problem is to take out a short-term loan. Borrowers are not at danger because the amount borrowed is not large and may be returned in EMIs over time. Instant lending apps have made it easier to apply for short-term loans online from the comfort of your own home. You may easily download the personal loan app and begin the short-term loan application online from your home, office, or anyplace else.

A short-term loan, as the name implies, is one that is given for a short period of time, which could be less than a year. It’s an unsecured loan in which you don’t have to put up any collateral or security. Money View offers collateral free personal loans in just a few hours. Money View loan application procedure is totally online, from application to loan amount disbursement. The app allows you to maintain records of your loan’s progress, manage verification information, and receive notifications about your future upcoming monthly EMI payments.

Moneyview Short Term Personal Loan Eligibility Requirements

  • Whether you’re employed or self-employed, you are eligible for the Moneyview loan.
  • A monthly in-hand income of at least Rs 13,500
  • Income records should be shown in your bank account.
  • A minimum CIBIL score of 600 or an Experian score of 650 is required.
  • Should be between the ages of 21 and 57.

Features of Moneyview Loans for Individuals

Some of the most crucial characteristics and benefits of a Money View loan are listed below. –

  • Quick Eligibility Check- You can be able to check your eligibility in less than two minutes, if you apply for a personal loan from Money View.
  • Flexible Loan Amount – Because everyone’s needs are different, applicants can borrow any amount between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 5 lakhs, depending on their eligibility criteria.
  • Flexible Payback Term – Applicants can choose between five-year or 60-month repayment terms.
  • 24 Hour Disbursal – Within 24 hours after approval, the loan amount is released to your account.
  • Interest Rates That Are Affordable – The importance of interest rates in determining the EMI amount to be paid is high. The interest rate at Money View starts at just 1.33 percent per month.
  • Completely Paperless – The entire process of obtaining a Money View loan is completely paperless and digital, from application to loan distribution.
  • Loans with a Low Credit Score – A CIBIL score of 600 or an Experian score of 650 is necessary.
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 Personal Loan Advantages from Money View

  • eKYC: Aadhaar or eKYC are used to instantly validate a candidate’s identification. For eKYC, the name and address are verified, and the photograph is taken from the UIDAI database.
  • Approval within seconds: If you’re looking for a Money View loan, you may apply online in only 2 minutes after checking your eligibility and receiving cash in your account within a few hours.
  • It’s a completely paperless application.
  • Completely secure and safe
  • Repayment arrangements that are flexible

The Bottom Line

Short Term Personal loans are one of the most straightforward borrowing alternatives offered to customers. The short term loan’s purpose can be anything you want it to be. Personal loans, on the other hand, have less severe documentation and qualifying requirements than company or housing loans, for example. Customers can obtain a short term personal loan from a variety of sources, including banks, non-banking financial institutions, and micro financing companies. Money View is a well-known NBFC that offers customers a quick short term personal loan. Money View short term loans can be disbursed as soon as 24 hours after the application is submitted.

You can also apply for the Money view loan by using the Customer Service of Money View Personal Loan. Money View’s customer service number is 080 4569 2002, and you can call them with any questions. For any loan-related questions, you may also send an email to Money View customer service at If you have any questions about loan payments, send an email to

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