How To Hang Curtains Using Command Hooks?

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Getting your special place renovated is what every homeowner does after some specific time. And every home window plays a significant role in uplifting the tone of any area. Therefore, you must get them well-dressed so your living place can look ravishing. Here, curtains are the best option; many people usually go for them. They get their home walls drilled to hang them, which decreases the property’s value. 

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But, now you do not need to worry about this situation because we have your back and have come up with an idea to hang your curtains using command hooks. Only a few people might know about these command hooks through which you can dress up your windows without getting your walls drilled. This is a brilliant way to enhance the overall statement of your place and make the windows a focal point of attention. 

Hang Your Curtains Fantastically With Command Hooks | An Ultimate Guide

If you don’t know how to hang the curtains using command hooks, then this guide is literally for you. Which comprises all the fantastic steps and makes your windows look extremely gorgeous. 

Also, if you are living in a house for rent, you might face an issue with the landlord, who is not allowing you to get their home walls drilled. Thus, you can apply these steps and hang the window covering using these completely functional command hooks. 

1. First, Make The Wall Markings

Before you jump directly on the installation of command hooks, the first and essential thing you should do is the markings on the walls so that you can get this process done accurately. This step will help you out with the perfect installation of command hooks and getting your windows beautifully dressed. 

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Even before marking, it will be better to get your wall cleaned with rubbing alcohol. This will help in the easy installation of these command hooks but do not rub the alcohol too hard on the wall. This can result in the removal of paint and thus give a dull appearance to your home space. 

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2. Mount The Command Hooks Properly

After cleaning your wall with rubbing alcohol and doing the marking step, it is time to mount the command hooks in their place so you can hang your adorable window coverings and make your area attractive. You will get a liner along with these command hooks. Peel off the red liner and press it against the back of the hook for at least 30 seconds so that it could ideally get stuck.

Now, peel off the black liner and mount the command hooks right on the marks on the wall. Press them against the wall for at least 5-10 minutes with your hands, and then leave them for like 1 hour. Repeat the same process with all the command hooks and get them mounted perfectly on your wall. Make sure they are ideally stuck to the wall so that they won’t get off after the rods and curtains are installed. 

3. Place The Window Curtain Rod

Now, it is time to check if the mounting of your command hook is correct or not. Place your window curtains rod over them and see if they can bear their weight. Suppose you see a little movement that can make them come off the wall. Mount one or two command hooks more to balance the weight equally. 

4. Install Your Window Dressings

If the command hooks are correctly mounted, then take your curtains rod and hang the curtain over it. You can do this simply by ringing the curtains’ upper side, and with the help of those rings, you can easily slide the curtains into your rod. Place that rod on the hooks and give your lovely home windows an appealing statement. 

You can even paint the hooks afterward if you want to, according to the theme of your interior. It will look more beautiful if you paint the hook the color of your curtains rod. That way, your area could quickly get a luxurious look and certainly add worth to your property. 

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Final Words 

Finally, I would strongly recommend following this guide if you want to make your place luxurious by hanging some exquisite window dressing. Your walls will remain safe from any scratches and holes, and your home windows will look fascinating when you use the command hooks to install your window treatments. 

That way, you can easily add value to your property, or if you are a renter, easily embellish your home interior without damaging the landlord’s home wall. 

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