Is There Any Insurance Policy That Will Rescue My Car from Hail Storm Damage?

A significant concern for some vehicle owners is how to protect their rides from hail storm damage. One solution is to buy car insurance that covers your vehicle for extreme weather events. You can start by researching car insurance online and shortlisting policies that cover hail storm incidents. These policies cost more than the most basic car insurance coverage; still, you can find an affordable one by comparing the offerings of various insurance providers and requesting quotes.

Now, if you think which policy covers your need to protect your ride from hailstorms, then we have the answer for you. The basic third-party level doesn’t cover your vehicle damages. On the other hand, a comprehensive car insurance policy provides you with the necessary coverage for your vehicle damages due to several events, ranging from accidents, fire and theft to extreme weather. The vast number of inclusions vehicle owners are equipped with is attributed to the higher policy pricing.

What are the conditions for covering hail storm events?

The policies around hail storm events vary across insurers. Your insurance provider will answer best for you about the conditions around coverage for hail storms and other natural disasters. Also, you need to check with your insurer about how living in a high-risk zone for storms affects your coverage. 

What are the steps to file a claim due to hail damage?

Step 1: Take a sufficient number of pictures of your vehicle damage caused by the storm event. It is a part of the necessary evidence to file a claim. In addition, if you possess any photos of your vehicle before the damage, it will help in supporting your point.

Step 2: The insurance provider will ask the assessor to examine your damaged vehicle. On completing the inspection, the assessor will suggest if your car can be fixed or needs to be written off as total loss based on the level of damage.

Step 3: Post this evaluation, your insurance provider will decide whether to pay out for repairs or determine the vehicle a write-off.

Step 4: The insurer may suggest car technicians or allow you to get your vehicle fixed by your preferred car technician if the damages can be fixed. In the former case, the insurer will likely pay the mechanic directly and ask you to pay only the excess. However, if your vehicle is written off or considered a total loss, you may receive the market value or agreed value – whichever is noted in your policy terms and conditions.

Caution: Raising a claim for vehicle damage due to a hail storm will affect your future vehicle insurance costs, just as any type of claim does. 

Is it possible to insure a vehicle damaged due to hail storms?

Any claim history will naturally affect your future premium. If unrepaired hail damage doesn’t affect your car performance, insurance providers will still offer you a comprehensive car insurance policy but they will note in minute detail all damage your car currently features.

Some insurers may allow purchasing only market value policies rather than agreed value-based ones. You may even find an insurer or two that might permit you to purchase only third-party fire and theft or third party property car insurance if your vehicle was previously damaged due to hailstorms.

Check car insurance online policies to know your options if your vehicle has a damage history due to hailstorms. If the damage is significant, you may only have a limited number of options to cover your car.

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