One of women’s most effective secrets to seducing men is scent. Each person will want to carry with them a different type of scent, some people like a faint scent, others like a sweet scent or a passionate, unforgettable scent.

Today Skinfood world will bring it to you Top 3 moisturizing shower gels that last a long time on the body Helps women feel confident all day long.

Selection criteria shower gel

Reputable brand

This can be considered a quite important factor when choosing a product to use directly on the skin. Shower gel products must have a clear origin, accompanied by a safety inspection certificate for users. If it is an imported product, it needs to have an additional stamp in Vietnamese so that users can understand the ingredients and ingredients. other necessary information.

On the market today, there are many types of shower gels that are fake, counterfeit, poor quality products that are sophisticatedly made, or are over-promoted in terms of functionality, making it easy for consumers to get confused. Using poor quality shower gel in the long term will cause dermatological diseases. If the skin is too sensitive and easily irritated, it can also cause dangerous dermatitis.

Safe ingredients

Most types of shower gel today are absolutely safe for the skin, do not cause greasiness, stickiness or irritation to the skin after use. The amount of acid in the shower gel is adjusted to suit most skin types, so the exfoliation is gentle, the skin is not corroded, helping to wash away dirt and dead skin in the most gentle way.


Scent is extremely important when choosing shower gel, it also helps us relax after a long, stressful day of work, and also helps to leave the scent on the body after bathing. However, women should not choose shower gels with too strong a scent, because it is mostly made up of fragrances, and the lingering scent may cause discomfort to those who are sensitive to it. smell, it will even feel very strong, and because it contains many odorants, long-term use will also have a negative effect on the skin.

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Top 3 shower gels that last a long time on the body

Malissa Kiss Perfume Shower Cream

Malissa Kiss Perfume Shower Cream is an exclusive line of high-end perfumed shower gel from the brand Malissa Kiss, Thailand. With Micellar technology, creating fine foam penetrates deep into the skin to help remove dead cells, gently cleanse the skin, maintain the necessary moisture for smooth, radiant skin and bring a seductive, relaxing fragrance. for the body after use.

The product currently has 2 different fragrances:

  • Malissa Kiss Perfume Shower Cream Sweet Posion – Seductive, exotic scent

  • Malissa Kiss Perfume Shower Adore You – Romantic, feminine fragrance


  • Foaming shower gel with Micellar technology helps deep clean and moisturize thanks to 5 nutrients such as Hyaluron, Vitamin C, E, B3, and grape seed extract.

  • The product does not contain parabens, silicone, or phthalates.

  • The fragrance is gentle, creates a lot of foam but does not dry the skin.


  • The scent doesn’t last long, it only lasts for about 1 – 2 hours.

  • If you are too sensitive to scent, you should consider choosing this product because the scent is quite outstanding.

Happy Bath Perfume Body Wash

Happy Bath Perfume Body Wash Made in Korea, from the Happy Bath brand, is a natural product line with ingredients extracted from 95% plants, combined with a smooth foam formula that penetrates deep into the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells. exfoliates, cleans the skin, maintains necessary moisture, and leaves a seductive, relaxing fragrance.

Happy Bath Perfume Body Wash currently has 4 scents:

  • Cotton Flower: extracted from Cotton flowers, maintains the necessary moisture to keep the skin smooth, soft and leaves a sweet, cool, relaxing fragrance on the skin.

  • Pure White: with high-quality magnolia flower essence that brings a warm scent, not only that, but the amino acid composition also helps increase elasticity and rejuvenate the skin.

  • Lovely Pink: with a pure peony scent like first love, seductive and delicate. Effective fragrance formula helps the scent stay on the body for 24 hours in a gentle, pleasant way.

  • Cherry Blossom: with the elegant cherry blossom scent of spring, maintaining excellent moisture for smooth, bright skin with a sweet, seductive fragrance.

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  • Helps cleanse the skin, remove dead cells, dirt, and sebum on the skin’s surface, leaving skin clean and pores clear.

  • Effectively removes excess oil after a long day, contains many amino acids to help keep skin soft and not dry after each bath.

  • No animal ingredients, silicone oil, mineral oil, Triethanolamine, Limidazoldinyl Urea.


  • If you are too sensitive to scent, the variety of scents of this product is not really suitable.

Tesori d’Oriente Aromatic Bath Cream with Many Smells of Premium Italian Perfume

Tesori d’Oriente Aromatic Bath Cream With the harmonious combination of Italian cosmetic manufacturing technology and thousands of years of esoteric formulas of Eastern royal families on body care and moisture supply, helping the skin always look youthful and full of vitality. living, especially the 3-layer fragrance structure that is usually only found in high-end perfumes will help retain the long-lasting fragrance.

Tesori d’Oriente Aromatic Bath Cream, multi-scented premium Italian perfume shower gel is now available at Willtiptop with 10 different scents:

  • Aegyptus – Mysterious, seductive Egyptian herb.

  • Byzantium – dreamy, noble ancient Greece.

  • Imperial Rose – A feminine, sweet, gentle Damascus rose.

  • Kashmir Sandawood And Vetiver – Sandalwood and Vetiver strongly and warmly attract.

  • Dragon Flower – Gentle, sexy Dragon Fruit.

  • Hamman – Bright, authentically seductive Argan Oil.

  • Japanese Rituals – Fresh, delicate and unforgettable Japanese camellia.

  • Lotus Flower And Shea Butter – Sweet, warm, comforting lotus.

  • Royal Oud And Sesame Oil – Luxurious, elegant, noble Yemeni royal family.

  • Ayurveda – A combination of 5 rare essences that are fresh, sweet, and relaxing.

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  • Impressive design, with a European feel.

  • Gently cleans each pore, removes dead cells, prevents agents that cause skin inflammation, and clogs pores.

  • Unique moisturizing formula provides optimal moisture to the skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory, reduces dark spots, nourishes skin soft, smooth, full of vitality.


  • Its only downside is that sometimes the scent feels a bit strong. But for those who love it and are not too sensitive to scent, this will not be a bad choice.
As a girl, everyone wants to have bright, smooth and long-lasting skin, so perfumed shower gel is an indispensable product. TGSF I hope that through this article, you will be able to choose a suitable perfume-scented shower gel for yourself to always feel confident with your body!

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