Want The Model-Off Duty Look? Here’s How To Easily Achieve It

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Want The Model-Off Duty Look? Here’s How To Easily Achieve It

If you’ve ever admired the effortlessly chic style of models off the runway, you’re not alone. The model-off duty look is all about casual, yet put-together ensembles that exude a sense of cool confidence. To achieve this look, opt for basic pieces like a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a leather jacket. Add some statement accessories such as oversized sunglasses or a bold handbag to elevate your outfit. Finish off your look with minimal makeup and tousled hair for that perfect model-off duty vibe.

Want the model off-duty look? I’m sharing exactly how to achieve this style based on my deep dive into the aesthetic. As well as my own inspired model off duty looks that you can easily recreate yourself!

Want The Model-Off Duty Look? Here’s How To Easily Achieve It

*this article contains affiliate links*

What is off-duty model style?

The essence and aesthetic of “model off-duty style” is to look like a model on her days off, where she still manages to be fashionable and gorgeous, effortlessly. The style is characterized by simple, classic wardrobe staples intermixed with trendy and comfortable pieces.

What do Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber all have in common besides their picture-perfect looks and runway experience? Their effortlessly cool model off-duty style, of course. 

Model off duty looks are relaxed yet stylish, often mixing affordable pieces with high-end luxury. And I absolutely love this street style that is polished and chic but casual enough for running errands, stopping at a coffee shop. Best of all, this Pinterest-worthy style can easily be recreated with pieces you already have at home, and I’m going to show you how! 

How To Achieve the Model Off-Duty Look

Ahead, I’m sharing exactly how I achieve the model off-duty look so you too can master this ultra-chic style. 

  1. Stick with neutral basics
  2. Opt for oversized silhouettes
  3. Never forget vintage denim 
  4. Try masculine/feminine combos
  5. Keep accessories to a minimum
  6. Add a statement piece
  7. Keep a fresh face
  8. Go with uncomplicated tresses
  9. When in doubt, add a long coat

1. Stick With Neutral Basics

Two women walking down the street wearing jeans and button downs.

The model off-duty aesthetic is effortless and carefree, which is why you’ll often see your favorite it-girls rocking a white tee and jeans. While I was delving deep into model off-duty style, I continued to see the same neutral basics over and over again.

Here are the basic neutral pieces you can wear to recreate the model off-duty look yourself:

get the look:

Here’s how I recreated the off-duty model looks by @ceciliemoosgard and her sister @amaliemoosgard. I paired my Agolde Cooper Cargo jeans with an oversized neutral blazer and Chanel ballet flats (these Steve Madden ballet flats are the perfect budget-friendly alternative). And in the other outfit, I paired the jeans with a simple white button-up shirt, black belt, and the ballet flats.

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In my opinion, these classic combos work as a standalone model off-duty look. But you can dress them up even more by adding oversized sunnies and a tan trench coat or bomber jacket

An outfit like this will pair with any shoes, but loafers, Mary-Jane flats, or ballet flats are tried-and-true model off-duty options.

2. Opt For Oversized Silhouettes

Woman wearing jeans, white sneakers, a white cropped top and an oversized button down.

It-girls like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner love playing with oversized silhouettes in their off-duty looks. Adding an oversized piece, whether it be a blazer, baggy denim, or an oversized trench coat, is one way to look stylish with minimal effort. Oversized clothing is also extremely comfortable—another hallmark of model off-duty style. 

Oversized pieces to add to help create the model off-duty aesthetic:

Woman wearing utility jeans, sneakers, a white t-shirt and an oversized button down.

To achieve this look, I recommend starting with one oversized piece. Such as baggy jeans balanced by a tighter-fitting tank top or bodysuit. Then layer with a second oversized piece, such as an oversized button-up shirt or coat.

Above, I’m wearing my Agolde jeans with a more form-fitting white tee. Then I added an oversized striped blue button-up shirt

Alternatively, you could pair an oversized top with shorts, a skirt, or more fitted pants to create a well-balanced outfit. If you want to go baggy from top to bottom, I recommend adding a small crossbody bag for contrast. 

3. Never Forget Vintage Denim

Woman wearing jeans, a black corset top and a black leather jacket.

Vintage denim (or upcycled denim) is the star behind most model off duty looks. This wardrobe essential captures the effortless coolness of a model off-duty look, plus it pairs well with virtually all tops and accessories.

It’s incredibly common to see off-duty models sporting vintage Levi’s with just about any outfit. So take note and add a pair to your wardrobe! 

Where to buy vintage denim:

Woman wearing distressed jeans, a black tank top and a black leather jacket with heels.

get the look:

My outfit above, is inspired by model @kelseymeritt. I’m recreating her look with re-worked vintage Levi’s from Re/Done, a bodysuit, an oversized leather jacket, and kitten heel flip flops (a shoe style recently seen on models like Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, and EmRata)

In my opinion, vintage Levi’s are the crème de la crème of denim. You can find them on the Secondhand Levi’s site as well as many retailers on Etsy. I’ve also purchased them from @jeaniushop on IG. 

