Liquid Death Reviews: Murder Your Thirst?

Liquid Death review

Let’s find out something interesting about Liquid Death Reviews in this article. Liquid Death is quirky but also the most appealing drink brand. This brand wants to bring joy from the simplest things but still be good for health in an ‘unnecessary’ way. Let’s get started!

About Store

Liquid Death brings a sense of freshness to shoppers with their novel products and marketing. Liquid Death sells filtered water taken from the top of the mountain – the purest and clearest water source. With a high awareness and awareness of environmental protection, Liquid Death wants its customers to do the same by using recyclable cans instead of plastic water bottles like other water brands. 

With its creativity and distinction, Liquid Death has attracted millions of attention, sales soared in a short period of time after the sale and got tons of reviews. In addition to the main product, which is water, Liquid Death also released other products with bold personal characteristics such as hoodie shirts, T-shirts, caps, pants, fun packs, bandana, drinking water with other types of packs together with interesting and fun images. 

They also have other products such as Sharp Death Pins, Murder Coasters, Skull Warmer, Koozie Death Pack, Killer Onesie for kids, Killer Bib and especially Wristband for members of Country Club when customers join into their club. This brand has received a lot of good reports all over the internet and highly recommended by top people. 

Store Coupon

If you want to experience Liquid Death’s one-of-a-kind products but are concerned about the price issues, don’t worry, we will provide you with discount codes and promotions for your best experience. Also, you can read all of the Liquid Death reviews before purchasing them. 

Couponing Tips

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Features you would love at Store

Coming to Liquid Death, you not only can enjoy a more premium drink from regular drinking water – Liquid Death mountain water, wear bat-style clothes with quality pictures and accessories that are both pretty and cool but also you can also participate in the program’s own challenges such as the ‘crack open a water’ challenge. 

When participating in this challenge, you have the opportunity to receive 1 year of Liquid Death for free. The contest rules are straightforward; you just need to record your own video, open the can of Liquid Death in a creative and cool way. 

Then, post your video on Instagram or Tiktok and tag the Liquid Death for a chance to win this one-of-a-kind award. However, this program only applies to those 18 years and older in 50 states of the US and DC (including Arizona and Rhode Island).

Features products

Liquid Death’s flagship product is mainly its drinking water. Liquid Death sparkling water is 100% Stone-Cold Mountain Water extracted from carbonated water or you can say in other words, filtered water extracted from nature. 

Liquid Death’s water is taken directly from the mountain and packed straight into the can and delivered to consumers. Each can weighs 12.68 pounds. 

The outstanding feature of this water purifier is that they are packaged in air-tight tallboy cans that can be reused as well as recycle without harming the environment like other brands selling water in plastic bottles. Liquid Death also has its own hashtag to urge people to stop using plastic and move to more environmentally friendly materials: #DeathToPlastic. 

Store reviews

Liquid Death has won the hearts of everyone. These are some of Liquid Death reviews. Sean, M had to admit that ‘The first time I bought it it was more of an experiment, to see what it was about. So after drinking the first 12 packs I turned right around and ordered two more 12 packs. It’s just good water! ‘, Anthony, F agrees’ So deadly it killed cancer in my liver. And also me as well. Hell isn’t so bad, we have wifi down here ‘. ‘Great product. Great people. Why hasn’t water from a can been given to us yet ???! It tastes so much better and it stays so much colder … and now I can put my collection of beer koozies to good use! For real give this a shot it’s the best water on the market ‘, a confession of liquid death review by Stanley, J. 

Besides winged and positive reviews, Liquid Death cannot avoid negative reviews from tough customers. When surveying responses on Amazon, Carey Holzman said ‘This is a novelty item. I bought a case (since that was the smallest quantity possible) and, after trying one, gave away the other 11 as gag gifts. The water is terrible. The tap water out of my faucet tastes better. The idea is simple – put water in a can because the aluminium is recyclable and a plastic water bottle isn’t. But there are other ways, such as getting a 5-gallon water dispenser and filling your own reusable containers and refilling the 5-gallon jug endlessly with services like Arrowhead. 

This is a college-kids idea of ​​being clever. If they wrote a book, it would have an amazing title, beautiful cover and fascinating text on the inside leaf to convince you to buy the book. But the story is horrible. It’s like terrible cologne/perfume/booze in a really cool bottle. This is a great one-time novelty purchase that is not well thought out on any level other than marketing ‘, this customer has pointed out that Liquid Death’s water is no different than ordinary water except smart marketing is also a brand name. 

Besides, ‘all cans came dented. Let’s face it you’re really buying it for the can. Can with yellow paper on it had a hole in it and leaked out running artwork. Aluminium cans are very thin and fragile compared to say a soda or beer can. This needs better protection upon packaging. Will never buy again. Huge waste of money folks, just buy your bottled water at the grocery store or open the tap at home and get in out of the kitchen sink. I’m calling this a serious “DO NOT BUY” ‘ is what the customer Mark K.Leong gave for liquiddeathreview when he received his item.

Liquid Death FAQs

Liquid Death Review

Is liquid death actually water? Is liquid death beer? Who makes liquid Death water?

Basically, Liquid Death is 100% noncarbonated mountain water sourced and this water is canned in the Alps. It has no flavor but got a slightly alkaline pH of 8.2. This product is designed by Mike Cessario, and for those who don’t know who is Mike Cessario.
He is a former Netflix creative director. This item is designed to resonate with “extreme” straight-edged punk crowds that eschew alcohol and drugs.

Is liquid death in stores?

Haha, this is a good question, and here is a funny answer:
This is water but it was born to murder your thirst or not? Liquid Death Mountain Water is only available online. I think Stores are too afraid to carry it.

Where does liquid death ship from?

Liquid Death water is sourced from Austria. With the price of $1.83, plastered with an edgy, punk-style design bring to you and new feeling.

Does Walmart sell liquid death?

Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz Tallboys (12-Pack) – –

But you can totally buy easily at their website with some coupons to get it faster and cheaper.

What is the liquid Death Country Club?

Liquid Death also built a campaign called Liquid Death Country Club. This will bring you back a bonus “one FREE VIP 12-PACK added to your first order”
With a lot of Liquid Death merch. You will have the opportunity to participate in their show. This is a campaign to limit plastic bottles.

More about Liquid Death

If you have any great feedback or any complaints or problem with Liquid Death, just reach out to them at email:

Liquid Death Facebook

Liquid Death Instagram

Liquid Death Youtube

Final words

That’s all you can find about Liquid Dead reviews, now it’s your choice to or not to drink it. This is trully “dead” Liquid that make everybody curious about and really want to try it! If facing with this drink, what you will do with it?

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