How to Edit PDF Files on Computer

Whether you have a PDF file on your computer or you need to editar pdf file. iTop PDF software can help you, and also there are a few things you will know, for example you will know how to do things like reorder pages, protect the file, and convert it to Word.

iTop PDF

iTop PDF is a comprehensive PDF editor tool that allows you to make easy changes to your PDF files. You can add images, comments, text boxes, shapes, watermarks and more. You can also protect your PDF files with passwords to secure your sensitive information. It is also possible to convert your PDF files to other file formats. You can use the free version to try out iTop PDF editor. But, if you wish to use more features, you will need to purchase the premium version.

Merge, split, and view

Using iTop PDF to merge, split, and view PDF files on your computer can help you organize and manage your documents more effectively. The process is simple and can be done with a few simple steps. The process is also helpful for users who are frequently working with documents and need to store them in a single place.

The first step is to select the PDF files you want to merge. Depending on the size of the files, the process can take a few seconds.

Once you have selected the PDF files you want to merge, click the Combine PDF. The program will then ask you to name the file and select a location for the file. If you want to replace some of the pages, click the Replace Page. You can also remove pages from the file.

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Reorder pages

Changing the order of pages in PDF files is easy. You can do it with just a few clicks. You can reorder pages in PDF files by dragging and dropping thumbnail images. You can also drag a single page and move it to a new position. You can also use the ‘Ctrl’ key to select a range of sequential pages.

If you want to reorder pages in PDF files, you can do it by downloading iTop PDF. It’s a great tool for splitting PDF files and removing pages from PDF documents. You can also extract pages in page count, change the size of a PDF, and fix broken PDFs. You can also use it to optimize PDF files for sharing on the internet. It has features that aren’t often found elsewhere.


Keeping PDF files safe and secure is not as easy as it sounds. The truth is that even a small PDF can contain a wealth of private information. Whether it’s financial information, health records, or other sensitive information, it’s important to keep that information safe and out of the hands of anyone but you.

iTop PDF allows you to password protect your PDFs. Using a password allows you to lock your PDFs, which means that you can’t view or edit them without the password. There are also ways to keep your PDFs safe from unauthorized editing and printing.

iTop PDF is a free application, In order to encrypt a PDF, you need to select Protect> Encrypt> Add Password.

iTop PDF also allows you to password protect PDFs that you send by email. PDF email attachments are common, but they can be tracked once they’re sent. This can damage your reputation.

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Convert to Word

Using Microsoft Word to convert PDF files to Word is possible, but you should know that the formatting of the converted file may not match the original PDF. This is due to the differences in the formats, as well as formatting issues. Using iTop PDF, you can convert a PDF to Word document without any problem. You can also use Google Docs or PDF2Doc online services to convert PDF files to Word, however, these services may not be as accurate as iTop PDF, and you may need to make manual adjustments to correct errors.


The most common reason to convert PDFs to Word is to make a document editable. iTop PDF is an excellent program for converting PDF files, and it includes all of the formatting tools that you’ll need to convert your document.

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