4. Try Masculine/Feminine Combos

Another great way to achieve the model off-duty look is to mix and match masculine and feminine pieces. By combining these different style elements, you can achieve an unexpected look that’s perfectly balanced. 

One of my favorite ways to blend masculine and feminine styles is by pairing a silky slip dress with an oversized leather jacket or a satin blouse with leather pants. The softness of the silk perfectly complements the ruggedness of the leather.

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Another easy way to incorporate this model off-duty style is wearing ballet flats (2023’s strongest shoe trend according to Vogue) with masculine pieces such as cargo pants or a structured blazer.

Model off-duty masculine/feminine combinations to try:

Mixing masculine and feminine elements applies to color, too. Dark, earthy tones create an interesting contrast against girly pastels and floral prints.

Style tip: Don’t be afraid to shop from the men’s section! You’ll often see models wearing men’s shirts or slouchy trousers and jeans that have an ‘I stole this from my boyfriend’ vibe.

5. Keep Accessories To A Minimum

Woman wearing black leather leggings and a grey eyelash sweater with gold jewelry.

Pieces to wear:

Browse Pinterest for model off duty looks and you’ll see that most keep accessories to a minimum. 

Rather than layering loads of necklaces and wearing a ring on each finger, these off-duty models keep it simple with a gold ring (or two) and gold hoops or huggies. You’ll occasionally see a necklace, but it’s always a classic style, like the gold chain seen on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 

In my experience, it’s best to stick with simple and minimal pieces that are perfect for daytime. If you decide to include a statement piece (see #6 on the list), like the Mejuri Mega Dome Earrings, keep that as the focal piece and complete the look with sunglasses and a latte in hand.

6. Add A Statement Piece

Many models elevate a simple look (like the tee shirt and vintage jeans uniform I mentioned earlier) by adding a statement piece like a bright green Bottega bag, metallic pants, or bold accessories (Vogue shows models all over the statement Bottega Veneta Drop earrings this season).

Essentially, any clothing or accessory that stands out from the rest of the outfit is a statement piece.

This styling tip is totally optional, but I highly suggest you try it out. Statement pieces allow you to show off your personality and unique style. It’s also a great way to have fun with fashion and create looks that have a “wow” factor. 

7. Keep A Fresh Face

Model off duty looks are casual from head to toe—it is their day off, after all. This applies to makeup and skincare, too!

The off-duty look is all about healthy, glowing skin. So having your skincare routine down pat is key. 

For makeup, you want to look as natural as possible while highlighting your features. Stick to a light coverage skin tint or tinted moisturizer, covering up any blemishes with your go-to concealer. Brush up your brows, add a hint of cream blush, throw on a lip gloss, and you’re good to go.

8. Go With Uncomplicated Tresses

Woman wearing blue and white striped trousers with black ballet flats a white t-shirt and a tan blazer.

Don’t forget that your hair is also an accessory! Just like a white tee shirt and leather jacket are staple pieces in a model off-duty look, loose, wavy tresses and simple slicked-back buns are signature model off-duty hairstyles. 

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The key here is to not do anything too fancy, like intricate chignons or perfectly curled strands. If you want to keep hair out of your face, casual updos are great. To achieve the “clean girl aesthetic” in your off-duty look, stick with a slicked-back bun. 

9. When In Doubt, Add A Long Coat

get the look:

Lastly, if you aren’t sure what to wear, just throw on a cool coat over your outfit. Models love to wear long coats and oversized outerwear, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Not only do they make a stylish statement, but they can be worn over literally anything and look good. Whether it’s a trench coat, wool coat, or suede jacket, oversized, high-quality outerwear always looks elevated. 

Above, I recreated model Kaia Gerber’s off-duty look by pairing a long camel wool coat over an ivory knit and vintage Levi’s jeans. Low-heeled booties and a simple woven handbag complete the outfit effortlessly. 

Making Model Off Duty Looks Easy

As you can see, recreating model off duty looks is easier than you might have thought! Also, you don’t have to incorporate all of the tips above into your outfit, just pick one or two!

Styling an off-duty inspired look is all about pairing basic wardrobe staples (such as jeans and a tee shirt) with stand-out pieces like an oversized blazer, statement purse, or a long trench coat. You can also mix masculine and feminine pieces together to build an outfit that is trendy and cool. 

You want to keep most of the outfit simple and accessorize with minimal jewelry. This goes for hair and makeup, too! Keep it natural with light makeup and effortlessly tousled hair. 

Lastly, remember that creating a model off-duty look is all about being comfortable and confident. You can draw inspiration from Pinterest and supermodel street style but don’t forget to add touches of personal style to create a look that is uniquely you! 


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