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Interior Designer in Lahore, Blogging is a lovely thing. I’m a trained writer and journalist, but you don’t have to be a wordsmith to succeed with a blog. All you need is a passion for the genre of your blog and the topics you write about.

And you never know what might happen. I’ve been blogging for four years and have used it to land TV gigs, presenting roles, styling work, and a book deal.

If it wasn’t obvious, my passion is interior Design. Every aspect of them, including the outside areas (though, to be honest, I’m not very good in the garden, and every plant at the nursery should be concerned when I approach it).

When I’m done writing for the day, I visit some of my favorite interior design blogs to catch up with the people behind them and see what they’re up to in their world. At its core, a blog should be about the person writing it. So you’ll also see a little more of that on this blog Interior Designer in Lahore!

On that note, here are some of my favorites and what makes them unique. Enjoy.

9 Interior Design Blogs You Should Follow

Back in 2014, this blog inspired me to start my own. It’ll be difficult not to be enthralled by the exploits of its creator, Will Taylor. He’s created an online world that is always bright and happy.

It’s packed with interior design tips, a look inside his home, photos from his colorful travels, and even a few personal stories you’ll love (snaps from his wedding are too cute for words). Bright Bazaar can be found here.

Interior Design Blog

Happy Interior Blog, written by Igor Josifovic, is divided into three main categories: interiors, travel, and plants. Igor’s photos of his own home, as well as those of others, are stunning. Thanks to Igor, I’ve gradually grown fond of filling my home with plants. It’s my favorite category on his blog; you’ll find it very inspiring. Take a look at Happy Interior Blog by clicking here.

British Design

Mike Ahern began this blog in 2010 from his home in a small Somerset village in England. I enjoy visiting this blog regularly because I am obsessed with the UK aesthetic. I also like the graphics and visuals he uses throughout the site. They’re truly unique.

He’s always coming up with creative ways to try something new at home. Plus, he enjoys baking, which is always a plus. He also shares his recipes!

Learn more about Brit Decor here

This blog has everything you could want for your home. If you will, consider this a home and lifestyle bible. Michael Wurm Jr., its creator, is an interior designer, cook, DIYer, and blogger. I like to think of him as a male Martha Stewart. His enthusiasm for interior design and cooking is contagious Interior Designer in Lahore.

When you look inside his house, you will be envious. You’ll think yours needs to be updated right away. It will inspire you to go out and buy new items. Of course, that’s a good thing. Inspired by Charm can be found here.

Interiors Made from Recycled Materials

I enjoy blogs that provide insight into the writer’s personality. That is precisely what you will get when you visit Recycled Interiors. Helen Edwards, its creator, is a multi-talented woman with a strong interest in upcycling, sustainability, healthy homes, and vintage decor.

Helen sticks to her niche in a world where many bloggers try to cover every imaginable topic. And I admire her for it. She’s even hosting a 30-day healthy home challenge that you can participate in. Click here to visit the lovely Recycled Interiors blog.

Mum and Little Loves

The Gold Coast Hayley, my mother, does not claim to be the perfect wife and mother, but that is what I appreciate about this blog. It’s genuine, honest, and gives you insight into the products she adores. You also get a sneak peek at the house she’s building with her builder husband.

Katy Thomas worked in fashion PR for many years before discovering her true calling at Eye Spy Milk Bar. It’s a beautifully bright look into her home life. If you think her taste is right up your alley, you can hire her for home styling.

Katy has previously appeared in Adore Home magazine. With renovations underway, you can expect to see her work in a few more publications shortly.

Visit her blog by clicking here.

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