How to Wear Bracelets: 7 Style Tips

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From gifts of string and leather, to prayer beads such as mala beads, gemstones, and medical ID tags, people have been wearing bracelets for centuries. After so many hundreds of years, you’d think we’d be tired of bracelets by now.

But that’s not the case. Bracelets are more popular than ever.

Looking for new, fresh ways of styling bracelets? Keep reading for seven tips on how to wear bracelets with confidence and style. 

1. Choose Width For Statement Pieces, and Narrow Pieces For Stacking

Some bracelets look better paired with several similar bracelets. Depending on your budget, you might want to try several pieces instead of one large bracelet—unless the chunky look is exactly what you want!

2. Choose a Looser Fit For More Movement

You don’t have to buy bracelets that fit your wrist exactly. Sometimes, a slightly looser fit that allows your bracelets to move a few inches up and down the arm creates a relaxed, effortless look.

3. For Formal Occasions, Think Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Jeweled

Nothing says sleek like a plain gold band. You can coordinate all your jewelry to be the same color as your bracelets, or deliberately mix shades of silver and gold.

4. Beads or String Convey Casual and Relaxed

Maybe it’s because of the cultural significance of rosaries and prayer beads around the world, but beaded bracelets put us in a meditative frame of mind. For casual everyday wear, consider a woven string friendship bracelet or jade bead bracelet.

5. Leather and Studs Say “Grit” and “Rugged”

Vikings had practical uses for big leather bracelets. Today, bikers, punks, and rock stars still love wearing leather and studs around their wrists, even if they won’t be pillaging anything. Try a wide leather bracelet to express your bold attitude.

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Besides size and style, what about gems and charms?

6. Customized Charm Bracelets Make Great Gifts

Pandora bracelets are just one of the many brands that offer customizable charm jewelry. No matter where you buy it from, a charm bracelet is a beautiful, thoughtful expression of who you are and where you’ve been.

7. Spice Up a Plain Bracelet With a Statement Symbol

Any of the bracelet styles mentioned so far can be embellished with a great symbol, like this pixiu bracelet. While it may look like a regular beaded bracelet at first glance, the ancient animal charms set it apart and elevate the look.

Learn How to Wear Bracelets and Other Statement Pieces

Now that you know how to wear bracelets for any occasion and any style, what about earrings? How about statement necklaces that take a look from casual to chic?

Believe it or not, jewelry for women is not the only jewelry out there. The best part about the rich history of accessorizing is how diverse and gender-neutral it is. Like bracelets for men, there are earrings and necklaces that pair well with the manliest of wardrobes.

To learn even more about jewelry and fashion, keep reading our blog!

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