How to choose the right cleanser for each skin type

In order to achieve the highest level of skincare, girls need to understand their skin type to choose the most suitable beauty product. From the most basic stage like washing the face, choosing a cleanser that suits the skin will ensure the skin is deeply cleansed without causing dryness or irritation.

1. Classification of cleanser types:

Facial cleansers are classified into several different types, each of which will be suitable for certain skin types. Let’s learn about the most basic forms:

Oil form

Oil cleanser forms -

The oily cleanser is non-foaming when in use and has the ability to dissolve the oils found in make-up products so she can use it as a gentle makeup remover.  

Even without makeup, using an oily cleanser also helps dissolve the water-insoluble dirt on her face.    

However, this type of cleanser has the disadvantage that when using it, she must clean it with water thoroughly to avoid the residual oil layer on the skin.  

Cream form

cream cleanser collected by willtiptop

The cream cleanser also has an oily ingredient but has been mixed with water.

Thick cream often adds many nutrients suitable for aging skin. This form also helps her remove makeup and insoluble dirt thanks to the oily ingredients.     

The cream-based cleanser has the advantage of making her skin not stretch after use but rather soft.  

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Milk form

Milk cleanser designed by Willtiptop

This is one of the most commonly used cleansers. Milk cleansers are suitable for most skin types. This form may or may not foam, but it can still remove dirt well

Gel form

Gel cleaner graphic designed by willtiptop

This is the ideal choice for those with sensitive or dehydrated skin because the water content of this cleanser is quite high, so she will feel gentle and comfortable on the skin after use.     

However, because the oil content is quite low, this type of cleanser is difficult to remove all makeup , so it is advised that she should remove makeup before using it.   

Foam form

This cleanser can be in the form of a milk soap cake or a pre-foam form . This type has the ability to help her clean pores thanks to tiny bubbles .     

However, she should note that whether in the form of pre-foaming or not, the foam cleanser also has PH. Therefore, after each use, she needs to use toner to rebalance the pH of the skin.  

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2. The secret to choosing the right cleanser for each skin type

With each skin type individual would be able to fit several specific cleansers. Understanding and choosing the right cleanser is extremely important to her skincare.

How to choose a cleanser with “Dry skin”

The recipe for dry skin cleansers to keep in mind is to aim for the type that is able to:

– Has ingredients that replenish moisture, moisturize the skin at least: Extract essential oils, specialized ingredients that work to provide water, increase moisture like olives or aloe.  

– Has gentle properties , the ability to remove just enough, not too strong, making the skin lose its natural oil layer. 

– Choose formulation cream (cream) or creamy cleanser will be more suitable for dry skin. 

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How to choose a cleanser with “Oily Skin”

Oily skin is the type of skin that makes many people compelled to use a cleanser to remove the shiny oil on their face.

The right cleanser for oily skin should remember that there should be:

– Do not choose a soap lump cleanser for oily skin, as it will disrupt the pH balance and oil level on the skin, making the skin too dry and also more prone to acne.  

– The composition contains clay is a good suggestion to be able to gently absorb oily and remove dirt best for oily skin.  

– You should choose a foam cleanser formula, which works with just enough foam in a gentle massage to remove excess oil in a stable and enough level, cleaning the skin in the safest way.  

  • The best cleansers for oily skin today are extremely chestnut

How to choose a “combination” skin cleanser

Combination skin is actually the most difficult of all skin types to handle, because it combines dry skin on the cheeks, chin, and T-zone oil.

You should choose products recommended specifically for combination skin or use a combination of cleansers for oily skin during the day to limit T-zone oil and cleanser formula for dry skin. Cream forms at night to replenish moisture to the chin area, 2 cheeks.      

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How to choose a cleanser with “Sensitive skin” 

For choosing the right cleanser for sensitive skin remember the following notes:

– Should aim to form a gel, less foam to use to avoid skin irritation. 

– Does not contain ingredients such as fragrance, … because they often make the skin more sensitive.  

– Please use a product specifically for sensitive skin types (According to the recommendations on the manufacturer’s facial cleanser packaging).  

– The formula should be in the form of a gentlenot too strong cleanser as this easily irritated skin red.   

– Should try and experience first, if the formula makes you tight and dry, try reducing the dosage to allow your skin to adapt slowly. 

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How to choose a cleanser with “Acne skin”

Acne skin needs cleaning, everyone thinks it’s simple, but in fact, besides cleaning, disinfection is a top priority.

Prioritize formulas that contain effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that prevent the spread and development of acne such as aloe vera (aloe vera extract), tea tree, panthenol, allantoin, biotin,. ..    

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How to choose a cleanser with “Aging Skin”

Skin aging can be caused by many different causes, you can assist in preventing aging from the very first step in skincare when choosing a cleanser, which is toward formulas rich in vitamins E, C ,. .. with specialized ingredients to support nourishing healthy skin from deep within. 

3. Notes when choosing to wash your face

PH of cleanser

Our facial skin has a natural moisture film that protects your skin from being acidic with a pH of 4-7 (the ideal pH for skin is 5.5). Therefore, when choosing a cleanser, you should choose a product with a PH of 6 – 6.5 to not lose this natural film while still promoting the cleansing feature of the cleanser.   

How does it feel right after using it?

– For those of you with dry skin, the cleanser should not leave your skin feeling tight after washing. Use your own fingers (note the right hand is clean) to touch the skin of your face after washing it and drying it off. If the fingers can be smoothed across the face, it is suitable for your skin.

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– For those of you with oily skin, the cleanser should not leave the skin feeling too dry. People with oily skin are often confused and think that after washing your face, your skin is clean and dry will be good. 

If all of the oil on your face is removed after washing it, this also means your skin loses its natural protective layer. So use the test method mentioned above by sliding your fingers over the skin to feel the moderate smoothness of the skin.

Is facial skin irritated when using it?

This is a quite sensitive criterion because no one wants this to happen. However, if you don’t try it, you never really know if the product is right for your skin. One thing to note is to try the product with a sense of trust.

After a long period of use, can the results be the same?

This criterion helps ensure you find the right product that is moderate and safe in the long run. Some products may feel effective the first time you use them, but after a long period of use, there is a degrading effect due to the accumulation of negative effects during use. positive or positive enough to produce a visible result on your skin.

If the product works after the first try but does not maintain the same results for a sufficiently long period (usually at least 30 days per skin change cycle) then you should also consider replacing it. Replace it with another product.

Take, for example, the feeling of comfort when first washing it. After using the product for a while, your skin becomes drier than before, the feeling of tightening skin, the effectiveness deteriorates … That means the product is not suitable for you.

The article ” How to choose a cleanser ” will help you better understand and choose the right product for smooth skin every day.

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