Modern Suit Styles That Will Suit Any Style

When shopping for a suit, you might feel overwhelmed, as if there are too many to choose from. But did you know there are only 3 basic types of suits

Deciding between a two-piece suit and a three-piece suit depends on whether you need a vest to complete your ensemble, or not. And the third type of suit style, the tuxedo, is a special occasion suit for black-tie affairs.

When looking at modern suit styles, the two-piece suit is adaptable and worn to almost any occasion, simply by choosing one with a few extra eye-catching features. Continue reading for a guide on how to pick a suit that will best suit your needs and help you feel like a million bucks every time you put it on.

1. Single-Breasted

Considered the classic of men’s suits, the single-breasted suit has only one row of buttons and closes in the center of the suit. The overlap of the suit is narrow and many men wear their suit jacket with only the top button closed, or completely open for a more modern look. 

One type of lapel that can help a single-breasted jacket gain a classy feel is the “notch lapel.” The notch, found where the collar and the lapel meet, gives these suit styles their name and is the most common type of lapel found on suits.    

2. Double-Breasted

Double-breasted suits are a step up from the single-breasted suit. There is a significant overlap of the jacket and an extra row of buttons. Part of them are functional and the rest are for ornamentation. 

Because of the cut and the added buttons, the double-breasted suit is versatile for both work and formal occasions. With a fitted suit in this style, the wide peak lapels and added length can help the appearance of extra height, even as the waist appears narrower.  

A type of lapel associated with this suit is the “peak lapel,” where the top part of the label faces upward at a sharp angle. 

3. Slim Fitted Suit

In shopping for more casual men’s suits, don’t discount the slim-fitted suit (typically a single-breasted suit). The slim-fit suit cuts away excess fabric and leaves you with just the basics of a suit, and a closer, but not tighter, fit. 

Narrow at the chest and the waist, it highlights the body’s contours, but without focusing on definition. 

4. Modern Suit Styles: Vents

Another thing to think about when considering how to buy a suit in the modern style is what kind of vent you want in your jacket. A suit vent is a small slit on the jacket that allows for certain types of movement and comfort.

A single vent or center vent on the back is closed during wear but opens slightly if you put your hands in the pockets or sit down. The double vents are found on the side so your back always remains covered. Personal preference and fit of the jacket usually determine what people chose. 

The Suit Makes the Man

Now that you are better versed in the more modern suit styles, choosing a suit that you will want to be seen in will be a simple task. Whether the suit is your power outfit, a choice made by work dress code, or a one-time thing, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look great putting it on. 

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