IO Scout Reviews: The Fantastic Software Tool Assists Amazon Sellers

As we know, Amazon is one of the most popular international e-commerce websites for consumers, sellers, and content creators to buy and sell a variety of items over the world. This is the reason why the number of sellers taking part in Amazon daily increases higher and higher, this makes Amazon become a competitive platform for sellers. To develop your product, business on this platform successfully, you need the right help to lead to achieving success on the platform. Thus, the first thing you must do is to thoroughly select an item to sell. To shorten the time of your product research on Amazon,  IO Scout is one of the best tools for decision-making processes faster and simpler than ever. Maybe you are minding IO Scout reviews, its effectiveness, its amazing features, this blog will aggregate all the needed information for your reference.

IO Scout Review

About IO Scout

IO is rated as one of the most popular-useful software tools for anyone who will or is selling online on Amazon. IO Scout directly offers Amazon sellers Product finder tools, which help you easily look for Amazon items with high margins and low competition.

This is a comprehensive all-in-one tool, an indispensable tool for any Amazon sellers including new sellers, or people who have been in the business for a long time, or older e-commerce businesses, or Amazon gurus

As estimated to date, there are about over 45,000 Amazon sellers using IO Scout, this proves that IO Scout succeeds in having customers’ trust as well as loved by more than other product research tools. 

Come to IO Scout, you can freely explore several tools like Product Research Tool Keyword Scout, Inventory management, Sales Analytics, Listing Builder, on the IO Scout website plus free with free services such as FBA Calculator, BSR Estimator, and Sales Estimator.

In the process of using, you can see several of the key features of the software like tools for product research, Inventory management, product listing builder, BSR Estimator, FBA Calculator, and a lot of other amazing features. 

IO Scout Coupon

To assist sellers to minimize expenses when purchasing IO Scout’s products, IO Scout continuously gives many attractive discount programs, many coupon codes, promo codes hourly. Just need to visit the IO Scout site daily, you can easily take many chances to own many IO Scout’s items at an affordable price that you can not find anywhere else.

Features you would love at IO Scout

There are several features provided by IO Scout that make Amazon sellers great. Some of these features include:

FBA calculator

The FBA calculator is an important tool for all Amazon sellers using the Amazon FBA program. With FBA Charge Calculator, sellers can easily calculate the total FBA charge per product and conveniently predict their net profit on those products.

Product search engine

One of the perks of doing a successful business on Amazon is selling the right products. Considering that there are over 200 million products on Amazon, finding the right one requires the right tools. IO Scout’s product finder is definitely a great tool for this. In addition to the huge database, it also has a number of filters that make it easy to browse through this database.

Amazon Sales Estimator

Amazon’s sales estimator helps sellers get essential information about their sales performance. The estimation is based on the BSR of the selected product. This tool also provides sales volume insights that can help improve BSR for your product.

Product tracker

With the IO Scouts Product Tracker, you can follow selected products and their performance easily and conveniently. When specific products are bookmarked, they will be stored in another folder allowing you to view them easily. All necessary information about the product also appears in the bookmarks and updated every hour if there is any change.

Keyword Scouting

In optimizing the appearance of your product on Amazon, choosing and optimizing the right keywords is crucial. Keyword Finder helps you find the most popular keywords associated with your products. Using these keywords in listing your products makes it easier for buyers to find them in their searches. Also, once you know the most popular keywords related to your product, it’s relatively easier to optimize your product in the Amazon search engine.

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Google (News – Warning) Chrome Extensions

The Chrome IO Scout Extensions feature is great because it makes your work easier and faster. Instead of having to keep going back and forth to get product information, Chrome extensions allow you to get product information and perform a number of actions while on the product page in your browser. What you need to do now is to install the extension and launch once you join Amazon.

List Builder

Product listing is an important part of your sales process, especially if you sell private label or wholesale products. IO Scout Listing Builder helps you to achieve this.

Manage inventory

An effective inventory management tool is a must-have for every seller. With this tool, you can conveniently track your inventory and know when to rearrange. This way, you can never be out of stock for certain products.

Sales analysis

Sales analytics tool designed to provide sellers with timely, detailed reviews of their sales performance. This tool is essential for making a number of important business decisions.


IO Scout is offered in three plans, which can be paid monthly or annually. Normally monthly subscribers only get a 25% discount, but annual payments allow users to enjoy a 60%.

Featured products

IO Scout products’ features are:

Amazon Product Research Tool

  • Search for rockstar products for sale on Amazon in just a few clicks
  • Use IO Scout Amazon Product Finder to:
  • Find suitable products for sale on Amazon according to your criteria
  • study product data and trends
  • Analyze your competitors’ sales

Product Tracker

  • Get the most accurate data about your product
  • Highlight your product ideas and track their changes with the IO Scout Product tracker. Get the most important product details available to you updated hourly.

Listing Optimizer 

  • Make a high ranked list
  • Optimize your list by using the proven keyword strategy to rank high! Make use of the list optimization tool provided by IO Scout to create and edit your product listings on the spot.

IO Scout Reviews

You know that IO Scout is an ideal spot for countless other competitors on Amazon. Yet, you don’t know how to know if all the products at IO Scout are really good or just advertising, the only proof you can refer to is the client’s reviews about IO Scout. Below are some typical IO Scout reviews for your consideration:

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“I switched from AMZ Scout to IO Scout and was absolutely happy with this decision. I got the same set of tools and quality for a more affordable price.” –Nicholas.

“IO Scout Customer Care Team is the game changer. You can succeed without any experience and expensive courses. Thank you guys.” – James.

“The most helpful and affordable all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. Without a doubt.” – Helen Banks.

“IO Scout has the same set of functions that you can find in Viral Launch and Helium10 with much less limitations and for a more affordable price.” – Susan.

“IO Scout Customer Care Team is fantastic. This is why I choose IO Scout and have no regrets.” – Gary.

IO Scout FAQs

 Why is now the time to start an Amazon business?

Amazon is a large and fast-growing marketplace. There is still little competition, but soon there will be much more. The sooner you start, the better are your chances to succeed.The only thing successful Amazon sellers regret is that they didn’t start selling on Amazon earlier.

Why is the IO Scout better than other Amazon seller tools?

IO Scout is the most affordable software for Amazon sellers on the market, without compromise on functionality. A comparison of the 5 most popular Amazon tools for Amazon Sellers can be found here.

Why is it impossible to work without IO Scout Amazon seller tools or similar seller software?

The main reason for the failure is the wrong choice of products that you decided to sell on Amazon. Amazon selling tools like IO Scout will help you save money and make your business on Amazon more successful.

Can you help me to choose products to sell on Amazon?

Yes sure. IO Scout Amazon FBA tools help you choose the products you can earn from. In addition to product selection, our Amazon seller software helps you select keywords, optimize listings, manage inventory, analyze sales, and much more.


In sum up, IO Scout is a perfect tool for Amazon sellers, and is an ideal spot for your store to develop and strengthen on Amazon at an optimal cost. Becoming a smart Amazon seller will become easier if you discover the essential features IO Scout offers.

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