Low Carb helps lose weight effectively and things you need to know

Low card weight loss menu (Low starch) helps women eat more comfortably, without having to fast, not necessarily exercising a lot, but minimizing fruit consumption. and starch.

Low Carb helps lose weight effectively and things you need to know
Low Carb helps lose weight effectively and things you need to know

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What are the outstanding advantages of Low Carb compared to other modes?

– Completely follows the body’s metabolic regulations, thus helping to lose weight safely and long-term, without regaining weight.
– Provides adequate nutrients, fat, and protein, helping the body stay alert and healthy.
– Satisfying your appetite and liking to enjoy delicious dishes from meats and fats without worrying about gaining weight, is definitely great for you, right?
– This method also helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body, preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure.
– And feel free to go to birthdays, weddings and parties.

1. How to implement Low Carb mode?

  • Low Carb is a regimen for everyone who needs to lose weight, not for a specific person. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and stay in shape, please apply this regimen.
  • The Low Card weight loss menu is based on not eating starch, so just not eating (or eating very little) will help you lose weight quickly, without having to regularly exercise to burn excess fat.
  • Carbohydrates are the leading cause of cravings for sweet foods. If you eat a lot of sweets, it will accumulate into fat and you know what will happen next. Therefore, the daily menu should absolutely stay away from dishes containing a lot of starch such as rice, bread, flour, carrots and starchy vegetables.
  • If you want to follow this Low Carb path, you need to strictly follow the principles when applying. That is “no starch, no sugar”, please engrave it in your mind.
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Remember, no starch, guysRemember, no starch, guys
Remember to limit your starch intake, guys

2. Apply a Low Carb weight loss regimen.

Depending on each person, we apply this method effectively. On average, a person can only consume a maximum of 20g of starch per day, but there are people who use 3 times the above target but still lose weight effectively.

  • You can eat almost any type of meat when applying this weight loss regimen, but you should avoid liver.
  • When preparing food, do not add sugar or flour. If you eat canned meat, check the nutritional content listed on the packaging.

Regularly eat the following low-carbohydrate foods:

  • All types of seafood
  • Egg
  • Every day you can eat 200g of cheese, butter, cream, oil, and fat (all dishes are within 200g, not 200g for each dish).
  • Only eat vegetables, completely prohibit fruits and vegetables.
  • As for fruit, almost any fruit that has a sweet taste is not allowed to be used.

Absolutely abstain from the following foods:

  1. All fast food.
  2. Sugar, milk, cakes, soft drinks.
  3. Cereals and nuts: Rice, rice, bread, cashews, soybeans….
  4. All types of fruit (the first 2 weeks we absolutely do not eat fruit)

Stay away from carbonated drinksStay away from carbonated drinks
Stay away from carbonated drinks

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Types of foods allowed:

  1. All types of meat, and fatty meats.
  2. Eggs, and cooking oil.
  3. All types of shrimp, fish and squid (seafood).
  4. Butter and cheese.
  5. Green vegetables and tubers are high in fiber and do not contain starch or sugar (such as kohlrabi, bamboo shoots, water spinach, peeled cucumbers…).
  6. Kinds of spice.

Notes for you when implementing the Low Carb weight loss method
– Do not use canned foods, because canned foods contain a lot of carbohydrates.
– Pay attention when preparing foods with sauces like Mayonnaise because they may contain sugar.
– When you’re hungry, just eat normally, remember not to eat starch.
– Controlling starch is very important, but we should aim to consume starches with a low glycemic index such as brown rice (rice with a lot of bran), potatoes (cassava, taro, sweet potatoes…), bread made from whole wheat, increase fruit and vegetable consumption (helps slow down the absorption of nutrients, increase the feeling of fullness), control the amount of food eaten, increase consumption protein from plants, limit foods high in fat and cholesterol.

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– You may become constipated when applying the form of reducing starch too suddenly, so you can add bananas to breakfast after drinking warm water, and eat very little rice at lunch, combined with eating a lot of vegetable.

Hope you lose weight effectively when applying this regimen. And don’t hesitate to share with your friends to do the same.

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