How to Link GoDaddy Webmail to An Android?

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How to Link GoDaddy Webmail to An Android?

GoDaddy allows its users to link your GoDaddy email to any of the devices you are using. There are three ways you can try on your Android to link your Godaddy webmail. You can try downloading the GoDaddy application on your Android device from the Google play store, you can search the web-based browser of GoDaddy workspace tool in the browser of the android device for GoDaddy email login or you can manage the settings in the stock android email app with the server settings of the IMAP or POP3 for your GoDaddy accounts. You can set up your GoDaddy email account on the mail app of your Android device. 

Steps to Link GoDaddy email to An Android

Are you facing a GoDaddy problem or problem in linking your GoDaddy account to your Android device? So you just need to follow the steps given below –

Step 1 – First of all you need to get to the Email application on your device and if you do not have the email application on your Android device so you can download it from the Google play store of your phone. 

Step 2 – Now, you need to set up your account. For this, look for the “Others” option on your screen. 

Step 3 – To go ahead with your Godaddy webmail login you are supposed to enter your email address of the GoDaddy account along with the password of your account. 

Step 4 – Hit the “Next” tab which will be there on the downside of your email. 

Step. 5 – Select the “IMAP Account” option when you are asked to select the type of account you want. 

Step 6 – At this step, you have to fill the fields given below:

  • Username – Full business email address
  • Email address – Again, your full business mail address 
  • Password – Business email’s password
  • IMAP server – Server address of your region 
  • Port and the type of server – For, SSL go for 993, and for none go with 143.
  • IMAP path prefix (you have to leave this blank)

Step 7 – After you are done filling in the details, click on the “Next” option. 

Step 8 – You have to fill some fields again at this step. 

  • SMTP server – Outgoing server of your region
  • Port and Security type – For, SSL fill 465 and for none fill 80, 25 or 3535
  • Require sign-in – Select this
  • Username – It will be your full business email address
  • Password – After the username fills up your password for the business account. 

Step 9 – Click on the Next tab. 

Step 10 – Set the account options according to your comfort and then press the “Next” option. 

Step 11 – You have an option to set up a name for your account and a display name. 

Step 12 – Once you are done with all the steps above you just need to hit the “Done with accounts” tab. 

You can try sending a letter to yourself to check. 

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