Making a routine for your kids- How to go about it


Routines are important for children and should be made smartly and intelligently in order to help them maximize their learning and productivity while keeping ample space for rest, recreation, playtime, fun and relaxation in the bargain. They should incorporate academics, daily tasks and also other fun activities for kids that they learn at platforms like Yellow Class. You will find numerous fun activities online that children may opt for and these should be balanced with core academics, hobbies and playtime at home. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while making the routine since this is a vital part of the process. 

  1. Let the child create the routine- Children usually want to be a part of the entire decision-making procedure. When they possess choices and can express what they want in their routines, it will be tougher for them to say no. This will also help in building more confidence in children. They start feeling that they can do whatever they need to, without taking any help or with only some miniscule help. 
  2. Set realistic priorities and time-based tasks- Children sometimes avoid following routines owing to the fact that it remains hugely stressful to accomplish within a particular duration. You should do a practice run-through of the routine one day to see how long everything actually takes. If you need multiple things done within a comparatively shorter time span, keep this for a day when the rush is not there. Keep adjusting time if something takes a little longer than you initially expected. Prioritize the important things and you can often push back extras. 
  3. Clearly explain routines- Sometimes when children do not follow their routines, this is due to lack of understanding. Clearly lay down what kids need to do and the suitable times for the same. Go through every portion of the routine together and specifically give directions. 
  4. Have a written routine in place for your kid- When you are building a routine for your kid, ensure that it is written down clearly and pasted on the notice board at home or in the kid’s room. This will go a long way towards helping children stay on track towards maintaining time schedules and tasks. You can have weekly printouts with tasks and kids can tick things off as they complete the same. 
  5. Always offer your support to your kids- It will take some time to learn about a new routine and get used to the same. Do not expect immediate changes in children. Rather, watch out for any smaller improvements in this scenario. Keep providing reminders gently and pointing out the routine/schedule agreed upon. Provide support and help to your kids in getting through the routine successfully. Remember that children may require more support than you think in getting out of their comfort zones.

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