How To Wear A Belt Bag in 2024 + 19 Modern Outfit Ideas

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How To Wear A Belt Bag in 2024 + 19 Modern Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for a stylish and convenient way to carry your essentials in 2024, look no further than the belt bag. This trendy accessory has made a major comeback and is the perfect hands-free option for running errands, going out with friends, or traveling. But how do you wear a belt bag in a modern way? Here are 19 outfit ideas to inspire you:

Wondering how to wear a belt bag crossbody or at the waist? Or how to wear a fanny pack in a stylish & modern way? I’m sharing my top tips & cute belt bag outfit ideas!

How To Wear A Belt Bag in 2024 + 19 Modern Outfit Ideas

*this post contains affiliate links*

Originally published Nov 4, 2022 – Updated Nov 25, 2023

How To Wear A Fanny Pack or Belt Bag

Fanny packs, waist bags, or belt bags, whatever you prefer to call them, have made a big comeback in the past few years. In 2018, the belt bag came back on the fashion scene as the “it bag” everyone was wearing. And, several years later – the belt bag is still a hot piece! 

I absolutely love my belt bags and wear them all the time as the perfect hands-free accessory. If you’ve been itching to add a fanny pack to your bag rotation, but aren’t sure how to style it, I’m here to help!

Are belt bags out of style?

Based on the recent popularity of belt bags, they are most certainly not out of style. While belt bags did make their big comeback a few years ago, the trend is still going strong. According to Refinery29, belt bags were on the runway for NYFW Spring 2024 shows, so you can feel confident adding one to your wardrobe! 

So, let’s get into how to style them – shall we?

Chic Belt Bag Outfit Ideas

Below are my favorite outfit ideas that show how to wear a belt bag for both style and function in 2024!

Over an oversized button-down shirt.


get the look:

This outfit by @sylviemus_ is crisp, clean, and fresh-looking with an oversized button-up shirt and white glove pumps. I love how the black belt bag adds contrast and creates a cinched waist effect with the oversized shirt. 

This look is chic for so many reasons, but the main one is the minimalist vibe it gives. I would wear this outfit to a music festival or a night out with friends. 

Over a sweater dress.


get the look:

If you are wondering how to wear a fanny pack or belt bag for a fancy or formal occasion, this outfit by @nadiaanya_ is a great option. The black YSL Lou belt bag looks stunning over a simple sweater dress with sheer tights and knee-high boots. 

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If a YSL belt bag isn’t in the budget, I’d recommend a more affordable option like this leather belt bag from Coach, or this chic option from ALLSAINTS

Business casual belt bag outfit.


get the look:

If you are wondering how to wear a belt bag to the office, this stylish outfit by @aimeesong demonstrates exactly how. The brown Senreve belt bag looks excellent with pleated trousers, a fitted turtleneck top, and an oversized wool coat (here’s a more affordable belt bag alternative).

I love the shades of camel and brown that give this whole outfit such an elevated appeal. This is exactly how to wear a fanny pack and look like a total boss, in my opinion!

with a midi dress.


get the look:

You can never go wrong with a classic black dress, and a belt bag is the perfect accessory to add to the look! I love this simple and classic outfit by @fashiioncarpet with a tiered black dress, black leather boots, and a brown Dior saddle belt bag. 

It’s chic, polished, and perfect for all kinds of occasions whether you are going on a date night, to church, out for brunch, or shopping. 

How To Wear A Belt Bag with Jeans

Wearing a belt bag with jeans seems like an obvious outfit choice. But, how exactly should you wear the belt bag? Luckily, there are multiple ways you can style a belt bag or fanny pack with jeans, check out the looks below for inspiration! 

Loosely around the waist.

source unknown

Just because you have belt loops on your jeans, doesn’t mean you have to loop the belt bag through them. You can simply secure your belt bag around your waist outside of the loops so it sits loosely at your waist

This is a good option if the belt bag strap doesn’t fit in your jean belt loops, or if you want to wear the belt bag with the pouch off to the side. 

