Is It Possible to Find the Profile in Facebook Just With a Picture? How?


Is It Possible to Find the Profile in Facebook Just With a Picture? How?

Sometimes, we may have a picture of someone and longing to know their name, email address, birthday, where they have studied, where they are working now, are they single and more details we will be wanting to know. But is it really possible to find the profile of a person just by having their image with you? The answer for you regarding this is a big yes!

Try out the method that is given below; if the person has made the information you want available in public, then you can find all the information you wanted to gather.

Different Levels to Find the Profile:

Facebook image search can be successfully following any one of the three levels. The levels are as below:

  • Using the photo to find the facebook profile.
  • Google images will be used to find someone. This is actually the reverse image method.
  • File name method

Finding Profile Using the Picture:

File name of the picture must be noted at first. So for that you will have to right click on the image of that browser and then view image or view photo.

If that picture is from facebook, then it will end with the file name .png or .jpg; at the beginning of the file, it may have fb.

Once you have confirmed that the image is from facebook; in the file there will be three sets of numbers separated with underbars (_) or period (.). Select the middle set of numbers, this will be the facebook users profile ID. Now you will have to copy the middle sets of numbers.

Now copy and paste the following link in your address bar.

At the end of this link you have to paste the middle set of numbers that you have copied already. After completing all these methods, click on go in the address bar. Now this will take you to the profile that you are longing to see.

You can follow any of the above said methods to find a person by picture on Facebook.

Reverse Image Method or Google Image Search:

If you have already known and used this reverse image method, then this will sound more familiar and interesting on your end. But those who haven’t heard of this may think it as a complicated one, if so we are here to help you do it in an easy way.

  • First, right click on the image and then tap on the search google for image.
  • This search will open to more related search images which are all over the web. Now you can allow the search to show only the images from facebook by doing the process given below.
  • At the end of the search box you can add this by typing ‘’ and then click search.

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