Mistakes Sellers Commit While Delivering The Plants To You Online 

While buying plants from an online plant delivery service may be confusing if you are a beginner in online plant buying. It is normal for a novice to make mistakes, but the same goes for the seller too. It requires a lot of patience from both sides when buying online plants. While making a delivery, several parties are involved, making the process complex. If the plant gets damaged by chance, the parties blame each other, as the seller is not local. Having a plant nursery near me is a privilege not many have.

4 common mistakes to be aware of

There are several mistakes while making online delivery of plants:

New trends

Many sellers are using the online delivery system for the first time, unaware of how to prepare the plant for delivery. What steps must one take to avoid any harm to the plant? 

It is beneficial for both the plant and the seller to prepare before the delivery. The seller has to acquire all the necessary processes and steps which have to be followed. 


Preparing the plant for delivery is another important task that must be carefully implemented. This is the common mistake sellers make. By following these steps, one can easily prepare the plant for delivery:

  • Carefully bring the plant out of the soil and remove the excess. Avoid washing the roots, as the soil has familiar microbes that make the shift easy.
  • Use moist paper towels to cover the plant’s roots, and keep the parcel in a plastic bag. Add polymer moisture crystal to water and apply it on the plant’s roots before putting it in the plastic bag, in case the trip is long. 
  • Use rubber bands and twist ties to tie the plant and hinder any growth which can harm the plant. Or, to protect the stems of plants, wrap them on paper. 
  • Wrap the plant with bubble wrap if you are sending the plant with a pot. Cover the soil, and the base of the plant, then cover the base of the plant with a plastic bag. 
  • Do not forget to write a note on the box – This End Up and Live Plants, Perishable, now,  pack the plant. 
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Before delivering the plant, make sure to check the weather conditions of both places: yours and where you are delivering the plant. Not paying enough attention to the weather results in possible plant damage; even a slight change in weather affects the plant. With little care, these conditions can be avoided. 

Selection of shipping company

Another important factor that comes into light is the delivery service. Since, post offices have a good record of delivering the plants, you should opt for such reliable service. The principal aim is the fastest and safest delivery. However, if you wish to go for private shipping companies, then do a little research while selecting the service provider. 

  • The companies provide a pickup to keep the plants cool before they begin their journey. However, many plants can survive with little water and indirect sunlight like calathea. Not to forget the calatheas’ are tropical plants and temperature above and below 65 – 80 degrees is unfit for them.
  • Make sure to know about the days they do the delivery, as many companies do not make any delivery on weekends. Such conditions are inadequate for the plant’s health.  
  • No matter which service provider you select, just go for priority mail.

Wind up

Shipping the plants demands a lot of research and careful selection of delivery service. The seller has to be extra cautious to maintain the plant’s healthy and successful delivery. 

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