At your natural waist.


get the look:

If you are wearing mid-rise jeans, it might feel awkward to have a belt bag sitting so low. Instead, you can still wear it higher at your natural waist for a cute look.

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This way to wear a belt bag with jeans also makes it easier to maneuver when you have to hit the loo! 

Slung around the back.


This brown leather belt bag from MANDRN looks so cute slung around the back with a pair of jeans and a basic white top. I think this outfit is timeless, classic, and casual, and shows that you don’t need to wear a belt bag around the waist when you are in jeans. 

Can belt bags be worn as crossbody?

Of course! Wearing a belt bag crossbody style has been the most popular way to sport a belt bag in recent years. This look is very on-trend and it gives the fanny pack/belt bag a modern and fresh feel. In fact, you can wear a belt bag as a crossbody bag with both casual and formal outfits, and it creates a stylish hands-free alternative to other bag styles. 

How To Wear A Belt Bag Crossbody

Check out my favorite crossbody belt bag looks below!

Cute, sporty, and casual.

a woman wearing a black belt bag crossbody under a tan trench coat with a grey sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers

get the look:

I absolutely love my Lululemon belt bag! It is incredibly popular when it comes to cute and modern fanny packs that have a sporty edge. 

Above, I styled it over a sweatshirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Then I threw on my trench coat as an added layer. With this look, I can easily go hands-free, and toss my phone, lip gloss, and keys into the bag for morning drop-off with the kids!

Multi-pack over a mini dress.


get the look:

Above, Cay Cabotage wears the MNDRN Ziggy belt bag with an add-on circle pouch for a stylish look. I love the simplicity of this outfit, but also how the belt bag is the focal point. 

The oversized shirt and boots give the outfit an edgy appeal, while the neutral tones keep it minimalistic and chic. 

Over a puffer jacket.


get the look:

For a cute and sporty winter look, wear a belt bag crossbody over a puffer jacket with trousers and sneakers. This outfit is modern, edgy, and totally practical for the days that you have a million errands to run. 

Whether you are a mom who’s always on the go, a university student, or just a busybody, this outfit is sure to please. 

Ultimate street style.


get the look:

How can one look so effortlessly cool? An animal print fanny pack, striped top, ecru jeans, and sneakers – that’s how.

This outfit is perfect in so many ways. It’s fun, laid-back, wonderfully curated, and yet very approachable. If this was the outfit that made fanny packs cool again, I would not be surprised. 

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Here for the party.


get the look:

With the holiday season just around the corner, this is a belt bag outfit that you definitely need to keep in mind. I love the sparkly mini dress that’s perfect for any party combined with a sleek designer belt bag worn crossbody-style. 

This look is dressy and chic, and perfectly showcases how a belt bag can easily be worn for a fancier occasion – New Year’s Eve anyone?

Elevated everyday basics.


get the look:

This is probably my favorite belt bag outfit on the list. It’s timeless, minimal, chic, and practical for everyday wear. It’s also perfect for transitional weather and most seasons of the year. 

The woven leather belt bag from MNDRN is sleek and modern and is giving me Bottega Veneta vibes (but it costs way less!).  Anthropologie also carries a quilted nylon  belt bag that would look great too! 

Over the shoulder.


get the look:

If you aren’t convinced there are multiple ways to wear a fanny pack or belt bag, here’s yet another; over the shoulder like a shoulder bag! If you go with a larger fanny pack or bum bag, you can easily wear it in this style. 

Then, if you want to give your shoulder a rest, simply sling it over your neck and wear it crossbody-style. 

More Chic Belt Bag Outfit Ideas

Simply because I found so many cute ways to style a fanny pack, I had to share a few more! 


I am all for the fanny pack look and I sure hope it’s here to stay for years to come! Don’t you agree?


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