It turns out that Japanese women have such youthful skin because they have a special method of washing their faces

Japanese women’s smooth, long-lasting skin actually has a secret with a very special care method.

If you are a girl who is often interested in and spends a lot of time learning about skin care, you are surely no stranger to foaming facial cleansers from Japanese brands. With almost any Japanese facial cleansing product line, besides the familiar forms such as soap, gel, milk, oil… we can also easily find an extremely cleansing type. Another unique thing is the foam cleanser.

To answer why foaming cleansing products are so popular with Japanese people, it is probably because one of the common skin care beliefs of Japanese women is that facial skin is inherently fragile. One day, one has to endure so many physical impacts, the earth’s gravitational force… making the skin more susceptible to forming wrinkles and aging faster. Therefore, when washing their face, they prioritize using gentle products that create gentle pressure, limit physical impact on the skin, and use fine cotton foam to clean instead of massage movements with cleanser. Ordinary surface will meet this need.

In addition, many facial cleansers have a high pH that easily makes the skin surface drier, but if mixed and whipped thoroughly with water, it will help neutralize the pH to a balance of 5.5, which is gentle on the skin. . Meanwhile, tiny foam particles have the ability to penetrate deep into the pores while still keeping the skin moist and smooth.

The process of whipping facial cleanser is quite time-consuming, so if you are afraid of thoroughly whipping foam like the clip above, you can refer to a few of the following handy support products that can create a layer of foam. Smooth, simple yet very quick.

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Always use a pre-foaming cleanser.

As mentioned above, this is a cleaning product that many Japanese girls trust because of its convenience, and almost every cosmetic company has at least one type of foaming cleanser to meet the needs. meet this huge need. The product is specially designed by the manufacturer, users just need to press the tap to produce a layer of fine foam for direct use.

Foam mesh

The foaming net product is designed like a miniature bath sponge, which can contain 1 or 2 additional smooth foam tablets to increase the ability to dissolve water with facial cleanser. The price of a mesh is about 100,000 VND. When using it, you just need to clean your hands and the mesh with hand sanitizer, then pour a little facial cleanser on the mesh and foam, then in just a few seconds you will have The foam layer is as smooth as cotton. The advantage of this product is that you can freely use it with any type of facial cleanser, and the mesh product is also very convenient so you can take it when traveling or on business trips.

Foam cup

Another extremely unique and convenient foaming product for many girls is the foaming cup with a lovely design, just pour a little clean water and add a little facial cleanser then push the button. The plunger will produce a smooth, spongy cotton foam.

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