How To Wear A Shacket: 16+ Chic Shacket Outfit Ideas To Copy

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Discover 16+ chic shacket outfit ideas to copy with our ultimate guide on how to wear a shacket. From pairing it with jeans for a casual look to styling it with a skirt for a more dressed-up ensemble, there are endless ways to rock this versatile wardrobe staple. Whether you prefer a classic plaid shacket or a trendy faux leather option, we’ve got you covered with stylish inspiration for every occasion.

Want to elevate your look? Wondering how to wear a shacket? Check out our style guide with  16+ chic shacket outfit ideas and learn how to create effortless looks with this wardrobe staple!

*this post contains affiliate links* 

woman wearing a belted ivory leather shirt jacket with wide leg black pants

Chic Shacket Outfit Ideas

If you don’t have a shacket in your wardrobe yet, now is the perfect time to add one. This versatile shirt/jacket hybrid can easily be worn in every season layered over a tank in the warmer months, or over a thick sweater in the cool seasons. 

Shackets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so it’s easy to find a style and fit that suits you and your personal taste. We’ve gathered a selection of shacket outfits from our fave fashion influencers, and we think you’ll love them too! 

What is a shacket in clothing?

A shacket is a combination of a shirt and a jacket – hence the name, “shacket”. This piece looks like a shirt but is made of thicker material than a shirt, often in wool, fleece, corduroy, or denim. 

Shackets often have an oversized look making them perfect for layering and adding to your capsule wardrobe for cooler months.  

How To Wear A Shacket With Jeans

A shacket and jeans is a foolproof pairing. There are a ton of ways to style an outfit with these two pieces, and we’ve got some chic outfits below to show you how. 

go cropped

Woman wearing a beige, fitted shacket with straight leg jeans, sneakers and a white top.

get the look:

Cropped tanks and tees have been all the rage this past year, so you can’t go wrong adding a cropped shacket to any outfit. The loose-fit jeans and sneakers give this outfit a casual and laid-back feel, while the cropped shacket adds a chic touch.

This look is easy to put together but still has a sleek and stylish aesthetic. Bring this outfit on your next casual outing to stay comfy and fashionable as you run errands, go for coffee, or explore the city.

a denim shacket

get the look:

If you want to pair a shacket and jeans, why not try a denim-on-denim look?

Pair a denim shacket with jeans that are the same or similar color. And dress up the look with heels for your next lunch date with the girls. You can also trade the heels for boots if you want a laid-back vibe.

go green

Woman wearing an oversized shacket with a chunky sweater, straight jeans and sneakers.
source unknown

We are so in love with this rich shade of army green. A green shacket with sneakers will always an edgy feel to your outfits, and this muted tone will be easy to pair with other pieces. 

This outfit is a great winter look. The turtleneck layered under the shacket will keep you nice and toasty, and you can always take the shacket off if the sun decides to come out.

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perfect contrast

Woman wearing a white shacket with a black sweater, black wide leg denim pants, a rancher hat and booties.

get the look:

We love how alluring a high contrast look like this is. The ivory fleece shirt jacket against the black is striking and makes the shacket really pop. If you love adding color to your outfits, you can swap out the black for other dark tones like navy, forest green, or charcoal grey.

Go for this look during cooler months for something that is both cozy and chic. 

go oversized

Woman wearing an oversized grey shacket with straight leg denim pants and sneakers.
Photo: @shannongraceella

get the look:

An oversized jacket will always add a cool and casual feel to an outfit, and this oversized shacket is no exception. 

Wear this outfit while spending a day outside in the crisp air. You can keep the sneakers or add boots for an edgy feel. We love the dark charcoal grey here, but you can easily add some color to this minimal look by choosing a shirt jacket in a fun, vibrant color, or a plaid option.

classic combo

Woman wearing a long shacket with a chunky sweater and straight leg jeans.

get the look:

When in doubt, go for a timeless style like this. A neutral combo is an easy way to look effortless, and we love everything about this outfit, from the black boots up to the camel shacket.

This stylish look is so versatile. It has a business casual feel that makes it perfect for the office, but it could also be worn to your next lunch date. 

Leather Shacket Outfit

We love adding leather pieces to any look, so choosing a leather shirt jacket is a quick way to elevate your next outfit. Here’s an idea below:

Woman wearing a black leather shacket with a black bodysuit, black leather skirt, tights and black boots

get the look:

This full black look and faux leather shacket give this outfit a serious vibe. 

You can sport this look at your next concert, especially a fall or winter concert when you need extra layers. You can also add a leather shacket to another outfit for a similar vibe, so pair it with jeans or a dress to mix things up. 

What do you wear with a shacket?

You can pair a shacket with just about any piece from your wardrobe. That being said, the best choices to put together with a shacket are:

  • Jeans and a pair of heels
  • A midi skirt and graphic tee with sneakers
  • Athletic leggings and trainers
  • A mini skirt and ankle or knee-high boots
  • Biker shorts with sneakers
  • A leather skirt with stockings and boots
  • Knit sweater dress with ankle boots

More Chic Shacket Outfit Ideas

If you aren’t yet convinced that a shacket is a versatile piece, and you really can add it to any outfit, we have some more looks you’ll love below!

mini skirt and lug boots

Woman wearing an oversized shacket with a white t-shirt, leather shirt, sheer tights and black boots.

get the look:

We love the street-style vibes going on here! A satin mini skirt and boots are already a fantastic combo, so adding a shacket takes this look to the next level. 

