How to Play Paintball: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve always been interested in playing an extreme sport. Your friends keep talking about going to a paintball field and playing a game. Last week, your co-workers played a game and it’s all they can talk about.

Why not give paintball a try yourself? Due to its popularity, there are many places that you can play, probably in your own city.

If you’re wondering how to play paintball, read on to learn more about this fun sport.

How to Play Paintball

Although it’s an extreme sport, paintball is safe to engage in. Safety is a priority for any paintball field facility. Players and leagues prioritize safety as they are aware that shooting paint can injure someone.

Paintball rules are simple and intuitive. Generally, paintball can accompany a game such as capturing a flag. The goal may also be to just eliminate the opposing players.

While different paintball facilities may have different rules, there are a few that are universal.

The number one rule of paintball safety is to wear your mask at all times. If a paintball hits your eye, it won’t just hurt, it can blind you.

When you are not playing, you must have a barrel sleeve on the barrel of your paintball gun. This protects both you and your fellow players in case of an accidental discharge.

Most facilities have a maximum velocity setting requirement to prevent injury if players are shot at close range.

And the most important rule of all is to listen to the referee. The referee has the final say in all matters.

Paintball Equipment

If you’re interested in playing paintball, you’ll want to get ahold of some gear. The most recognizable piece of paintball gear is the gun or marker. This is the tool that you’ll use to eliminate other players.

There are different types of paintball guns, meaning you can find one that works for your unique gameplay style. Paintball suppliers such as can help you find the perfect gun for your next game.

You’ll want to get good-quality paintballs to load the gun with. It is important to carefully select your paintballs. Cheap paintballs might seem attractive, but if their dyes are watered down, you may not leave obvious marks on your opponent.

Paintballs that have dents or are too hard will cause problems during your gameplay. They may not shoot correctly out of the barrel, or the balls may not break when they hit your target. 

You’ll want to pick up safety gear as well, such as goggles and a mask. Don’t forget to get footwear and clothing that you can dedicate to your game. Paint can ruin your clothing, so it’s best to not use beloved items from your closet.

Start Playing Paintball Today

Now that you know how to play paintball, it’s time to get in the game. Purchase your paintball gear today and jump into the world of extreme sports.

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