Indoor Plants That Prefer Growing In Coffee Grounds

Don’t toss coffee grounds out after enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. There are plenty of benefits you can reuse your coffee grounds for your houseplants. Coffee grounds are used as fertilizers because they contain a lot of nutrients such as protein, magnesium, potassium, …., and other minerals. So, instead of using chemical fertilizers for your garden, you can take advantage of kitchen waste such as coffee grounds to make organic fertilizer for your favorite plants.
Indoor Plants That Prefer Growing In Coffee Grounds
And in the post today, we’ve summed up Indoor Plants That Prefer Growing In Coffee Grounds. Although they are easy to grow, they also have their own features for the best growth. And coffee grounds contain growth elements that they need. However, don’t imagine that you can finish a good cup of coffee and simply empty the grounds into the surface of the soil, as not all plants will respond well to this. To know the right ways to use your coffee grounds, keep reading to know more details.

#1 African Violets

Source: Apartmenttherapy

African Violets love slightly acidic soil, to help this plant grow happily, you can use coffee grounds mixed with eggshells and some compost as a mulch or fertilizer.

#2 Snake Plant

Source: Homedepot

This houseplant prefers acidic soil, so you can use coffee grounds as a fertilizer by mixing them with compost so that the end product is not too strong.

#3 Christmas Cactus

Source: Thespruce

If your Christmas Cactus plant wilts, you can sprinkle some coffee grounds on the soil in the pot to give it just a little more of the nitrogen it prefers and it will recover. Also, coffee grounds can also enhance the plant in the flowering season.

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#4 Cyclamen

Source: Gardenersworld

Cyclamen belongs to the succulent family making it become a great houseplant that needs little ongoing care. However, if you want your plant grows to flourish, you ou can sprinkle some coffee grounds on the soil in the pot every so often to make the soil just slightly more acidic.

#5 Pothos

Source: Indoorplantsworld

The Pothos favors slightly acidic soil, so you can use coffee grounds to supplement the plant by mixing a low portion into compost and sprinkling this around the plant. Keep in mind that, coffee contains quite a lot of acid, then don’t overdo the amount you give your plant.

#6 Azaleas

Source: Goodsgn

Azaleas love moist, acidic soil, so coffee grounds are useful as a fertilizer and to bind with the soil, to keep it moist. So, you can put the grounds into the hole before you place the plant into it, or you can spread coffee grounds on the surface of the soil around the stem.

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