Is it better to use Pre Workout with stimulant or without?

For a long time when going to the gym, we often use Pre Workout before training, especially heavy training sessions to have more energy for that workout, but do you know if you should use a quality pre-workout? Stimulating or not is better or not, today’s article will analyze so you can know which type of Pre Workout you should choose.

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There are dozens of different types of Pre Workouts and it can be extremely difficult to choose the right Pre Workout for you, many people may have to try many different types to find the right one for them.

Analysis should choose Pre Workout with stimulants or not based on the following criteria


The biggest difference between the types of Pre Workout is that there are stimulant and non-stimulant types.

With the type of stimulant used, its biggest advantage is to help you increase concentration and alertness during exercise. And the common stimulant used in most of these types of Pre Workout is caffeine.

Caffeine has been shown to help exercisers overcome fatigue as well as train more, thereby increasing training intensity and helping muscles grow stronger.

Besides caffeine, some other substances that come with B vitamins and taurine are also helpful in adding energy when exercising.

If you’re looking for a way to increase performance, then the stimulant Pre Workout is what you should choose. It will give you more energy to work out, boost your metabolism, increase fat loss, and help you get back to your next workout sooner.

Pump effect

Pumping is an effect where you can see muscles get bigger during exercise. With assorted Pre Workout does not contain caffeine That doesn’t mean they lack energy. They will compensate for the lack of caffeine by adding L-Citrulline to help increase nitric oxide and increase blood circulation to help transport nutrients to muscles faster because your muscles look bigger during exercise.

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Accelerating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles helps the muscles to have more carbohydrates and essential amino acids to build maximum muscle growth.

Another substance that will also be found in Pre Workouts without stimulants is Beta Alanine. This substance is similar to caffeine in that it helps you reduce fatigue, but by a different mechanism. It interacts to synthesize the amino acid, carnosine. When the body’s carnosine increases, the body’s energy levels increase at the cellular level, enabling the ability to perform more reps and increase training intensity.

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Other Supplements

Not only because of the effects above, but we ignore other beneficial substances to use before training.

Many other pre-workouts contain Creatine Monohydrate (a substance that has been studied by hundreds of small and large studies) to help increase muscle fullness and potentially contribute greatly to muscle growth.

However, creatine is not a decisive factor in choosing a pre-workout because creatine is now supplemented in a separate form, so it is not considered important when appearing in creatine anymore.

Another substance that can be mentioned next is BCAA (Amino Acids) and EAA (Essential Amino Acids). These 2 substances are important ingredients for building your muscles. Pre Workouts often contain BCAAs to help maximize the benefits of nitric oxide boosters like L-Citrulline.

Maximizing nutrient delivery to muscles means maximizing muscle growth.


Thus, the comparison between the 2 types of Pre Workout with stimulants and without stimulants above has given you an overview of the effectiveness that they can bring you when using. You can choose the most suitable type based on your training situation.

Often the deciding factor is also the duration of the workout (morning or evening) and the side effects that come with it.

If you usually work out in the morning, Pre Workout with stimulants like caffeine is a good choice to help you increase alertness.

On the contrary, if you often practice in the evening, especially after 7 pm, you should not use Pre workout containing stimulants because it will make it difficult to fall asleep after exercise, but for gym people sleep is Extremely important for muscle growth.

Pre Workout has some side effects, the most typical is a feeling of itching, usually caused by Beta-alanine, if you use Pre Workout containing this ingredient and experience itching then switch to another one that does not contain it.

Finally, the benefits of using it. This may require you to experiment with different types of Pre Workout with training sessions to find the one that works best for your body.

A good supplement is the one that suits you best, don’t listen to anyone who says this one is good, that one is good, just blindly use it.

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