This casual and cute outfit is a great choice to wear on your next date night. Add a stylish handbag and layer this outfit over sheer black stockings for a similar look. 

athletic vibes

Woman wearing a white shacket with a green t-shirt, green biker shorts and sneakers.

get the look:

Biking shorts are a popular wardrobe piece that easily create a laid-back and sporty look. Everything about this outfit screams casual and comfy, from the sneakers to the graphic tee, while the shacket adds a stylish touch. 

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We love the gorgeous cream color of this shacket, which balances out the rich green of the outfit underneath. This combo is so easy to recreate, and you can wear your favorite athletic pieces for a cozy feel and add a chic shirt jacket to elevate the look.  

love for shearling 

Woman wearing a long, oversized shearling shacket with black denim pants and boots.

get the look:

A long faux shearling shacket has such a cozy feel, and the soft material makes it that much cozier. This long shacket is perfect for adding a refined touch to any outfit in fall or winter. 

We love the casual look of the boots and jeans, but don’t be afraid to play around with your style here. A sherpa or shearling shacket can be paired with a dress or silky midi skirt for a polished and elegant outfit.

You can also swap the boots for heels for an extra refined feel. 

beautiful browns

Woman wearing an oversized shacket with a green sweater, brown trousers and sneakers.

get the look:

A gorgeous, deep brown is such a fantastic color for a shacket. This rich neutral tone will pair well with so many outfits, whether your look is made up of other neutrals or colorful shades.

The pairing of different browns creates a monochromatic feel. We love the earthy tones in this look, and sneakers combined with an oversized shacket give this outfit a laid-back vibe that’s great for all kinds of occasions.

spring colors

Woman wearing a blush shacket with white pants and booties.

get the look:

Spring is a perfect time to wear a shacket! The weather is warming, but there’s still that lingering chill in the air, and a shacket will keep you cozy without being too heavy. 

So for a spring look, you have to go with pretty spring colors. The white pants and boots are perfect for starting off this chic look, and the blush pink adds to the spring aesthetic. You can also try out other pastels like lilac, baby blue, or sage green.

Plaid Shacket Outfit Ideas

Plaid is a classic print we love to see styled into chic outfits. These plaid shackets add an elevated touch to these looks, and we are obsessed with them. 

casual with leggings

Woman wearing an oversized plaid shacket with white leggings and sneakers.

get the look:

Planning to grab some coffee and take a walk through the park? This stunning shacket outfit is perfect to wear when you’re out and about for the day. 

The leggings and sneakers are the ultimate comfy combo, and the plaid shacket elevates the whole outfit. The light tones give off a springtime vibe, so go for this look in early spring when you still need to dress for chilly weather. 

If you want a more refined look, opt for a sleek pair of boots instead of sneakers. They’re still comfortable enough to walk around in but will add that extra stylish touch to your outfit.

longline plaid

Woman wearing an oversized, long shacket with black jeans and white boots.

get the look:

Stand out from the crowd with a longline plaid shacket. We love the blue tones on this H&M shacket, and the addition of the white dumpling clutch and white lug boots adds a perfect pop of contrast.

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Shackets don’t have to be short, so if you’re a fan of wearing long coats year-round, try going for a long shacket like this. Wear this style during the fall, winter, or early spring for a fun and chic look you can show off during Sunday brunch.

What do you wear under a Shacket?

You can truly wear anything under a shacket, but the best option is something that will keep you comfortable, depending on the weather. Here are some great pieces to add under your shacket:

  • Tank top
  • Classic tee or graphic tee
  • Long sleeves or sweater
  • Silk blouse
  • Button-up shirt
  • Mini or midi dress
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Trousers
  • Mini or midi skirt

belt it

Woman wearing a plaid shacket, tied with a belt, and black jeans and boots.

get the look:

We are always a fan of adding a waist belt to an outfit. A belt highlights your curves and adds a sexy, feminine touch to any look. 

This stylish outfit has a dark aesthetic that is so stunning, and the plaid shacket adds a balance of color and light tones to the look. Go for this chic look when trying a new restaurant, and don’t be surprised when you get compliments from everyone around you. 

dress it up

Woman wearing an oversized shacket over a silk midi skirt and heels.

get the look:

Who knew that a shacket could be part of such an elevated and refined look? Plaid usually has a casual vibe, but adding a sleek midi skirt and heels to this shacket brings it to a completely different level.

We love the pops of color from the warm-toned jacket and stunning green purse. This elegant look is perfect for date night, so grab your favorite skirt or dress and pair it with a shacket to recreate this gorgeous outfit.

Are Shackets still fashionable?

Yes! Shackets are still a fashionable item to have in your wardrobe. A shacket is versatile and simple to style as you can find them in so many colors, patterns, and lengths. As trends change, the shacket remains. 

No matter what kind of look you’re going for, you can always add a shacket for an elevated look. Use these stunning outfits as inspiration to style a shirt jacket any day of the week!


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